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#2448282 The most annoying things about being at games?

Posted by number9 on 27 October 2013 - 01:55 AM

I've never got why professional sports feel need to play the national anthem before games. For one thing, there is no intrinsic connection between sports and patriotism. Why do we have it for games, but not at the movies or other large gatherings. There really is no reason for it. The other thing is that so many of the players in the leugue are not American or Canadian. I wonder how they feel having to stand for a foreign anthem 82 a year.
A liitle off topic, but I've had the thought recently.

It's tradition, and we can't sit around and sing 5 or 6 national anthems each game, so they sing canada and America cause that's where the league is based and the fans that are attending are from.

Side note, I love love love the canada national anthem, think it's the best sounding (I'm American)

#2446612 Ouellet Debut Tonight

Posted by number9 on 21 October 2013 - 10:31 AM

Would like to have seen Almqvist called up

#2442910 Will young talent ever speak out against Wings philosophy?

Posted by number9 on 09 October 2013 - 08:48 PM

Ok - if it gets yur panties outta the wad they're in...
Knock an aging vet outta the lineup at the very next practice - place them on LTIR.
You happy now?

EDIT - now go make that dip dammit!

If you actually believe that, why all the back peddling?

Purposefully knocking a teammate out of the line up at practice is not only messed up, but it gets no one anywhere. Teammates and management would hate that player.

It's sad that the irrational hatred of our vets on this forum has come to this...

#2442745 Will young talent ever speak out against Wings philosophy?

Posted by number9 on 08 October 2013 - 08:49 PM

Like when little Bert put Jensen on the LTIR? Everyone on the forum was for it. Trying to make an impression and a name for himself. Go back a few years. probert, kocur, grimson all practiced fighting. Tommy hearns used to box Mccarty lapointe etc..... There are tryout videos online of McKee fighting others in the USHL tryout camp. Every player has to play their game to earn a spot. You do what you have too to make it. 


Certainly not. You need to go back and re-read that thread. More than a few LGWers were against what Lil Bert did. I was one of the more adamant supporters of what Lil Bert did, but not for the reasons you are describing. I supported Bert because I felt he should - as an agitator - be allowed to agitate, and because he did not initiate the actual fight, Jensen did. He did not run Jensen or make a dangerous play.


I think guys like Bertuzzi should be allowed to play rough and tumble, but deliberately attempting to injury another prospect, let alone a full time wing, is beyond going too far. What you're describing is sociopathic. By the way you describe what's stopping Mrazek from arranging a little "accident" after practice for Howard? Do WHATEVER it takes right?


Do you really think if Tatar slammed Zetterbergs face into the glass at tryouts he would be on this team? It might free up a spot, but he would be hated by his own teammates and by management as well. Fighting is one thing, and it happens at tryouts and camps when things get heated, but you don't attempt to run or injury a teammate EVER. A guy like that would find himself in the KHL veryyyy quickly.

#2441139 10/2 GDT : Sabres 1 at Red Wings 2

Posted by number9 on 02 October 2013 - 09:21 PM

2 goal lead is the worst lead

#2440369 Parros Concussed

Posted by number9 on 02 October 2013 - 12:28 AM

Some of you may not know it, but Parros is by far one of the smarter goons. Played for Princeton for a reason. Always loved him and his personality/mustache (which he uses to promote his charities). Hope he's ok, that was a weird spill fersure.

#2438545 Ryan-Nugent-Hopkins re-signs with Edmonton 7yrs/42m

Posted by number9 on 23 September 2013 - 12:29 PM

Find me (1) #1 overall pick we have coming off entry level. Your analogy is terrible. I like Tatar, but he's going to finish with 200-500 career pts more than likely. RNH will get 1000-1500 and end up in the HHOF. They are paying RNH Datsyuk money because they know he's going to produce Datsyuk pts.

Sorry this is ridiculous. Predicting season stats is a bit silly, but predicting career stats and saying a 20 yr old is going to be in the HHOF is beyond laughable. They don't "know" anything. They're hoping this will pay off in the end, but there's a chance it could bite them in the ass. He could turn out to be an average forward

#2438169 Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

Posted by number9 on 21 September 2013 - 06:24 PM

They're better right now, but It's not like they're miles ahead of Jensen.


http://www.redwingsc....com/prospects/ , http://www.hockeysfu...roit_red_wings/


Out of the 25 top prospects on RedWingsCentral, Sproul is ranked #6, Ouellet ranked #8, and Jensen is ranked #13. Jensen's not that far at all. Sproul and Ouellet have also fallen slightly on the prospect rankings recently, while Jensen has been shooting up the list. Again, there's a reason why Jensen won the equivalent of the Norris trophy in his league last year.


How about another source? on Hockey's Future Sproul and Ouellet are given an identical talent score rating of 7.0 and an identical probability of success grade of C. Jensen is given a talent score of 6.5 and probability of grade of C. Again, not that far off from them at all.


