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In Topic: Tatar Signs 3 Year Deal $2.75 mill AAV

Today, 02:34 PM

Yes. Another good thing about these deals is even if the player doesn't pan out, it is never a cap killer. Having said that, I think the chances of Tatar panning out are as likely as me winning the lottery.

I think you mean not panning out

In Topic: Hockey News: Detroit has the easiest schedule

22 July 2014 - 01:18 PM

The big thing, at least from where I stand, is the conference. I asked this recently and I'll ask it again: How many teams in the East would be a really bad matchup for the Wings in a best-of-seven? If you point to our "five year drought," look at how it's actually gone for us. Two very good Sharks teams. A decent Preds team. A very good Ducks team, which we beat. The eventual Cup champs in the Blackhawks, who we came so soul-crushingly close to defeating. And, finally, the Boston frickin' Bruins, who we had to face without Ericsson, mostly without Zetterberg, with a hurting Datsyuk, with a banged up Alfredsson, with a bunch of rookies, and with the ghost of Jimmy Howard.
The East appears to be wide open. The Bruins, Penguins, Rangers, Canadiens, and Lightning are considered the teams to beat, and, of those teams, there's only one I'd pray the Wings avoid in the postseason. If our core can stay healthy and our youth is for real, I think the Cup Finals are in reach, as crazy as that sounds.

I honestly don't disagree. I think we can be very very dangerous up front. If we get rid of kindl and maybe Quincey goes down with injury we can they call up some rookies on the back end

Z- datsyuk- alfy
Mule- Weiss- nyquist
Tatar- sheahan- jurco
Abby- helm- glenny

Kronwall- smith
Dekeyser- sproul
Big E- oullette

I think with time the D can become very good and dynamic, combined that with two elite superstars in pav and z, a few good veteran complimentary scoters in mule, alfy, and Weiss along with a few emerging young stars in nyquist, Tatar, sheahan, jurco, to go along with a great shutdown energy line with helm, Abby, glenny.

This could actually be a dangerous team if we can stay healthy.

In Topic: Alfie wants to play

22 July 2014 - 12:56 PM

I don't know though.  I mean, I hear what you're saying.  But I guess my whole point is that I think we need a whole different look up front.  Personally, I hate the idea of Alfie with Dats and Z.  I don't think he can play that many minutes first of all.  He faded fast down the stretch.  But he's also a perimeter player and so are they.  None of them are big or play great in the crease.  They're also all getting a little old and injury prone.  I definitely don't want my whole top line to come with that many question marks.  Personally, I'd like to see Jurco with Dats and Z, and Mantha with Tatar and Sheahan. 
Will it happen?  No.  And IMO we'll be worse for it. 

I guess I agree to an extent on the fact that there is no crease crasher, but I also don't like bogging pav and z down with a guy like Abby cause he's a crease crasher.

I only remember one game in which alfy played with pav and z and that was early in the season against Colorado. They simply dominated. I believe he's a good fit for many reasons 1) he's a righty 2) has the ability to finish of the eurotwins setups 3) thinks the game on the same level as those two.

I don't think pace is a huge issue as it's not like dats and z are burners either. If he does have trouble playing those top minutes you can always move jurco, or Tatar up while moving alfy down to the 3rd line. That's my honest opinion

As a reference look at the two kids and a goat line that used to be so damn effective it didn't have a real net front presence but they were still amazing.

In Topic: Alfie wants to play

22 July 2014 - 12:38 PM

I agree, it's not his fault.  But it would be stupid to bring back the EXACT same roster as a year ago, and since he doesn't have a contract, it seems like Alfie would be the reasonable one (at this point) to leave out. 
I, like everyone else, wish it would have been someone else (Cleary) but it's too late for that. 
But, like I said, I'm of the opinion that we'd be better without him.  Not because he's a bad player...he isn't.  He produced well.  I just think that a young guy with size and drive scoring 35 points makes the team harder to play against than an old guy scoring 45 points.  If hockey were only about points, then you'd just pencil your 12 highest producing forwards from the previous year into the lineup.  But there's some reason to believe that sacrificing a little by way of points, might make you a better team overall.  I've got faith that in a full season Jurco could put up 30-40 points and be WAY harder to play against than Alfie.  That's all. 

I agree that jurco would be a lot harder to play against and may very well be more productive in terms of a well rounded game to the team than alfy, but in reality they should both be on the roster. Alfy playing with the eurotwins and jurco playing with sheahan and Tatar

In Topic: Alfie wants to play

22 July 2014 - 10:31 AM

I think alfy should be brought back, but I also really don't want to see jurco in the minors as I think he is more than ready to be a regular in the show as evident by his season last year.

We have datsyuk, zetterberg, franzen, nyquist, Tatar, Weiss, sheahan, helm, Abby, cleary, glendening, Anderson, miller, (callahan). That's 14 already without alfy and jurco. I'm assuming Callahan gets waived which means were at 13 without them, I also hope Anderson is traded which means we could have room for both alfy and jurco on the team.

Running something like this...

Z- D- alfy
Nyquist- Weiss- franzen
Jurco- sheahan- Tatar
Abby- helm- glendening/ miller/ cleary

Not a bad forward group at all IMO. If an injury occurs to anyone in the top 9 that gives us roster space to call someone up it should be pulks or mantha getting the call up. If anyone gets hurt on the 4th line it should be either miller or cleary filling in there