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In Topic: Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

02 April 2013 - 08:23 PM

I'm sorry, but Flip is nothing compared to Doan and Kesler. You're talking about heart-and-soul guys who play physical at both ends of the ice, skate hard, and bury their chances when they get them. Filpulla's just here to collect a paycheck. He disappears and certainly isn't worth 5 mil a season. I doubt he's worth 4.

Sure I get they might have more a physical presence on the ice, but keep in mind that last season Filp put up 66pts, 10pts more than Franzen who really has no business on the ice if you're talking about putting out players that play with heart & soul.  The truth is Filp is a player that can put up points, start plays and in my opinion the definition of a 2nd line center.  If I wanted a physical center on our second line than Doan would be perfect, but what we want is someone who has vison.

In Topic: Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

02 April 2013 - 08:01 PM

filppula wants 5 million + and hes nowhere near that much money so yes ..... as for eaves i like eaves but one of eaves miller or emmerton should go for a pick since theres no need for all 3 here

What you have to understand is the price of players is going up.  The cap space will eventually start going up quick, because the fact of the matter is that hockey players have always been under paid.  That being said, the real question is that do we need a second line center.  Well, that comes down to do we think that Datsyuk will be here another 5 years?  If we think Filp can play as a second line center, than 5 mil is not an unreasonable price.  Think about who else makes around 5mil... Havlat, Kesler, Ribeiro, Doan.... and honestly I think Filp is just as valuable than any of those guys

In Topic: Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

02 April 2013 - 05:48 PM

Here is the fact.  Rebuilding Detroit teams by giving away any valuable older players we have DOES NOT WORK.  The Lions have been doing this for decades, where they wait for the drafftttttt. or hope young players developppppp.  Here is what does happen, you let the young players develop, and then they leave.  No, the Wings have been successful in getting talent NOW. I dont care if they are older, we want to win now and that's all that matters.  Here is an example of us messing up.  We give up Hudler because we need the cap space, because we want more room for players to develop, because he wants too much money.  But yet, we sign Sammy for a big chunk of Hudler's salary and he plays next to no games all season.  The Red Wings have been great when they have talent on the team, bring in more talent, and do what ever they can to keep the talent.  This whole idea that we need to let our prospects grow is stupid and useless, and we'll just end up the Oilers. And I get that Datsyuk at one time was a prospect, but he grew up under talent.  We didnt throw all our talent to the wind or stop signing talent just waiting for Datsyuk to win games for us.

In Topic: Stars trade Jaromir Jagr to Bruins

02 April 2013 - 01:08 PM

Jagr to the Bruins, poor choice by the Bruins to send away two prospects and a pick.... At most Jagr was worth a 2nd round pick

In Topic: Red Wings should pursue Jagr

28 March 2013 - 02:19 PM

Surprised nobody has mentioned Cammalleri when we're talking about Jagr.  With all of Feaster's attention on Iginla, Holland may have been able to get him cheap. Still can.....

Here's the thing about Cammalleri.  His past few seasons he's been injury prone, and has not put up great points.  I don't think we need a center right now either as much as we need wings.  And to be honest, as for money, his $6mill is pretty high for what he offers, if we wanted someone like him we'd have been better off keeping Hudler at $4mill.