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#2534946 Ice Bucket ALS Challenge: Bettman edition

Posted by TheXym on 26 August 2014 - 02:42 PM

Our faculty just did it, I'm the one towards the end of the line with the Dream Theater shirt. Over $350 so far, staff can donate until Friday. Not as good as the administration with the front bucket loader but still for a good cause. The video (and the administration's) is on the school web page, www.masd.info

#2534927 Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

Posted by TheXym on 25 August 2014 - 09:44 PM

Great post, krsmith!

You've hit a lot of the salient points that beeded hitting. I actually think this streak is more impressive than the Bruins' streak because they never had to contend with the salary cap the Wings do. Maintaining their level of success from the pre salary cap era to now is impressive, and to sustain it is moreso, imho.

Today's NHL has been striving for parity amongst teams for years, and the case could be made that, as a result, it has, in some ways, become a parody of itself. Ken Holland has done a good job steering the Wings through the transition period, despite everything.

I wouldn't be surprised if the cost of a trade is higher for the the Wings with any given team than anyone else because so many folks seem to want to see the Wings fail, and no GM wants to be blamed for being the guy that helped the Wings climb back on top.

The injuries the Wings have had the last few years were ridiculous, and at this point, it almost feels like probability is swinging back towards a healthy Wings squad this year.

Kr and Dabura have both made great points, and the negativity is getting old. Am I happy about the Cleary signing? No, but I can respect why Ken did it (MUCH better than how the Sharks crapped on Thornton and Marleau, and I'm no fan of either, but that was bush league). I am hoping Cleary plays well in the games he's in (that ice bucket video was top notch). The prospect pool is the best I've seen since I started watching the Wings back in 1983 as a 12 year old. The future is bright, imho, and the team is going to hit an upswing soon. Let's enjoy the ride.

#2534810 Ice Bucket ALS Challenge: Bettman edition

Posted by TheXym on 22 August 2014 - 08:31 PM

My principal liked the idea, but after his predecessor challenged him the next day, he went way above and beyond, roping in several other administrators to do it in a BIG way and donate $1,000. Video is on the school homepage, www.masd.info

I, and any other brave faculty members, will be doing it Tuesday during lunch of our inservice.

#2534473 Lines Thread

Posted by TheXym on 18 August 2014 - 11:21 AM

I think Z-D-Alfie could be huge if they're healthy.

The two kids and a mule line idea intrigues me, and it could actually spark Franzen.

Kr, I get your point about pairing Ericsson with Kronwall and Smith with DeKeyser makes sense, and eventually I'd go that way as well, but I really liked the chemistry Smith was showing with Kronwall towards the end of last season, and having a vet with DeKeyser in case of a sophomore slump makes sense to me to at least start the season. On the plus side, I think the top four of Kronwall, Ericsson, Smith, and DeKeyser would work well in any combo, and we may see that on the PP.

#2534416 Ice Bucket ALS Challenge: Bettman edition

Posted by TheXym on 17 August 2014 - 08:04 AM

I'll be honest, the Cleary video is making me want to pull for him to have a huge bounceback season. He did a lot for this team, and it would, in some ways, be nice if he had a great year to justify the signing (though I accept the loyalty given, even if I'm not thrilled about it, not following up may have had worse ramifications down the road) and let him (hopefully) finish up on a high note rather than as the near pariah he became last season.

Bettman is still the poison dwarf, and while I ROFL'd at the fans' tears photohop, maybe the guy does have a shred of decency in him.

When we go back to in-service on Thurs, I'm going to speak to my principal about doing something like this with the school and on the District web page. I'll take the first bucket and get our dress down fund to donate if he is on board.

#2534375 What are you listening to? 2?

Posted by TheXym on 16 August 2014 - 09:41 AM

Lately I've been on a big Muse binge, learning some of Chris Wostenholme's bass lines.

