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In Topic: Saad traded to Columbus

30 June 2015 - 08:58 PM

Callers in Chicago were clueless today saying Saad asking for too much instead of giving hometown discount now has to play with bad players. SMH. Johannsen, Foligno, Hartnell? Trash players according to the Hawks super fans.

In Topic: 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

18 June 2015 - 09:48 AM

Jonathan Toews > > > Henrik Zetterberg AND Pavel Datsyuk


Toewser has it all!!!


Member of the Triple Gold Club - World Championship Gold Medal, Olympic Gold Medal, Stanley Cup (youngest ever)

2 time Olympic Gold Medalist

Named Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks after just 64 NHL Games (4th youngest ever)

4 time NHL All-Star

3 time Stanley Cup Winner

Conn Smythe Trophy Winner (2nd youngest ever)

Frank J. Selke Trophy Winner


Oh yeah and hes just 27 years old......................

and has the hottest WAG EVER!!! Lindsey Vecchione. :wub:

I bet he has a huge **** too LOL. :lol:


Sharp probably hit that this year which caused their locker room fight and his almost assured exodus from the team this summer (plus he is older and sucks).

In Topic: 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

17 June 2015 - 10:30 AM




Keith is a great defenseman but he makes Backes look like a choirboy.  I have no idea why he doesn't have more of a rep for his cheapshots, stickwork, and then chirping a guy who's clearly concussed.


He lost me when he was rude to some woman reporter who was just trying to do her job.

In Topic: 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

16 June 2015 - 01:43 PM

I still asterisk the shortened season. West didn't play a single East team during the regular season. Althought weren't people claiming West was better than East in those years? Still, playoff seeds may have been different. Plus, seeing a team during regular season has to have some advantage before you meet them in the Finals?

Or maybe not, and I am full of gas.

In Topic: 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

16 June 2015 - 11:33 AM

To tell the truth, I'm happy about this.  I don't want a division rival winning the Cup.  I didn't want the Stanley Cup in the south, getting gawked at by mildly bemused tourists and local swamp rats.  I don't ever want to hear "The Stanley Cup gets a sun tan" ever again.  *Puke*.  I don't give a crap about "Stevie winning one", because he stopped mattering to me the second he started working for a rival organization.   In short, NOTHING about Tampa winning the Cup would have felt good to me.  I don't care about their players, coach, staff, GM, city, or state.


Secondly, I don't feel threatened by this.  At all. The new Chicago dynasty is (so far) more impressive than our dynasty from 97-08.  So what?  We still won 4 Cups in 11 years, had top end talent to watch, and made  the playoffs every single year.  It's still SUPER impressive.  Just because the 80's Islanders weren't the 80's Oilers doesn't make them any less awesome.  This just put a stamp on something we all already knew.  We're no longer the league's model franchise.  Oh well, doesn't make our run at the top any less impressive. 


If the Hawks fail to win another cup in 6 years... does that make the Wing's dynasty tops again? :)