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Luongo to Panthers

04 March 2014 - 04:38 PM

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#canucks traded Roberto Luongo to Panthers.


No details yet.

OYO Sports Toys: Red Wings

21 February 2014 - 04:55 PM

I never knew what these were, basically like advanced legos.  Kind of cool they have all the teams.  Tried to copy a picture in, but they have it kind of hidden and I'm too lazy to search for the source.





Reddit AMA: I used to work at Joe Louis w/Red Wings

20 February 2014 - 05:17 PM

I need a break from the Olympic talk, so...


This is an absolutely great read for any Wings fan.  Lots of stuff I've never heard of before.  Some stories about Huds, how Lids was in contract for the WC Alum game before his announcement was even retired, abby is a hypochondriac (my words) and some superstitions.




Here are some of my favorite tidbits:


Unfortunately, he was abnormally shy. Pasha, as most people called him, would go out of his way to avoid fans. The fastest route from the locker room to his car was through the Olympia Room (a restaurant underneath Joe Louis). Rather than walk through the restaurant, he would actually climb through the scaffolding beneath the lower level bleachers and out through a side door to avoid people.


If you are ever in sections 101 or 102, watch under your feet after the game and you just might see a sneaky Pavel Datsyuk hopping through the catacombs


Turns out Crosby isn't such a ****** off ice after.  Rats.


Additionally, to elaborate on the 'most friendly' question, the answer is not one that many Detroit fans will enjoy. Of all the players I've seen come through Joe Louis, the undisputed king of friendliness and fan appreciation is


Crosby. I've never seen a player spend so much time greeting fans and signing autographs. He would even go out of his way to thank our staff for providing hospitality during the travel game. It pains me to say it, because I despise his style of play and integrity within the game, but he is such a damn nice person.


Just to add a bit more information for perspective:


After the games, there was generally a crowd of 50+ fans that would gather in the basement of Joe Louis outside the Zamboni Pit in a designated "meet & greet" area. After a Penguins game, Crosby walked through to a roar of unpleasant wings fans. A little kid shouted something rude towards Crosby (something generic like "you suck") and his parents promptly reprimanded their child. Crosby stopped, turned towards the family and approached them. The parents were horrified that their ~7 year old had been so blatantly rude, but Crosby stopped and talked to the kid. He asked him why he didn't like the Penguins, to which the little wing fan replied "cuz you're the bad guys".


To everybody's shock, Crosby gave the kid a little lecture about how important that kind of enthusiasm is for the game of hockey and refused to accept the apology from the parents.


Most players would have just walked past. Crosby stopped and talked to the kid. It's hard to hate the guy after I saw that.

Stadium Series: Los Angeles

14 January 2014 - 12:43 PM

So now that the real outdoor game is over...the NHL turns its attention to the "Stadium Series".


I'm honestly trying to figure out how they are going to keep ice conditions up to par.  Nothing but high 70s for the next 2 weeks in LA and I'd imagine it will be there on the 25th...I know there have been other games that were in warmer weather, just curious how it will end up when they have had problems at some of the Winter Classics where it was 40.


Live Feed: http://video.nhl.com...id=23&id=532452


List of outdoor games: http://en.wikipedia....ce_hockey_games

No Suspension for Quincey's Hit on Getzlaf

18 December 2013 - 03:18 PM

I was trying to tell everyone yesterday this wouldn't garner a suspension.  Quincey barely did anything and I still think Getzlaugh threw himself into the boards more than anything.  More of a dumb luck positioning play than a dirty hit from behind.  Everyone freaked out because it looked bad, which we have all complained about players being suspended about the outcome rather than the play.



Chuck Pleiness @wingsfrontman

Wings GM just texted and said Kyle Quincey won't be suspended for hit from behind to Ryan Getzlaf.




Son of a.....please fix my stupid spelling error in the title.