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In Topic: Red Wings at the Halfway Point

16 January 2016 - 09:54 PM

Are you angry Washington is good or something lol ?

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No, they blow it out their ass just like the Sharks.  I don't give two craps about the Caps, but they are chokers so there is really nothing to worry about with them, maybe other than getting the Presidents trophy or home ice in the first round.

In Topic: Red Wings at the Halfway Point

16 January 2016 - 07:25 PM

Washington hasn't had a team like they have this year, they are the complete team. I watch them a lot so I know for sure its not because you think they have a easy division that's an insult to there team.

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I'll keep that quote in mind when they are upset again in the playoffs.

In Topic: Red Wings at the Halfway Point

16 January 2016 - 06:04 PM


It's really not though. After 82 games of physical Hockey, you are not 100%.


Hockey analysts are not going to predict a series win off of what happened in the season, you cannot honestly believe that. It's not an accurate measure of anything. They can bring up the fact that Detroit beat them in the season series but they don't have to assume Washington can't win because of that.


Also the fact is Washington is better then Detroit, not sure why you are arguing that. They have better defense, offense and goaltending. Facts are in the stats and standings.


Washington has been at or near the top of the heap for the last few seasons and look what thats got them, f***all. They have a cream puff division so its easier to look great when you are playing crap teams. 

In Topic: Red Wings at the Halfway Point

14 January 2016 - 11:56 PM

I'd be more worried about facing Boston or Montreal (with Price) if it came down to playoff hockey to be honest. They play way too big for us. 

Yep.  Washington folds like a lawn chair in the second season.  Boston has our number and we can't seem to muscle through (again a lack of defense) and we can't keep it in the zone long enough to shoot on Price enough times to score.


Im convinced that our lack of shots on is due to our forwards having to play defense in the O zone.  You can't score if you are busy trying to grab loose pucks at the point because the D men aren't getting pushed around the boards. Thats not to only blame the D,  our forecheck is non-existent and the reason pucks are squirting out of the zone.


I blame that on a lack of experience for a lot of guys who aren't used to NHL hockey yet.  Not everyone walks onto pro ice and plays like Larkin, it takes a while to develop, especially for D men and to a lesser part wingers. I think we are doing better than I expected and it could be worse, we could have great but young players who play like Edmonton.

In Topic: Red Wings at the Halfway Point

14 January 2016 - 06:18 AM

Not saying we're a contender, but who is in the East other than Washington? If Habs have Price back then, sure, they could do it, but I think they're still lacking pieces. I think NYR are a contender, but any other team we could give run for their money.  Even of the teams I mentioned, Washington is the one who I would be really worried about. So I actually think we're not far from taking the east despite our struggles. It would take the best from Mrazek and our offence finding a higher gear, though.

We are half way through so Im not gonna guess who's better in the East, I just know a cup team when I see it and we aren't quite there.  The West has had and is still the teams to beat IMO and we gotta do better than Montreal (Price is gonna come back guaranteed), Florida, Dallas, Chicago, Washington  you get the point.  Washington sucks in the post season so Im actually not worried with them, but the other teams have gone the distance in the last 15 years. 


I wouldn't count us out of a going second round, maybe even to the ECF, but we aren't refined enough for a Cup showing let alone a Cup win.  Geez I hope Im wrong, but we dont got the blue line skills to take the game to the next level right now. Mark my words though, we will be hosting a finals matchup within 5 years.