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In Topic: Stamkos to... Tampa

Today, 04:23 PM

I for one will still be watching TSN friday( like it's christmas )awaiting to here what our presents are.Don't get me wrong, i am upset we won't be landing the stud in stammer.However we will see more experienced coaching and *hopefully* emerging talent this year.

Yes, exactly like Christmas; I never got what I wanted. 

In Topic: Stamkos to... Tampa

Today, 03:30 PM

I feel bad for the Wings fans who don't know yet. I hear my neighbor screaming; I think he just found out... 

In Topic: Stamkos to... Tampa

Today, 03:20 PM

Well, on the plus side, this frees up my Friday. 

In Topic: Other than Stamkos, which FA forward do you want?

Today, 03:12 PM

Depending on what he's asking, Lucic. I know many Wings fans hate him, especially after what he did to Dekeyser, but he's brute force, and this team could use a little of that. And a 20/35/55 guy who hits and fights is nothing to sneeze at. But I hear Oilers are very interested. 

In Topic: Stamkos to... Tampa

Today, 03:11 PM

And Subban to Nashville for Weber??? Wow, crazy. Sucks big time about Stamkos.