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#2332443 [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

Posted by number9 on 23 October 2012 - 01:23 AM

Actually, the owners are proposing to shorten ELCs by a year. However, the purpose of that is to lower the value of the second contract. Consider Evander Kane. Had he come off his ELC before last year, his current deal would likely be $1-2M less per year. More than makes up the difference in year 3 salary. Originally they wanted it longer, but their latest offer is 2 years.

It's arbitration and UFA eligibility the owners want to push back a year now.

Meh, one man's rhetoric is another's normal press conference. Seems to me the difference lies in whether what is said is what the listener wants/expects to hear.

ELC's are naturally always different in regards to who it benefits depending on the player. A longer ELC will benefit particular players in regards to their team, while a shorter ELC will benefit other teams in regards to the player. Yeah, if they had locked up Kane on a long-term deal for less money earlier it would have been better for the Jets. However, it's different for every different players situation.

Honestly they should all just agree to keep it at 3 years, seems to work good so far, no need change things just for the sake of changing them.

Totally disagree on your interpretation of rhetorical speech though. Their is a difference between business and rhetorical PR speech to the public. The entire hockey reporting/hockey blogging community is up in arms over all the public rhetoric being thrown around that means absolutely nothing. Bettman and Fehr both come out of meetings and spew BS that makes their side look good, trying to get the fans and such on their side. Any intelligent person can read through the rhetoric and tell the difference between what is a PR scheme and what is actual business/work getting done. Both sides are to blame, however I'd call the owners/league the instigators.

Ones mans rhetoric is a smart mans bulls***

#2332437 [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

Posted by number9 on 23 October 2012 - 12:11 AM

As to the "PR card", I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean. Seems like just a buzz word for irritated fans to throw around. Like "speaking the same language". Seems like you just latched onto Gary's latest soundbite, and you're using it now as if it really means something. Every meeting there are reporters eager to get what the sides have to say, and throngs of fans hanging on every tweet looking for the tiniest morsel of news, but when the news isn't "we have a deal" you all want to ***** about them talking to the media. Of course the statements they make are biased; they are biased. If they didn't actually believe "their side", there wouldn't be a lockout. I'm sure there's some level of concern over public image, but I don't think either side is foolish enough to think this fight will be won based on our opinions.

Dude, you sound like the one who hasn't been following the lockout. Each side has done nothing but throw around rhetoric. Small gains have been made but they seem more hell-bent on winning the PR battle. Don't understand what you don't understand about that, it's rather obvious.

#2332352 Perpetual line shuffling

Posted by number9 on 21 October 2012 - 05:11 PM

Fil - Dats - Mule ----------------Fil and Dats have shown chemistry together, Franzen provides the bigger body that works in the dirty areas
Bert - Z - Brunner---------------Z and Brunner will have chemistry after playing for Zug together, Bert provides the big body
Goose - Helm - Sammy--------Goose brings skill, Helm brings speed and defense, Sammy brings 3rd line scoring
Toots - Abby - Cleary----------Grind line baby

#2331853 Who was the better Wing/Player? Yzerman or Lidstrom

Posted by number9 on 16 October 2012 - 10:20 PM

I think you are asking two unique question here, with different answers.

Who was the better Wing? Yzerman
Who was the better player? Lidstrom

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#2331674 Sacrifice the full season to guarantee Bettman's removal?

Posted by number9 on 15 October 2012 - 08:12 PM

Problem is we cannot assume a new commissioner won't just pick up where uncle gary left off

#2331586 Sacrifice the full season to guarantee Bettman's removal?

Posted by number9 on 14 October 2012 - 07:03 PM

i guess we just have a different view on demand

to me, when someone (the players) doesn't want to do something(negotiate) until the other person( owners) does something (take rollbacks off the table), i look at that as being a demand.

A demand is followed by a response. Owners demanded roll backs, players said no. Players responded to a demand, that is all. They initiated none of this. Simple.

#2331573 Sacrifice the full season to guarantee Bettman's removal?

Posted by number9 on 14 October 2012 - 04:45 PM

you are right in that the owners are demanding salary rollbacks. but the players are demanding that there be no salary rollbacks and refuse to negotiate economic issues until that demand is met.

You can argue who's demands are more reasonable but to say that the players aren't demanding anything is false imo. the fact is both sides have demands that right now aren't being met by either side and is why we are at a stalemate with these economic issues

The difference is it's the owners who want change, not the players. Just because the CBA is over doesn't mean you have to change it. The last CBA actually was pretty successful. Yet, the owners want to renegotiate a new one. They're DEMANDING to go back to negotiating table and will lockout the season until that demand is met.

