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In Topic: 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

15 June 2015 - 09:59 PM

Yup, if you have a team that is utter crap for 10 years, you too can build through the draft like the Hawks and win 3 cups.  Dave Talon and Stan Bowman built this team smart.


Unless your management is as worthless as Edmonton.


So you liked watching the Wings cry in 2009?


I hate the Hawks but we as Red Wings should be flattered by their success...we pounded them for years and they used a very similar blue print to build their team and style of play. Stud d man, 3-4 top notch forwards, great role players and not breaking the bank on a goalie. Crawford is a bend don't break style that is very similar to Ozzy.  The more I watched TB the more I realized that their team is Stamkos and goes as he goes.  They were forturnate to get by us to be honest.  

In Topic: 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

31 May 2015 - 10:42 PM

The way the Hawks played now and the way the Wings played from 1996-2002ish is so similar I find. Bend bend bend but never break. The Hawks play some stinkers but reek of confidence when the going gets tough. I could care less who wins. I'm still bitter that we lost to TB on a Coburn knuckle puck.  

In Topic: At what point does the GM deserve credit/blame?

26 May 2015 - 10:09 PM

Bowman was GM for a bit, but Holland handled most of the day to day stuff. Minimizing his contributions is just bs. When Yzerman wanted to he a GM I don't blame Holland at all for not taking a different role. He's the GM, he wanted to continue to fill that role.


Great post, Bowman is a great hockey mind but in the last few years he was what the Queen is to Canada..a figure head with very little power. 

In Topic: ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

30 April 2015 - 10:02 AM

Whelp, I've given myself about 12 hours to digest this and my preliminary thoughts are...


1)  If you don't blow leads in the third period, you'd be in Montreal already.

2)  The kids were better than they were a year ago in the playoffs, so glad to see some improvement (6 goals and 3 assists from Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan).

3)  Datsyuk and Zetterberg look ooooooooooold. 

4)  Anybody seen Zetterberg, Abby, and Helm?  Me neither. 


Game 4 was obviously the killer.  I agree with Z and Helm.  I will give Abby a pass, he was clearly playing with one hand.  

In Topic: ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

29 April 2015 - 10:02 PM

For those who have been fans since the early 90's this is the longest personal drought without a cup.  7 years now...not sure if I should be disappointed or if I sound like a spoiled s*** head who's seen his team win 4 cups lol.