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#2147075 Playoff Prediction Simulator

Posted by sleepwalker on 12 April 2011 - 07:31 PM

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I like how they don't proof read their work, and spell Bruins wrong in the finals. :thumbup:

I like how they have the winner of the Wings vs. Coyotes matchup as the Predators and the winner of the Penguins vs Lightning matchup as the Flyers...


Its like they all got together and smoked several multi-gram crack rocks before hand so that they could try to put together the most retarded and nonsensical chart they possibly could. If that was the plan, they should be proud. They succeeded with flying colors.

#2145506 4/10 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Blackhawks 3

Posted by sleepwalker on 10 April 2011 - 02:03 PM

Hawks fans and Gary Bettman have nothing to complain about here.

The refs did absolutely EVERYTHING in their power to try to throw the game to the Hawks... The Wings just kept battling against both the Hawks and the corrupt ass refs to take this one home.

f*** YOU BETTMAN!!!!!


#2142457 Turco making bets during game

Posted by sleepwalker on 06 April 2011 - 12:42 PM

I liked the comment that said something like "if the league fines him, he should send them bills that say "Bettman sucks!" on them"

#2141216 Love the little blurb on sportscenter about Detroit

Posted by sleepwalker on 03 April 2011 - 01:46 PM

what the f*** is a UConn anyway...

Its an area in NW Canada. Its also the name of an SUV that GM makes. UConn Gold is also the name of a potato. ;)

#2136854 Toronto fans Fight Night at The Joe?

Posted by sleepwalker on 27 March 2011 - 07:23 PM

I wanted to fight the Pitts fans sitting next to me but it was a little girl

You should have kicked her ass anyway. :lol:

#2135879 SportsNet Crisis on Ice

Posted by sleepwalker on 25 March 2011 - 12:00 PM

They need to get rid of that stupidf****** instigater rule. I think they'd be amazed at the amount of reduction in concussions that alone would bring.

I also think they need to do away with the trapezoid too. That wouldn't have as much impact as the instigater rule being taken out, but it would help bring a small reduction as well. Not to mention its just a completely retarded rule.

#2129851 3/12 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Blues 3

Posted by sleepwalker on 12 March 2011 - 10:55 PM

Winning goal?

13:13 by #13

Good 'ol lucky 13!


#2128973 Owners back Gary Bettman with 5-year contract extension

Posted by sleepwalker on 11 March 2011 - 05:17 PM

f*** Gary Bettman.

#2127239 Datsyuk Interview on PuckDaddy

Posted by sleepwalker on 08 March 2011 - 01:47 PM

lol imagine datsyuk on twitter

Haha, yeah. I wish they would explain to him what twitter is though.

If he were to know that 99.999999999999999% of the people who post to twitter don't even know how to spell or type in understandable english, and that even grown adults type like retarded 11 year old girls writing a text message after having 15 mountain dews, maybe he'd realize his english would actually be among some of the best on there and he'd sign up!

#2126740 3/5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 5 (SO)

Posted by sleepwalker on 06 March 2011 - 11:15 AM

I think the Wings play a lot better when they are getting f***ed over by the refs.

The first two periods, when the refs seemed to be actively trying to throw the game to the coyotes, the Wings battled through and went up 4-1. In the third where the calls were more or less even, the Wings completely choked and handed the game over to the coyotes themselves on a silver platter.

What a totally dissapointing ending. But that seems to be the Wings MO lately when it looks like the game should be theirs. Go up by a few, to where the game should be completely in hand, then completely give up and go to sleep while the other team embarrases you. Its a great strategy...

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#2119293 2/20 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Wild 1 (SO)

Posted by sleepwalker on 20 February 2011 - 12:39 PM

Game doesn't start til 12:45


You better be right, or I'm gonna throw a brick through my TV, then send NBC the bill...

#2118536 Hudler Haters - Don't let facts get in the way...

Posted by sleepwalker on 18 February 2011 - 04:09 PM

Yeah, hes picked it up for sure and is looking a lot more confident, but IMO still not worth the $3 mil we're paying him.

Also, nobody "hated" Hudler. That term gets thrown around on the internet way too much. Disagree even slightly with someone or something, and you are automatically a "hater" these days.

#2116929 Isles vs Pens

Posted by sleepwalker on 15 February 2011 - 02:03 PM

Lemieux's message may be true, but he went about it in a pretty brain dead way. It's obvious he doesn't care about the state of NHL hockey (as he colleagues have already said regarding his absence from meetings) until it affects his team. It's not "we need to do this to improve the game," it's "my team got punked so down with this sort of thing."


Yes, the core of Marios message was true...

BUT, it was obviously just Mario whining and crying because things didn't go his way, like he has done his whole career, and now taught his little protege to do as well. Not him actually caring about the league or other players.

Mario doesn't really give a s*** at all. As was pointed out before, HIS TEAM is the leader in both penalty minutes AND fighting. He has never said anything about that.

HIS TEAM pays the dirtiest player in the NHL to go out game after game with one goal; injure other players. He doesn't say s*** about that or condemn that kind of play either.

He could be expressing ways to change the game for the positive, with his influential voice, in league meetings. But nope... Mario doesn't give a s***, and doesn't even attend those.

But now that his boys got their ass handed to them for once, NOW he is all up in arms and pretending to care about the league and other players...

Lets call it what it is. Hypocritical bulls***.

#2116634 Isles vs Pens

Posted by sleepwalker on 14 February 2011 - 06:39 PM

And the favoritism is horrifically blatant in not reprimanding him at the very least. No one else has ever gotten away with calling out the NHL in public.


This is just another example of the League pretty much outright saying that Pittburgh gets preferential treatment, and doesn't have to follow the same rules all the other teams have to. Pathetic.

#2116217 Lidstrom a +1 for the Season

Posted by sleepwalker on 13 February 2011 - 05:33 PM

I agree, great to see Nik at a plus.

But, c'mon... Lets not dis Stuart now.

If anything, everyone should now realize what a vital role Stuart played for our team... since he has been out, our defense has pretty much totallyf****** sucked...