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In Topic: 23 game home win streak

21 April 2012 - 03:00 AM

Do you realize you sound just as bad as the people you are criticizing?

Everyone on here is a fan - I know some here feel superior to say otherwise when any type of critique is made, but they are.

How about this:

"I am a bigger fan then you because I am super upset we were the first team eliminated this year.

So how about you and your seemingly impervious reaction to the success or the lack there of team that I am a huge fan of can be quiet."

I can understand being upset. I am upset as well. But I don't go on the internet seeking some kind of justification for my feelings like some of you guys do. I don't see how bitching/pouting helps cope with the loss. If that's what the "bigger" fans do then I will gladly remain with the not so bigger fans. Hopefully there is a message board for those kinds of fans.

In Topic: 23 game home win streak

20 April 2012 - 09:50 PM

Dear LGW,

You guys are some whiney *******. Ban me for this I don't give a s*** I hardly post on here anyway but give me af****** break. Detroit set 2 records this year that no other team has been able to do for decades. Home wins and consecutive playoffs. There is a Stanley cup champion every year.

So the f*** what if they didn't win this year. New season starts in 5 and half months. Some "fans" some of you guys are. Thank you Wings for an entertaining year. Better luck next year.

A fan always proud of his team, win or lose.

In Topic: Thornton slash on Z

11 May 2011 - 10:27 AM

go to nhl.com and watch the highlight video. You can't really see the actual slash but you can see the scrum and hear the announcers