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In Topic: Red Wings sign D Mike Green (3-years, $18-million)

Today, 12:13 PM

Some guy in the comments section said, "is it just me or do Green and Smith look alike?".  Someone responded, "you can tell Smith by the vacant look in his eye". 





In Topic: What's your roster lines ?

Today, 10:03 AM


Staal is UFA after this season. Maybe they trade him prior to that.


Regardless, he's regressed a lot as a player, albeit on a bad team. I see the Leafs making a big push for him and hopefully overpay him.


This is a real possibility.  Babs is familiar with him from the 2010 Olympics, and the Leafs are screwed if they don't find a quality center somewhere.  Their center depth is trash. 

In Topic: Franzen back on ice

Yesterday, 11:21 PM

Why is it so hard to trust that Franzen and his family know what's right for themselves?

Plus the team seems to be hoping for his return as well.

They must all be stupid right?


That's exactly the thing.  I can understand some folks saying "I wouldn't risk it if I were him".  That seems reasonable enough.  But this insistence that they haven't thought this through, and made the right decisions for themselves, is odd.  Like they haven't consulted doctors, or thought about the risk/reward, or thought about their long term happiness, or something. 


I probably wouldn't play if I were him.  But I don't think that he, the organization, his family, and any medical professionals involved have just decided to wing it and play Russian roulette with Franzen's long term health and happiness either. 

In Topic: So this is why teams hate the wings

Yesterday, 10:27 PM

Agree with these four. Watching Detroit hockey down the stretch last season was amazing. The victories are twice as sweet, and the losses twice as tough. Big fan of the youth movement/emerging stars, as well. In particular, I'm interested to see what becomes of Larkin, AA and Marchenko. Watching DeKeyser (not that he's a "star", but he's important to the team) step right in has been amazing, and I'm not sure I always fully appreciate how seamless his transition was. Also, it's nearly impossible to not get excited when Tatar scores.

I'm sliiightly on the fence about getting excited about Blashill. There are some changes I'd like to see. If they don't happen it's going to be a bit of a letdown (I'm sure I sound spoiled here, but I want to see more risks from the defense). Maybe I'm just tired of the squabbles, but I'm not as interested in the goalie debate. Whoever claims the net claims it.



Apparently you're not the only one.  Per Henrik Zetterberg today:


"There's a lot of guys in here who've been through the same stuff for many years," Zetterberg said Thursday. "I think now with the additions of Green and Richards, and the new coach, it's given us a little fresh start. Obviously, it's going to be a different voice behind the bench and sometimes you need that."


Zetterberg clearly felt it was time for a change after 10 years under the hard-driving, abrasive Mike Babcock.


"I want to thank Mike for the time he had here, but I think both him and us probably decided it was time," Zetterberg said.



In Topic: So this is why teams hate the wings

Yesterday, 10:15 PM

Just to play devils advocate though, wouldn't that make him selfish if not entitled then? There's times where I feel like Zetterberg plays in Datsyuk's shadows but you don't see him whining about it.


At the end of the day people loved Yzerman, but they sure loved Fedorov too. Scotty loved the guy. 


It's hard when you're the best player in your prime but you have a captain on the team that's a world class player who is basically leaving his prime. Yzerman was that popular Canadian y'know?



I completely agree.  It was Stevie's team, and it should have been.  I'm not suggesting that Fedorov should have been made captain or anything.  I'm just saying that when you're already "the guy" on a team, wanting to be recognized as such may make you narcissistic  or egotistical, but it sure doesn't make you entitled.  Fedorov earned everything he ever got in hockey by doing what was asked of him (which was significantly more than what was asked of just about any other Wings...except maybe Lidstrom), and doing it better than anyone else.  Entitled is when you want the payoff without having to do the work.  Fedorov did work son!