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In Topic: GDT : NHL Skills Competition/60th All-Star Game

Today, 06:51 PM

I wish they'd bring back the North America vs. World format. 

I've been asking for this since they abandoned it. Especially now that you have more US-born players to represent NA.

Either that, or back to East vs West, winner gets home ice, though I know a lot of people will not like that stipulation. But if it's not competitive, it's really not worth having...or watching.   

In Topic: TB's Paquette learns the hard way, don't start **** w Chara

14 January 2015 - 05:37 PM


I'd be excited if we had Matt Martin, he's a good role player.  But I'd be irritated if Martin did something blatantly dirty and then Ken or Mickey acted like he was a paragon of virtue even though they knew better.  Because that would be dumbing down the product, which I don't like. 

Well, on this we can fully agree. Edwards and Julien both have a way of mitigating Bruins' players actions. Ken, Mickey and Mike don't usually sugarcoat a bad play. 

In Topic: TB's Paquette learns the hard way, don't start **** w Chara

14 January 2015 - 04:55 PM


You're misunderstanding what I have against Edwards.  I don't care if he likes fighting.  But it annoys me when Jack Edwards manipulates his fans' love of fighting, in order to justify Boston douchebaggery (like the Chara punch after a Chara penalty).  I don't care if Boston dives.  But I DO care if Jack Edwards pretends that Boston players are all the remains between hockey and European soccer, just because he knows that message will resonate.  I don't like that Jack Edwards has simultaneously never played hockey, and knows EXACTLY what is ruining/vital to the game, which happens to coincide with whatever his fans already think is ruining/vital to the game.


He tells a bunch of idiots exactly what they want to hear.  Which makes him dishonest, and more importantly, annoying.  That's why he sucks.  Because he's formulaic and fake. 

Ok, if that's your biggest beef against him, then yeah, absolutely, he sucks, and he and Mick could not be further apart. Mick, while still having "homer" moments, is pretty unbiased. And while Mick may still get nostalgic about the old days, I think he understands the direction the league is going and he has, begrudgingly, accepted it. But I also know that he would probably get giddy like a schoolgirl if Holland traded for someone like Matt Martin. 

In Topic: TB's Paquette learns the hard way, don't start **** w Chara

14 January 2015 - 04:28 PM

But he's the first one to talk about how bad checks need to be taken out of the game, the only time I hear him get riled up about a fight is when its warranted...
Maybe that's because were watching the weakling wings, and fights are so few and far between that its easier to recall his reactions to fights back when the team was stacked with guys who were fighters.
Most of them, if not all had a scoring touch.. and very rarely attacked a player unwarranted.

Plus back then the knowledge of concussions and the effects it has on people quality of life was basically nonexistent...
And now that its been brought to the forefront and the science behind it all is coming along you can hear him changing his stance on it.

Slowly but surely.

And its not because hes been forced to change because of the way the wings play the game, its because he's smart, and doesn't want to see these kids suffering permanent brain problems because of stupid shenanigans.

He says it time and time again how the games gotten so fast, the players have gotten so much bigger, stronger, and faster that its infinitely more dangerous..

I've never heard him say atta boy to a bad hit, whether it bw from behind, or a hit to the head.
He says the same stuff about our team when they do it.
Like with Jurcos hit last year, he didn't defend it, he called it how it was.

I never said Mick condoned dirty plays of said attaboy to bad hits, just good scraps. Mick loves big clean hits as much as the next guy (excluding a few people here), but he does from time to time talk about giving another player a face-full of lumber, again, paraphrasing. So it's hard to say that he's got it all out of his system.  


Doesn't the fact that he's largely stopped being so horrible only lend credence to what I'm saying about having standards? 


Edwards is a jackass.  But if Boston fans didn't like idiotic jackasses, then Edwards would change or get fired. 

I'm not saying you're wrong, but again, they call two very dissimilar teams. Mick was never as big of an ******* as Edwards, but I can't say he'd be so different in terms of enthusiasm for the rough stuff if Detroit had a similar team to Boston, which they did throughout the 90's. He'd just have a less annoying voice. 

In Topic: TB's Paquette learns the hard way, don't start **** w Chara

14 January 2015 - 04:14 PM


You didn't have to.  You made a direct comparison between the two.  The fact that you're reneging on it now doesn't change that.  You compared them, probably for arguments' sake.  That's fine. 

I was comparing a similar aspect of younger Mickey and JE, but I was more or less referencing your line about fans "holding their announcing team to a higher standard". Because 80's-90s Mickey, though less whiny, was as enthusiastic as JE about a big hit or scrap when he called games, and when someone went after Yzerman he would reference retaliation, and there usually was some. Obviously Redmond and Edwards are not very similar these days, because they call two very dissimilar teams. But Boston is actually not so different from Detroit's back-to-back teams of the 90s, probably even softer AND cleaner, but it's a different game.