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In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 08:21 PM

Smith was/is not used properly, that's an issue... same as having Helm playing top minutes or having Nyquist and Tatar on the same line.


Smith's usage doesn't diminish Fowler's talent one way or another.  Also, over the course of his career Smith's best points per game averages have come when he's played less minutes, not more.  So if you think he's going to bud into some offensive force with more minutes you're probably off base.  He seems to do better offensively when he's playing more sheltered minutes not vice versa. 


I'm genuinely fine with Smith.  I like where he's at and what he's doing.  But there's a reason why the guy has consistently earned less ice time, and more sheltered minutes, from two different coaches.  And it's not because he's more dangerous when he plays more. 


At his best I see Smith as an Oduya or a Stralman.  A guy who's good in transition, physical, and reasonably good on special teams.  But he's probably never going to be an offensive threat at the NHL level.  He's 250 games into his NHL career and has never shown an offensive inclination thus far, regardless of how much or little he plays.  And in today's NHL a guy who can do all that AND score 30-40 points will ALWAYS be more valuable. 

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 07:04 PM

No difference between Smith and Fowler?  Lol.  Talk to me when Smith averages more than 20 minutes a night or scores more than 20 points in a season.  Until then, there's a pretty big difference between the two.  Fowler, while not a superstar, has (to this point in their respective careers) out performed Smith pretty much across the board.  No knock on Smith, he is what he is, but the only two defensemen on our team who have ever performed better than Fowler in any pro season are Green and Kronwall. 

In Topic: The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

Yesterday, 03:07 PM

Teams draft best available.  If that's a goalie then it's a goalie.  You really only draft position of need if there's really no difference in quality between two or three players when you're drafting.  Likely the reason they took the goalie is because he was obviously their highest rated player available at that particular point in the draft.  I'd rather have too many good goalies, than a more evenly balanced prospect pool with worse players.  Too many good players is an asset.  While our trades didn't necessarily pan out, it's because we had too many good forwards and defense prospects that we were able to deal Jarnkrok, Janmark, and Backman without "mortgaging our future".

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

If I'm Backes, my thought would be that I need a long term deal to be locked in with a NTC so I'm guaranteed pay until I'm 38. If he signs a 2-3 year deal and his contract is up at say age 35, now he's worth nothing more than maybe $1 million dollars. But with a long term contract he'd be getting paid $4 million + till he's 38, regardless of how much he's declined. 


I say Backes should be a Plan D. Stamkos, Okposo, Eriksson, Ladd should be considered first. 


And even if we bring him here, I think I'd rather him play Winger. I think the only real Center to go after his Stamkos. If that doesn't work, have Larkin, Sheahan, AA, Z, Glendog as your center rotations and try to land some wingers in the market. 



Agreed.  I love Backes (and Ladd too).  Always have.  And I would have loved to have either about 3 years ago.  But at this point, there are cheaper options for what they bring to the table.  Both those guys are looking for long term deals, and will get far more money than they'll be worth toward the end of it.  As I've said all along, the only guys I'd sign long term are Stamkos and Okposo given their ages. 

In Topic: The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

Yesterday, 11:47 AM

I'm a big fan of our picks going the college hockey route.  One thing that's true of college athletes across the board is the amount of time they have to dedicate to fitness.  They have required gym times that are typically overseen by accomplished trainers and nutritionists.  For a guy that's undersized, I think it's the best bet.  Not that Canadian junior teams don't emphasize fitness, but I think all things being equal a player comes out of college hockey more physically mature than they do out of Canadian Juniors.  



Also, anybody else impressed with Tyler Wright's drafting?  He's put together some very solid draft classes the last 3 years and you really don't hear too much about him otherwise.  He's sort of below the radar within the organization, but I like what he's doing.