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In Topic: 11/16 GDT : Montreal Canadiens 4 at Red Wings 1

16 November 2014 - 07:15 PM

The Joe WAS packed against the Hawks. It won't be as packed tonight.


That's because it's cheaper to drive from Chicago, buy two Wings tickets, pay for gas, pay for a hotel room, and drive back than it is to get two tickets to the United Center.


As a Wings fan stuck in Hockey Hell... I mean Chicagoland... I'd rather drive to Detroit for games anyway.

In Topic: Jersey Sponsorship

06 November 2014 - 05:47 PM

Not so fast...

Individual AHL teams have had this for years. Griffins have had a Cintas patch for the last few seasons. Chicago Wolves w/ Kia. The Milwaukee Admirals with the Milwaukee Brewers.

If anything, it will be sized like the Cintas patch on the Griffins or the Amway patch on the practice jerseys and the Wings will likely have: Cintas, Amway, Kroger, Belle Tire, or Ram Trucks on the patch.

I can't see them going all out Euro Hockey/Soccer before milking companies for sponsorship like the AHL does first.

In Topic: Gustavsson injured

06 November 2014 - 09:28 AM

How is it a dislocated shoulder? Or did he injure that reaching for the actual injury?

It looked like a textbook Kari Lehtonen-esque groin pull.

In Topic: 11/2 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Sabres 3 (SO)

02 November 2014 - 10:45 PM

its the 2nd today! For the sake of everyones safety, lets allow the inevitable 2 disallowed goals this month to happen before the murder spree

From the NHL.com game notes:

The Red Wings had a potential game-winning goal by Henrik Zetterberg waved off with 2:32 left in overtime when officials ruled Johan Franzen interfered with Neuvirth in the crease. ...

"I was talking to the ref a couple times during the game and he said, he told me, 'I know he's standing in the crease so whenever they're going to score a goal I'm going to disallow it,'" Neuvirth said. "I was glad he actually did it."

The Red Wings did not argue the call.

"We were in the crease. Don't be in the crease," Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said. "It was a disallowed goal."

In Topic: ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Bruins 4 - Series tied 1-1

20 April 2014 - 10:57 AM

got a feeling edzo and pierre are working this game...

Really hoping my AppleTV and NHL Gamecenter continues to be unaffected by national blackouts. Was able to watch the TSN feed of the Wings first game, and the CBC feed of the Hawks/Blues yesterday. :D



Not using a VPN to get around it either. If I try on the laptop, it says Gamecenter is unavailable, watch on the NBC channels, but my AppleTV has no problems.