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Positive Signs for The Wings in These Playoffs

22 April 2011 - 01:41 PM


Positives (per mlive article)

-The depth came through in the series against the Coyotes. 16 players have at least one point
-The depth also shows through how spread out the TOI is, especially for the dmen
-Offense in general isn't an issue
-5 on 5 defense is good
-Rest for the wounded
-Did the article forget any?

Potential Negatives (from what I gather around multiple Wings forums)

-PK a little bit worrisome
-Will everybody continue to play as hard with Z and Mule integrated back into the lineup?
-How well can the Wings infamously inconsistent (regular season) defense play against a team like SJ who has significantly more and better offensive weapons?

Cory Emmerton re-signs

29 March 2011 - 12:14 AM

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Seems it's two-way for one year and then one-way for the last two.


2011-12 $105,000 $525,000 $0 $0 $533,333
2012-13 $525,000 $525,000 $0 $0 $533,333
2013-14 $550,000 $550,000 $0 $0 $533,333

All-Time Olympic Teams?

28 March 2011 - 04:41 AM

With this thread, I'm hoping to take advantage of the fact that LGW has a lot of fans from all over the world.

If you could put together a national team per country but had the freedom to use any player from any time in history as they are in their prime, what would those teams look like and who would get gold, silver and bronze?

-Would Lidstrom and Salming make a good defensive combination?
-Would Fedorov or Larionov (or someone else) be Russia's #1 center?
-Would Crosby make Team Canada's top six?
-Which Koivu brother, if any, would fit best with Selanne and Tikkanen as wingers?
-Which wingers would flank LaFontaine?
-Who goes where on Team Slovakia/Team Czech Republic if you went beyond the 94 Olympics?

Let's have some fun with this one. :)

Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

03 March 2011 - 04:46 AM

If I had to put into words the way I feel about the Wings chances this season, I'd say I feel half caution and half excitement with fairly high expectations. Everybody may feel differently from one person to the next. I got to reflecting on how I felt about years past as far as I could remember in my years as a competently enough fan of the game. Feel free to share any memories you guys have from past regular seasons going into the playoffs.

  • 93: More or less, "I'm going to watch one game at a time and just see how this goes."
  • 94: I actually had really high hopes this year because of the 1st seed and everything. So sad.
  • 95: Very much a feeling of, "This seems to be going really, really well... Hmm..." and then the Wings landed in hell. :unsure:
  • 96: Definitely thought they would win it all. Had very little, if any, doubts. And then it happened. :(
  • 97: 20% cautious, 80% not expecting much. And then they won it all. :blush:
  • 98: The same as 97, actually. Even though they were defending champs and the theme of that year was, "Believe." :blush:
  • 99: I really felt they would three-peat. The 99 post season definitely pissed me off more than any other run for any of my sports teams. I got greedy big time. :ranting:
  • 00: Had a decent level of excitement but not much. Nothing exceptional. God I hate Colorado.
  • 01: A little less excitement than what I had for '00. Ugh... Late night first round against the Kings definitely ruined some grades.
  • 02: Haha. I actually felt like, "They betterf****** win it all, dammit... Or else... (shakes fist)." So very sad after Game 5 against the Avs. But it all ended very well. :D
  • 03: Wasn't excited at all for this playoff run. I remember how they didn't get the 1st seed and thinking something just didn't seem right. I was more excited about the birth of the Euro Twins. From what I remember, Fedorov was on fire that year and then he ran into Steve Rucchin. :unsure:
  • 04: I actually felt really good about this year. I really liked the team from that year on paper. But it wasn't to be. :(
  • 05: Lockout. :zzz:
  • 06: I was fairly excited but also a tad cautious because I started to see how the Wings would get one of the highers seeds and then lose.
  • 07: Cautious with low expectations. I was very impressed after this playoff run. The foundation of the team was starting to really emerge.
  • 08: A very slow building feeling of shocking amazement as they year went on. "Wow... They could really do this and I can't think of a better team in the league," is how I felt. :thumbup:
  • 09: Definitely believed they would win it all. :(
  • 10: Very much a "One game at a time, let's see where this goes" kind of feeling.