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#2299433 #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by St. Michael (the Red Wing) on 05 May 2012 - 08:16 AM

YAWN. Is this series over yet?

#2295416 25 Games for Torres

Posted by Doc Holliday on 21 April 2012 - 06:13 PM

Mcsorley got 23 for using a weapon. Shanahan is a joke, ex-wing or not.

Shanahan didn't suspend McSorely.

#2298767 What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

Posted by Dabura on 02 May 2012 - 04:21 PM

Holland better be serious this July!

No, he'd better deliver.

#2298702 What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

Posted by mmamolo on 02 May 2012 - 11:22 AM

Gustav Nyquist ($0.875m) / Pavel Datsyuk ($6.700m) / Zach Parise ($6.500m)
Valtteri Filppula ($3.000m) / Henrik Zetterberg ($6.083m) / David Jones ($2.750m)
Johan Franzen ($3.955m) / Darren Helm ($1.200m) / Todd Bertuzzi ($2.075m)
Drew Miller ($0.838m) / Justin Abdelkader ($1.000m) / Danny Cleary ($2.800m)
Patrick Eaves ($1.200m)

Niklas Kronwall ($4.750m) / Ryan Suter ($6.500m)
Nicklas Lidstrom ($6.200m)/Jonathan Ericsson ($3.250m)
Kyle Quincey ($3.350m)/ Brendan Smith ($0.875m)
Jakub Kindl ($0.883m)

Jimmy Howard ($2.250m)
Josh Harding ($1.000m)
CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $70,000,000; CAP PAYROLL: $68,533,379; BONUSES: $37,500
CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $1,466,621

I also left left space under the cap in case it takes more to sign some of the UFAs so the posters who automatically assume Parise/Suter will sign for absurd contracts don't jump down my throat.

#2298608 Predators bench Radulov and A. Kostitsyn for Game 3 of WCSF

Posted by Carman on 01 May 2012 - 09:38 PM

sidney crosby is over 21,so he can go into a bar while on a road trip,but he would rather stay in his room watch hockey or a movie than drinking at bar

Would expect nothing less from one of the greatest leader's in the games history.


#2298496 #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by GoWings1905 on 01 May 2012 - 12:21 PM

So all the talk about how this was Nashville's year based on getting Radalov and Kostitsyn was just bs. After watching them beat our Wings, I felt like Nashville wasn't all that great. They beat us because of great goaltending and poor play by the Wings. Now it has caught up to them. I love it.

The same is happening to St. Louis. They were playing over their heads and now it has all come crashing down.

Balance has been restored to the force.

Does it change anything really? The Red Wings are still at home. Nashville may have been overhyped some, but what does it say then that the Red Wings won one lousy playoff game against them?

#2298247 Johan Franzen wants to 'have more fun'

Posted by Nev on 30 April 2012 - 11:31 AM

Isn't the point that he scored 29 goals and led the team in goal scoring?

I think it points more to a lack of goalscorers on our team that we think 29 goals is a big deal.

And shouldn't Bertuzzi's goal totals be a bit better considering? His goal scoring has been pretty constant the past few years before even coming back to Detroit. In fact the only thing that has really improved is his +/-.

Bertuzzi is 37 and a shell of his former self, who generally tries as hard as his old bones will let him, and plays and acts like he actually gives a damn.

Datsyuk helps, but it isn't like Franzen would only score 10 goals without the guy.

You reckon? A broken down Cleary (equivalent to a no-effort Franzen) with no real playmaking talent alongside him got what, 11 goals?

Besides, I think the entire issue with the blame game is Franzen shouldn't be counted on to lead this team offensively. Holland sure has the cap hit to sign a bonafide scorer and allow Franzen the ability to be a damn good complimentary player.

You may have a point, but whether he is playing in the role of top-line sniper with the elite playmaker feeding him the puck, or 3rd line big-body with the hands to score some goals, he still has to put the effort in!!!!!! His production isn't the problem. His role isn't the problem. His complete lack of effort, lack of accountablity and lack of shame is.

#2298142 #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by Guest on 29 April 2012 - 10:19 PM

#2298086 #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by kylee on 29 April 2012 - 08:44 PM

Good to see the Coyotes doing what we couldn't: crash the net! I hope they win the Cup and Doan gets the Cup winning goal remember he could've bolted to a contender many times but has stuck with the franchise through many issues

#2297950 #8 Los Angeles Kings vs. #2 St. Louis Blues

Posted by Cali-Wing-Nut on 29 April 2012 - 03:51 AM

Lets go B.. KINGS!!!

