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#2237186 The Hottest Red Wing

Posted by OzzieFan30 on 19 December 2011 - 10:00 AM

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Mighty Miller for Michelle :P

:wub: SWOON

It's a good thing I'm already sitting... I think I'm having heart palpitations...

And Kristi - is Cory checking out Drew's ass? That's MY job!!! :lol:

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#2230016 The Hottest Red Wing

Posted by OzzieFan30 on 26 November 2011 - 12:30 PM

:wub: That's all I can manage to get out. Yes, I cried.
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#2208227 The Hottest Red Wing

Posted by OzzieFan30 on 20 September 2011 - 01:51 AM

LADIES: AHEM. Listen up. This is important. In honor of this day in my life, I attempted to give you 30 dancing bananas, 30 dancing carrots, and 30 yowza smiley guys, however apparently this board does not allow that, so I can only give you one line:

:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

OH YEAH. It happened. I not only met Ozzie, but I had a conversation with him. AND KIRK MALTBY, AND KRIS DRAPER. YUP. Prayers work! It only took me one and one half hour to get up the courage after he and Chris Chelios came into the bar with Kirk and Kris LOL. :beerbuddy: Holy smokes. Amazing. He is so nice, and he was joking with me, and I was joking back, I can't believe it. Then "Malts" which is apparently his nickname to everyone, asked where we were staying and we told him the State Campground. Well, he gave us some cryptic message to give to some of his buddies that are staying here, and we did, and we all had a good laugh. I'm still totally amazed. I told Ozzie I wanted to shake his hand because I've looked up to him for 16 years, and Malts said, "That's it? Not even a hug?" I said, "Well, I don't want to embarrass anyone, including myself! I'm just happy to meet you at all!" So Ozzie opened his arms and said, "Come here!" AHHHHH! :wub: Oh man, you guys it was amazing. Then my husband, who was SUPER MAD because it was so late (1AM!) and I was stalling because I was scared, comes walking around the corner thinking I was still going to be down the other side of the bar, and here I am, chatting up Ozzie and Kirk. HAHAHAHA :blush: Then up walks Kris, WHO REMEMBERS US FROM EARLIER TODAY AND JOKES ABOUT HIS JERSEY SIGNATURE oh my gosh, I just can't even believe this you guys. It's like 3 AM, I gotta go to sleep. But I couldn't sleep without telling you ladies thank you for encouraging me. He looked into my eyes! I know he'll remember me and not run away next time he sees me!!!!!!!

#2207232 Training Camp Roll Call

Posted by OzzieFan30 on 11 September 2011 - 11:47 PM

Hey you guys! I'm here!!! I'm late, as usual, but I am here and I am coming :cool: I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT OZZIE IS THERE. This week is going to go by so slow!!!!! I've been lurking in the Hottest Red Wing forum, but I see why it's been slow - because you are all over here!! I'm staying at the state park, we will be coming in Friday afternoon/evening - leaving Ann Arbor around noon-ish, picking up the trailer we are borrowing at 2 PM in Clifford and heading up from there. I am all for a get together at the park Saturday night, I am SO excited to meet everyone! And Oh My Gosh, Konnan511, your "creepy" updates just make me laugh, so keep them coming!

I'll be lurking, I promise!

a.k.a. Michelle
@JoeyMacSuperGrl (anybody on Twitter?)

#2182036 The Hottest Red Wing

Posted by OzzieFan30 on 02 June 2011 - 11:59 AM

Pat, I just can't imagine who that one is?!? ;)

Just saw this video of Howard on Facebook, literally laughed out loud!! I think he's talking to us when he says, "This one's for the ladies..." :blushing: http://video.redwing...id=-6&id=116157

There were also some pictures of Lids and Cheli with Kid Rock on the Detroit Red Wings Facebook site, but I think I saw Kristi commenting on the photos, and I can't figure out how to post them on here like she does, so we will have to wait until she uploads them for us. The men look good!!

Your Friend,

#2179077 Offsides - Requests

Posted by OzzieFan30 on 24 May 2011 - 01:38 PM

JEEZ! I finally found where all the people got the awesome signature graphics (like WizardOfOz30, specifically...) just to see someone ran her off!! *sigh* Well, Offsides, I love your work and I don't even know you, so there. ^_^

#2176249 The Hottest Red Wing

Posted by OzzieFan30 on 16 May 2011 - 04:34 PM

Listen ladies, don't stress out just yet!! Yes, I know I've been out of it for about a week, you will have to forgive me. I've been in a post-playoff depression, OK?! And I know I'm a newbie, but listen up!! King of the Hot Wings, Chris Osgood himself, IS NOT LEAVING!! He says so in this article himself: http://www.mlive.com...od_wants_t.html. And I don't really think Lidstrom is either (granted, I claim not to be a Lidstrom expert)! The only one I think might be gone is Modano. If you watch this youtube link () they make it sound all dramatic but I think they have to. Ozzie says like oh yeah, I've got 3 kids now and I've got a decision to make but that's crap! He wants to win another Stanley Cup before he retires and he certainly doesn't want to go out like his season ended! We were so close this year to making the finals. Nick says there's nothing different about this year than there was last year about his decision, and last year he stayed, right?! RIGHT. ;) Granted, these pictures just took me thru the last week all over again, and although I LOVED looking at them, I may now have additional post-traumatic stress to work on, (but that is a whole 'nother forum). :rolleyes: Don't worry ladies... Our Hot Wings will be back next season :wub: