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In Topic: At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Today, 10:03 PM



She disagrees.  





She looks like a mannequin. 

In Topic: All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Today, 05:45 PM

Anybody know of a way to watch the Griffins tonight that is both free, and able to be communicated via a link in PM?

In Topic: DRW Free Agents / Salary Thread

Today, 02:18 PM

What so we can have two disappointing Staffords in Detroit?


Well played lol. 

In Topic: DRW Free Agents / Salary Thread

Today, 12:41 PM

Franzen's situation really hurts us. We spent years trying to find an extra big body shooter type, and found Cole. Now we will likely have to find a replacement for two of them in one offseason with a poor UFA market. Chances are this team will be worse than this last season because of that.

Edit: Unless Jurco finally shows he can be more than a grinder.


Drew Stafford.  I can't say it enough. 

In Topic: Players who might be available due to teams cap issues

Yesterday, 09:11 PM

I'm just saying if not liking a player for his on-ice antics is the sole reason for not wanting him, we've had players who have done plenty of dirty s*** in the past on the team. 


Well I certainly don't disagree with that.  But I think this is slightly different.  He's overpayed, overvalued, and underproducing.  No need to acquire a guy like that just because he's "real big" and "real tough".  He's a bad player and his own team is dying to get rid of the guy.  That should tell you something.