The players POSITION is that they do not want to negotiate salary roll backs. They're not demanding anything from the owners.

#2331503 Jordin Tootoo & Polar Bears

Posted by number9 on 13 October 2012 - 01:25 PM

I heard he uses menstruating women as bait....

#2331448 Defense like Cheese? Brunner tearing it up in Swiss League

Posted by number9 on 12 October 2012 - 06:20 PM

Joe Thornton has 8 points in 8 games about the same pace he scores at in the NHL for comparison.

Thornton choking? but it's not the playoffs yet!!?!??! weird.

#2331440 AHL Goalie Rankings: GR Dead Last

Posted by number9 on 12 October 2012 - 05:12 PM

At least we can look forward to seeing Mrazek play. Hopefully a lot of starting time will do him good. Just wish we had someone better than McCollum and Pearce to push him.


#2331439 Jordin Tootoo & Polar Bears

Posted by number9 on 12 October 2012 - 05:05 PM

A Native American tribe recently petitioned (successfully, I believe) to sacrifice two Bald Eagles because their religion told them to do it. Cool with that too?

I'm not debating the conservationist aspect of it. Obviously, asking people to care about animals, even endangered ones, on a hockey board is a fool's errand, when said advocate of killing the endangered animal has a chance to help out your 4th line.

But as a tactic, it's a troll move, and an "eff you" to people who try to protect endangered animals. Tweeting a picture of a dead animal that most civilized nations are working hard to save from extinction is not a necessary tactic for arguing Inuit rights. And no, it's not the same as showing a picture of a dead deer or rabbit.

But on the hockey point, what player are you talking about?! $2 million for a "30-point" player who they BENCHED in the playoffs. His career goal high was 11, and that was 6 years ago. He had SIX goals last year. Do you know how hard it is to play 77 games and only put the puck in the next 6 times? That's Cory Emmerton territory. If we signed him for $700,000 on a two-way non-waiver deal, that'd be one thing. For $2 million a year, he's going to play.

The people who think this is a good hockey signing are the same people who thought Brad May was going to save the Red Wings a few years ago because they were too soft. I'd rather be known as a whiny animal lover than a fan of Jordin Tootoo.

Seriously? Emmerton territory?

Emmerton: Brings speed and 10 pts
Tootoo: Brings fighting, agitation, energy, hitting, and 30 pts

Tootoo brings way more assets to the ice and tripled Emmertons scoring last year...and Emmerton plays for a high scoring team while Toots played for a defensive team with a terrible forward core.

While I think 2 mil is a little high (would have prefered 1.5) I'm still happy to have Tootoo. A bunch of frowards (like Emmerton) will be traded to make room for Toots once the season starts, it's obvious.

Love how you brought up this irrelevant Polar Bear thing as an excuse to whine about Tootoo and his contract.

I think the lockout is driving everyone a bit nuts

#2331280 Our friend @HockeyyInsiderr lists anti-lockout teams...

Posted by number9 on 11 October 2012 - 08:07 AM

I think they're quite tight financially, they seem like a wise enough organisation that doesn't p*ss money away but that's probably why they haven't had a whole lot of success recently, but saying that, they're probably losing a good deal of money now without any hockey on so they'll probably want the season to start. That's what I'd imagine anyway, but then again I have about as much insider info as HockeyyInsiderr

Ville Leino
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#2330189 Who is the Best Russian the Wings Have Ever Had?

Posted by number9 on 27 September 2012 - 11:30 AM

I voted for Fetisov....He's arguably one of the best Russians to ever play the game....he came here at the tail end of his career so he wasn't in his prime when he was with us, but if the question is "who is the best player?" and were looking at their whole career, not just with the wings, its gotta be Fetisov. Fetisov is often grouped along side guys like Kharlamov and Tretiak.

if were looking only at time with the wings it's Feds hands down. Id put Feds as a very close second to Fetisov thou, even when looking at whole careers.

If only the impaler hadnt gone down....i could see him becoming one of the best D-men of all time, and possibly better than all the other names here. his defensive abilities were out of this world to say the least. Lidstroms positioning meets Kronners hitting

#2330188 White as home jerseys or road jerseys?

Posted by number9 on 27 September 2012 - 11:12 AM

White is the s***... definitely the better jersey...and it allows other teams at the joe to wear their respective colors for the fans

thou we are the RED wings so i understand the red at home argument. still support the white thou, wish we still did it like that

#2329605 Brunner May Play for Zug, not in GR during lockout

Posted by number9 on 21 September 2012 - 01:15 PM

Ive heard he's indeed going back to play for Zug, but just for a few games...and that he intends on playing for GR once the AHL season begins