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In Topic: Brendan Smith re-signed 2 yrs $2.75 mill AAV

Today, 03:23 PM

Someone find Kip before he goes on a rampage.


I figured they'd re-sign him anyway.  At no point did I think he was going anywhere. 

In Topic: Free agents this off season

Today, 02:40 PM

What's your boy Stafford gonna get?


$5 million plus per season?


Hard to say.  He's a valuable player, but I don't know if he's worth that.  Winnipeg would have to dump some salary if that was the case. 


Then again, it is Winnipeg.  Who wants to play there for too long?  If he is looking for a shorter term, he might get 5 mil in salary. 


Edit:  Well there you go, two years, 4.3 million.  That's a pretty good deal actually. 

In Topic: Alexander semin being bought out

Today, 01:37 PM

Neither Tatar, nor Nyquist, will ever get traded off this team.  Especially not to "give Pulkkinen a bigger role". You can pretty much take that to the bank.  You don't trade proven NHL talent and assume the risk on unproven talent if you're in a position of strength (i.e. you're the one with the talent).  You make the other team assume the risk.  IF one were going to be traded, it would be Pulkkinen.  But I doubt any of the three get moved. 


I was only saying that I would sign Semin and trade Pulkkinen as part of a package for a higher end d-man, because I think Pulkkinen will only be mediocre in the NHL. 

In Topic: Free agents this off season

Today, 01:30 PM

Brad Boyes to be bought out as well.  Not as flashy as Semin, but Boyes has scored a ton of goals in the NHL as well. 

In Topic: Alexander semin being bought out

Today, 01:14 PM

I do think he'd work well with Sheahan though.  A third line of Semin, Sheahan, Jurco would be tough to stop.  Screw Pulkkinen, trade him for a defenseman.