Sproul and Ouellet are not un-tradeable, untouchable guys.


Frankly none of our prospects are un-tradeable. We don't have any Dumba's, Reilly's, Reinhart's, Murray's, or Trouba's in our system. Especially with the current state of things, I don't think even guys like Nyquist are untouchable. There's a reason that when trade threads pop up on here people typically include guys like Mrazek (despite him being ranked as our #2 prospect) in trade ideas. He actually has value, but isn't the caliber - at least yet - of a Hall, Larsson, or Fowler type prospect that is almost immediately ready for NHL. Those guys are untouchable bonafide future leaders of their franchises.


Take a look at Hockey's Future again and look at a guy like Ryan Murray. #2 overall pick by the Jackets, but not a guy that immediately jumped to NHL so he's still a prospect. He's a ranked at a talent level of 8.0 and probability of success grade of B. That's a full point ahead of Sproul and Ouellet in both categories. That's the kind of guy that's approaching untouchable status. (IMO I wouldn't say even he is absolutely 100% untradeable, though I doubt it's very likely)


If the great one can be traded, anyone can be traded.


Great prospects, but in no way does that warrant special treatment.


It's well known that our entire farm system is full of boom or busters. It lacks blue chip prospects but also lacks bad prospects. So why would anyone in particular get special treatment? Detroit is known for the exact opposite of coddling it's prospects as well. We force ALL our prospects down - including the Tatars and Nyquists of the world - and make them go above and beyond to earn a spot.


It wouldn't surprise me at all to see a guy like Jarnkrok or Mantha bust, only to have a guy like Tvrdon (ranked #19) make the team one day.


I hope the mods on this site have intollerance for unwarranted source requests and issue warnings and proceed with consequences to the posters who distract the discussions with this nonsense. It's irritating.

Back to Lil Bert. Is he good at agitating? Obviously. Do we need that? No. Jensen doesnt need to be agitated or have his patience tested by players wearing the same crest he has on. He will get that from opponents enough times.


Why would we not need that? In fact that's the one thing we're missing - the physical, gritty, agitating side of the game. Sure we need a top line Sniper as well. But those are very hard to come by, and we have a ton of depth scoring to make up for it. The team is loaded with soft type players, so I think it's good to start adding some nastyness to compliment them.


Take a look at this years draft. We selected a lot of physical, gritty, and pk type guys. Namely: Nastasiuk, Bertuzzi, Pope, Wheaton, McNulty. IMO that show's that Holland thinks he's got a good possible future core locked up in the likes Tatar, Nyquist, Jurco, Frk, Jarnkrok, Mantha, Ferraro, Pulkkinen, Sheahan, Athanasiou, and Tvrdon. Now he's adding players with a knack for the physical side of the game to round out that future scoring core.


I think people on this site have a much bigger pet peeve for unsourced statements my friend.

#2438161 Jets release Ian White

Posted by number9 on 21 September 2013 - 05:09 PM

I think it's just really bad to end up as a regular healthy scratch once your an established NHL player. I think it kind of almost black lists you. Every other team is going what happened there? There must be something wrong with him, on or off the ice. IMO, He's a decent player, but not outstanding enough, or big enough, for most teams to burn the cap on him that he probably wants.


I think the worst thing for his career was signing the length term he did with us. He came, played with Lids and did well, then as soon as Lids left he fell off. Kind of says he's been floating around to so many different teams for a reason and he only did well because of Lids.

#2438024 Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

Posted by number9 on 20 September 2013 - 08:46 PM

Either way. It's what I said. I didnt use any quotes, allude to any references, or give any appearance that the thoughts/ideas I stated weren't my own. So why the "source?" comment? Ditch that, already. Super non-relevant and super distracting.

And you're not excited abput Sproul & Ouelette? They are getting a lot of pub and a very good rep.


Didn't say I wasn't excited about them. I'm just excited about Jensen too. They're better right now, but It's not like they're miles ahead of Jensen. Sproul and Ouellet are not un-tradeable, untouchable guys. Great prospects, but in no way does that warrant special treatment. This isn't Yzerman we're talking about.


If you make statements like that without an "IMO" I'll ask for a source every time. Don't really care if you don't like it.

#2437699 Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

Posted by number9 on 19 September 2013 - 07:08 PM

Source for sourcing me? Where's your source, #9?

Are you kidding me? Do people really do that here? How annoying.
Im not saying Bert isnt allowed to do it. My point is that agitation ability isnt something we need or utilize. Go to the flyers or play golf with Michael Jordan. We need scoring and size. Bertuzzi lacks both.

Ur statement about Bert not being in the doghouse bc Jensen isn't a top prospect is completely unfounded and frankly bad. First, you have no idea if Bert is in the doghouse or not, or why. and 2nd Jensen is very much a top defensive prospect. He won best defensemen in his league last year for a reason.

