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#2553622 Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"

Posted by number9 on 03 December 2014 - 03:35 PM

Truth. Some are anxious to see what Blash can do. But why stick with just him when right now we have both. I'd love to see Blash become an assistant to babs for a couple more seasons before being a head coach. throw lots of money at him to try and keep him around, I say.

I really like the fact that we have sucha good minor league coach. I want him there teaching baby wings for as long as possible.

#2553612 Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"

Posted by number9 on 03 December 2014 - 03:05 PM

I wouldnt mind seeing what Blashill could do. Little crazy? yes but i say give it a shot. I do question babcocks theories quite often but then again hes an nhl coach and im a college student so what do i know:p

I think they're going to wait till Blashill is overripe before calling him up

#2553610 Teemu Pulkkinen

Posted by number9 on 03 December 2014 - 02:52 PM

Don't know why you're being so rude. He posted an updated goal and Point total about pulkinnen in the pulkinnen thread. He should obviously be burned at the stake

Idk, probably was in a bad mood. Reading it now I look like a total a-hole. Sorry for being rude everybody.

Can't understand why everyone is so willing to trade Pulks... Is it just the same people who would've dumped Nyquist or am I missing something?

#2553571 Are the Wings a Contender?

Posted by number9 on 03 December 2014 - 08:16 AM

I know you're joking (as always) so maybe I shouldn't point this at you... but I don't get why people in this thread are saying he's overrated, overhyped, etc. The only opinions I've seen is some saying that he should be in the lineup over Kindl. That's not really a grand statement - it is also Babcock's opinion as well. XO's shown himself to be quite ready in his call-ups and is the most ready of our AHL Dmen. 
I don't think Kindl has been all that bad, but he is often a defensive liability. Ouellet could realistically be more solid. 
Now, if someone has called him the second coming of Lidstrom and I didn't see it - my apologies.

I think he should be in the lineup too, I just think people around here get their expectations way too high and then turn on the kid down the road when he doesn't have 30 pts or isn't hospitalizing people. Like Ericsson.

EDIT: i don't think others think he's Lidstrom, i expect others think he's better than Quincey though and he may not be yet or for a while.

#2553546 Current NHL regulars drafted by the Wings

Posted by number9 on 02 December 2014 - 11:37 PM

Red Wings draft good? Well I learned something new today.

#2553158 1928 Cougars Logo

Posted by number9 on 01 December 2014 - 10:15 PM


Cam Neely sends his regards

#2553153 Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Posted by number9 on 01 December 2014 - 09:54 PM

That's just how he is. He will never change. There used to be rules here...


There used to be u and RichDG not here and it was great

Go eat glass, Booger eater.

Go eat...face... face man.

#2553150 Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Posted by number9 on 01 December 2014 - 09:51 PM

Pulkkinen has has 23 points in 18 games. (9g, 14a) His trade value is at an all time high. Maybe him, Kindl, and a pick for a top four D.

"Wings need a sniper!"


"Omg Pulkkinen has the best slapshot since Hull!"


*Trade him for other teams expendable D-man*


Kill yourself

Throwing an idea out there. No need to be a name caller.


Idiot. There, I live up to my name

#2553123 Are the Wings a Contender?

Posted by number9 on 01 December 2014 - 08:38 PM

XO should be a full timer soon IMO, and I'm usually the one to say prospects need more time.


Pulks needs a call up.

#2553105 Prospect Joe Hicketts invited to Canada WJC camp.

Posted by number9 on 01 December 2014 - 07:24 PM

How did Bertuzzi not making it? he's been putting up points like a man possessed this year!


bc he was drafted light years too early and the wings don't know what they're doing

- RichDG

#2553103 Brodeur signs with Blues. 700k + some nutty bonuses

Posted by number9 on 01 December 2014 - 06:43 PM

I think this is disgraceful for the Devils. And I'm not blaming Marty. I'm blaming Lou. Everyone I know from New Jersey thinks Lou is great (Maybe I just know the wrong fans) but IMO he's mismanaged that team for years. The whole Kovy situation. Losing Parise. Losing Clarkson (for better or worse). And now cold shouldering the face of the franchise. Shameful. This just makes me that much prouder to be a wing. Maybe we hold onto old men a little while longer than we should, but the wings have certainly exhibited the utmost level of loyalty, respect, and classiness. Even if we don't always win, I'm proud that our organization operates in the highest level of standards.

#2553047 2014-15 Grand Rapids Griffins

Posted by number9 on 30 November 2014 - 10:50 PM

Dang, Pulkkinnen was highly criticized just 2 years ago as a boom or complete bust type prospect. Scouts questioned his skating and his work ethic. I guess he is continuing to go out of his way to shut them up. Love this kid. He's got lunch pail work ethic and top notch talent written all over him.

#2551922 Mantha getting closer.

Posted by number9 on 25 November 2014 - 05:55 PM





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#2551920 Mantha getting closer.

Posted by number9 on 25 November 2014 - 05:23 PM

Doannn ssshhuuuuu telll meeee how mushhh I shud drnkkk.... I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
Actually, I just wanted to jump into the conversation, but got to the party too late. You and krsmith keeping the conversation on defensive depth seriously on point.  Kudos!
As far as my overall posting of late... spent a week in Seattle training for a new job and then this week has been nothing but more training and whatnot so my hockey-life has been pretty "sparse."  Just kinda jumping in where possible.  Also, yes... especially during GTDs, I have been known to enjoy an adult beverage or two.  So... yeah...

I'm starting to think that everyone on this site is a drunk lol. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

#2551879 Mantha getting closer.

Posted by number9 on 25 November 2014 - 08:14 AM

He is just like Shanny offensively. Shanny was not a banger, he stayed in good shooting positions so he could shoot. Most of his career he averaged less than 1 hit per game. Which makes sense-you don't want your high end shooters in the corners, you want them in front of the net somewhere to get their shots off. Yes Shanny was much more willing to drop the gloves than Mantha ever has been. But then again Mantha is a better skater than Shanny was.
now who makes it up first? The RW's said all summer that Mantha was going to be given every chance to make the roster coming out of camp. At no point did they ever say that about Pulks. Now Pulks is a RHed shooting winger that scored 30 goals last year. Yet the guy with 0 professional games was going to be given the chance. Why?
I was one and remain a guy that believes if we are going to make a deal, Tatar is the guy to be moved. Value for value. tatar is the most limited overall of all the young F's that have made it to date. That is not saying I dislike him. But to get a legit front of net forward or a good puck moving RHed Dman you have to give up something. No one is going to give us a star for table scraps.

I'd like to see the stat that says shanny averaged one hit a game