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In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

05 February 2016 - 12:34 PM

Good point on Howard - with him we won't win the Cup - without him probably won't change anything except giving us some cap space.


With him signed thru the 2018/2019 season - maybe a team like Edmonton might see Howard as an upgrade?


I think Howard is tradeable and still has value to the right team.   He's not going to get any better and he probably wont get much worse. You know exactly what you are going to get.  Problem is we will have to take on some of that salary. 

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

05 February 2016 - 12:31 PM

In all likelihood we won't be cup contenders until Larkin and ? Are the leaders of this team. Holland will probably just wait out these bad contracts and hopefully not add anymore


Which bad contracts are you referring to ? Howard? He earned that contract, every cent of it.  Mrazek came on quick and stole the job, it sucks we are stuck with the contract but at the time he signed that contract was fair and earned.  Love them or hate them but Quincey and Ericsson are right where guys of their skill get paid.  Green got over paid a little bit but he was on the open market, term is what makes that contract doable.  This team's contract situation is very manageable.  

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

05 February 2016 - 12:26 PM

This team is in no man's land right now. Good enough to make the playoffs and finish anywhere from 3rd to 8th but we would have to play out of our minds to make a deep run and bad enough some nights to miss the playoffs.  25 years of being a Wing's fan and I have never been a doomsdayer or panic buttoner  but this team is super stale.  We need a blow up hockey trade and Stamkos would be my target.  We have the assets, we have roster players they would take but I think the biggest factor is Stevie Y.  I think it would be fairly obvious that when Holland is done the GM job in the D is his to take if he wants so I would think that in the back of his mind trading Stamkos to Detroit may not be the last time they are connected.  Lets be honest, Dats, Z and Kronner are finishing their careers in Detroit so they aren't getting traded nor would I trade any of them. The only other 2 untouchables are Larkin and Mrazek in my opinion.  Package up Gus, Tatar, Prospects, Draft pics, take on salary..do whatever it takes because the future going forward with Larkin and Stamkos would rank right up there with the Stevie Y, Feds era or the Z, Dats and Lidstrom era.   It's time to take a chance and mix it up.  

In Topic: Players Tribune: John Scott A Guy Like me

30 January 2016 - 04:33 PM


Exactly Scott did nothing wrong and he is probably the only guy who really enjoys playing there. As a "star" player I would make sure he gets to score some goals and win the car for him this might be the time of his NHL life.


I just find it very easy to relate to such a down-to-earth against all odds kind of guy, who not only happens to be a tremendous athlete but also a very smart man.


And let's hope it stays that way and he doesn't end up like many of these punch drunk enforcers who end up with terrible mental health problems and addictions.  I agree if I was on his team I would make it my mission to make sure he is MVP.  

In Topic: Players Tribune: John Scott A Guy Like me

29 January 2016 - 06:48 PM

Great read. All star game is a sideshow, John Scott playing in it is a sideshow but considering the NHL tried to completely screw him over I'm glad he's going.  Get rid of the all star game, give these guys 5-7 days off to recharge and we would get better hockey the last 30-35 games.