Hysteria (live)


Knights of Cydonia (live)


Supermassive Black Hole (live)


#2534351 Ice Bucket ALS Challenge: Bettman edition

Posted by TheXym on 15 August 2014 - 08:19 PM

Very classy move by Danny Cleary. This video seems to highlight why the Wings felt he is such a great locker room presence. Huge kudos for putting up the donation information and putting together a professionally done video that may end up getting some airplay down the road to help the cause.

#2534005 Confused on the direction of this team going forward

Posted by TheXym on 11 August 2014 - 11:58 AM

So the Jarnkrok hype was actually a brilliant smokescreen to protect the preferred prospects? I can see it now if Jarnkrok ends up a bust - Ken Holland lights up a cigar, and in his best George Peppard voice cackles "I love it when a plan comes together!"

#2533306 Samuelsson signs new contract....... with Djurgarden.

Posted by TheXym on 29 July 2014 - 03:02 PM

All shin pad assassin jokes aside, Sammy was a bargain during his first stay here in Detroit.   He had good size, was irritating to play against, and put up good numbers for his salary. 
It's just unfortunate that Holland keeps repeating the mistake of bringing back former players, but I hold no ill will for Sammy. 

Well said!

#2533300 Samuelsson signs new contract....... with Djurgarden.

Posted by TheXym on 29 July 2014 - 02:34 PM

Sammy had some good moments earlier in his career, but this is a great signing. I hope he does well, but I'm darn glad he is no longer in Detroit.

#2533075 Forum Rules Refresher. PLEASE READ

Posted by TheXym on 27 July 2014 - 01:39 PM

I would like to bring up a rule I'm not sure I like on here. It regards the whole problem with starting multiple threads for the same topic. I've seen new threads about something fairly important get deleted because they were being discussed, and buried, in another large thread. Then, when you see an old thread about the topic get brough back, it'll get deleted too. Why have a million pages of forum topics if we can't start a new discussion or read or talk about a specific thing? I don't want to read through 85 pages of text to talk about one signing, it's a waste of time.

I empathize, but there is a forum search function, and recent topics aren't that far back. :)

Plus if you make a great point, it is best to do it in the existing thread so more will see it.

#2532210 preds prospects Viktor Arvidsson and Kevin Fiala shootout moves

Posted by TheXym on 15 July 2014 - 11:56 PM

I second the props to PredsFan. I appreciate the updates, and, for a fan of an opposing team, PF is pretty darn classy about not trolling like some others we've had to deal with (centcougar, anyone?) and also contributes to the forum in a positive way.

#2530253 What's best for Mantha?

Posted by TheXym on 06 July 2014 - 02:03 PM

This isn't the prospect tournament going on, it's a rookie camp. Mantha and Bertuzzi played a lot more games in through the memorial cup playoffs than the other guys, and Mantha was put out for 90 second to 2 minute shifts regularly. I think some of it is residual fatigue from that.

#2527575 Wings to have face to face with Matt Niskanen

Posted by TheXym on 01 July 2014 - 09:20 AM

I'm certain he would - however what makes Detroit a better option than others?
Honestly - I have no clue as to the other teams that are making a bid for Niskanen.

His personality seems to be more of the play second pairing, QB the PP rather than be the #1 all the time. Kronner and Smith together last year worked well, IMHO. Pair Niskanen with Danny DeKeyser and have him run the PP with Kronwall and I think it's a situation that fits his mind and skillsets. Ericsson with Marchenko or Sproul or Oulette for the third pair, Lashoff as a cheap 7th.

#2527549 UFA day looking up

Posted by TheXym on 01 July 2014 - 08:39 AM

Weiss and Alfie were good signings. Cleary was a fustercluck, but I can understand why due to his playoffs the year before, even if I disliked it. The Bert, Sammy, and Tootoo signings were from the year before and aren't considered in my eval of last seasons FA period.

If Cleary played like he did in the playoff run, Weiss was healthy and put up 50-60 points, and Alfie's back didn't flare up we'd all likely be singing his praises. Up front, it was a decent effort.

Agreed. I don't put much stock in st. James. she gets it wrong a lot.

Not a fan of St. James at all. I'm hoping the front office is using her as a smokescreen to disguise their real intentions. Either that, or she's being her usual hack self.