#2437590 Cleary re-signs with Detroit, 1 year, $1.75m deal

Posted by number9 on 19 September 2013 - 12:04 PM

I didn't exactly want him back but I think the worst part of the Cleary signing will be listening to everyone here complain about him all year, regardless of how he actually plays. 


I'm guessing the biggest role Cleary fills in the coming season is scapegoat. 

He's getting paid a 3rd line salary and IMO he's a below average 2nd liner, so I can't complain about that. If we didn't have roster issues this would be a great signing.

#2437488 Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

Posted by number9 on 18 September 2013 - 04:52 PM

Forza is correct. What, now goons have free reign to beat the s*** out of everyone in camp? I can see it now: Babs - Hey Mantha, our goons are, well, goons and they do goon things like beat the s*** out of people? You ok with getting the snot knocked outta ya? You are? Great! I knew there was a reason we drafted ya!! :P


And btw, Tyler did more than just "chirp and push". He crosschecked the hell out of Jensen`s back, head and arms a few dozen times on top of the rest of the physical and verbal sparring. Were you there to see the entire episode? You ever get crosschecked by a hockey stick? I don`t blame Jensen one bit for drawing a line and showing he wasn`t going to take it anymore.


If you want to get technical, they were both at fault but it was Tyler that harassed Jensen over and over. Why? Dunno. Maybe Jensen beat him on a play and Tyler got embarrassed. Either way, the injury is proof as to why we don`t need it in camp. Of course there will be a little roughhousing but what happens when we draft the "next one" and we let our goons be, well goons, and the great promise of a great career is suddenly halted or even stopped? I`d rather be cautious and prevent any possible injuries in the first place.


Nice strawman.


Do you really think anyone here believes "goons" should have "free reign" at prospect camp? Or were you just exaggerating my argument? I'll assume the later.


Fighting at prospect camp is an obvious negative for the team, and I don't support it. I also don't support dangerous hits, or plays of that nature, that can easily lead to injury at prospect camp. However, I do support chirping and all the other rough stuff at camp.

My point was that Tuzzi is an agitator. That's how he plays hockey. I don't think any coach would ever tell a player, even at prospect camp, "Hey, don't do your job out there. Don't play your style of game. Don't give everything you've got." From what I saw Bertuzzi ran his mouth, played his in your face style, and threw a few cross-checks. All of which are part of the game. He didn't make a dangerous play or even initiate the fight. I think as an "agitating forward" (not a goon) he's well within his right to play as such.


I respect Jensen for not putting up with it, and dropping the gloves to try and give lil bert a spanking, but ultimately the decision to fight was his. You chirp back, match his roughness, beat him on a play, but you don't fight at a prospect camp.

#2437467 Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

Posted by number9 on 18 September 2013 - 11:51 AM

It looks like they both have the same logo on their jerseys in the fight clip. Organizationmates, if you will, then.

Maybe Jensen shouldn't have dropped the gloves then eh?

#2437394 Jensen out till December/January after fight with Tyler Bertuzzi

Posted by number9 on 17 September 2013 - 10:49 PM

I agree with you. There is nothing to be gained from preseason agitation / intrasquad fighting. If a coach needs to see you goad s teammate and then fight him, you're not going to make it. Do you think Kocur or Probert had to beat up Konstantinov so the coaches knew they could fight? They know by now what Bert 2 brings to the table. He should not be instigating his teammates.

You think an 18 year old who's never played higher than the CHL has nothing to prove?


First, he's new to the organization and has to show where he stacks up against our other prospects. Second, Bertuzzi is not big at all by NHL standards and will be expected to: hit, agitate, and fight. Add that to the pressure of being a 2nd round draft choice, and add that to the pressure of the name on his back. I'm sure some among the Wings - and this forum - believe he was only drafted so high because of his uncle, or that it at least influenced the decision. All our prospects have a lot to prove, particularly Bertuzzi.


It's also his job. He agitates. That's what he's good at, and it was made pretty clear by the Wings that that's what they brought him in for and wanted out of him. Did you want him to skate around like a plug and just go through the motions? He's a professional athlete at his first ever NHL prospect camp. He did what he does best, gets under the skin of an opposing defender almost 5 years his senior.


Regardless of whether you thought he was too aggressive, he did not start the fight. He did not attempt to injury anyone. All he did was chirp and push Jensen around. If anything this incident should be demerit on Jensen. He lost his cool under pressure, chose to initiate the fight, and got injured for that choice. Lesson learned: Don't let the Marchand's, Raymonds, Avery's, and Bertuzzi's of the world get to you or your probably going to make dumb decisions on the ice. Like losing your composure and getting a dumb injury for it.


I believe it was Jalen Rose who used to research his opponents personal lives before games so he could chirp them about it and get in their heads. IMO, smack talk is far worse in hockey. If Jensen can't handle the heat he needs to get out of the kitchen.


When it comes down to it, I'm sure the choice words management had for Bertuzzi was that he needs to make peace with Jensen off the ice.