Time to purge the central..

If we cant have it the Blues and erghh Preds shouldnt either.

Heres to a LAK PHX final

#2297840 Johan Franzen wants to 'have more fun'

Posted by b.shanafan14 on 28 April 2012 - 12:09 PM

Yeah, then you lose a 25-30 goal scorer for nothing.

Great strategy, LGW.

Also, regarding Babcock and Franzen:

I don't think we scored even-strength at all (four five-on-five goals in the series),'' Babcock said. I don't think you want to point at the Mule. I think you want to point at all of us.''

The team was the problem. Franzen's quotes represent a team problem, not an individual problem.

Franzen doesn't talk about lack of interest in this article. He talks about an apparent and obvious lack of confidence through all four lines and the defense against a team that capitalized on that.

"Get some joy back, believing in ourselves, knowing that we're a good team, and play for each other.''
We got a great team. We just got to realize that.''

Don't let the silly quote changing in the OP keep you from looking at an article objectively.

First off, I'm fairly certain he was kidding/using hyperbole, not actually suggesting losing Franzen's production for nothing.

Other than that, have you not seen Franzen's play the last few years or heard/read any of the things coming from his own mouth? Its not all LGW hysteria, the guy has a terrible attitude.

The point of the thread is Franzen and his s***ty attitude, not Franzen as the only reason the Wings lost. So to avoid that easy out for everyone still pro-Franzen, I'll say this officially: Johan Franzen is not the reason the Detroit Red Wings lost. However, the way some people can defend a guy who is basically Robert Lang 2.0 with tenure is absurd to me. Look passed the fact that the Wings lost and look at the way the guy plays and carries himself publicly.

And again, as I said, Babcock was speaking about why the team lost, saying it wasn't just Franzen, which we have now established. Using that one line as a pardon for Franzen's play, effort, and attitude is just plain flawed. Babcock has made several indicting statements about the player himself within that context. And we've also established that Babcock's hands are tied as far as how to deal with the situation, and that especially now, with the season over, it does him and the organization no good to elaborate and just how bad Franzen has been. Why s*** on his trade value? And if they are planning to keep him, what good does it do at this point to humiliate a guy who is such a pouter as it is?

#2297799 Johan Franzen wants to 'have more fun'

Posted by Nev on 28 April 2012 - 03:16 AM

What I find interesting is comparing Franzens comments to Babcocks.

Babs said in the Nashville series that Franzen needs to move his feet and use his body to be effective, and said "we talk about that. A lot." When asked about his lack of production in the series he responds angrily with "ask him"

Meanwhile Franzen says we have the players to win, but that he's bored and wants to have "more fun", leaving me wondering if this is a dig at Babcock being on his case all the time.

Whatever, I just want his lazy, floating ass and his terrible attitude out of here as I've already said not least to send a message to the rest of the team - phoning it in and relying on Datsyuk to do all your work will NOT be tolerated.

#2297772 Johan Franzen wants to 'have more fun'

Posted by Dabura on 28 April 2012 - 12:00 AM

Defenders of Franzen,

We appreciate what you're doing, sticking up for a Red Wing and all.

But Franzen is lazy.

And he sucks.

#2297565 Johan Franzen wants to 'have more fun'

Posted by b.shanafan14 on 27 April 2012 - 11:54 AM

By the way, you guys do realize that he lead the team in scoring this year don't you.

But don't let that fact get in the way of the whipping....

Leading the team with 29 goals, averaging around 27 or so, playing on a line with an elite among elite centers, providing zero outside of scoring, while his scoring plateaus, and having an awful attitude that surfaces every time he talks to the media. First it was "wait until playoffs", now its "the regular season was good enough, I guess".

But don't let the trend dampen the next 8 years of his contract... :P

EDIT: Had to bolden the most important parts that some people aren't quite getting. Think there is a problem with effort and attitude in the locker room these days? Hmmm... can't think of why.

#2297093 #7 Washington Capitals vs. #2 Boston Bruins

Posted by BigWillieStyle on 25 April 2012 - 09:41 PM

So, I guess Thomas won't have to turn down any big invitations this year. I think I just heard Obama chuckle just a bit. Karma served?