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06 May 2011 - 06:05 PM

Hello all, new board member, and first time poster. Born and raised on the East SIde (Osborn High School June '68.)
I enjoy my spectator sports, especially involving Detroit and Michigan Teams, and still try to keep tabs on the teams via the media and friends up there.

Thought I'd put a flyer out before hitting one of the local watering holes and catching the game. I'm trying to locate Detroit sports fans down here in South Florida. Primarily looking for places to hang out and cheer the fans on. We have one bar not to far from me that's near an ice arena, but my understanding is the place is loaded with-OMG dare I say it?- penguin fans. Hey I don't want yins tryin ta mug me ya see?

Seriously though, are than any ex-Detroiters, Red wing fans, or other Beleivers here on the board from down here in balmy South Florida. Got to cheer about something, and it sure isn't the Panthers-God do I miss the Year of the the Rat.

South Florida and the 954, where you at?

I've been living down here for almost 18 years and I have yet to find the place where 'my people' watch their games! I'm a ways north of you, but if you ever find a place that Detroit fans go, let me know!