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#2673193 I Hate Jeff Blashill because ...

Posted by kipwinger on 23 April 2016 - 03:04 PM

Regardless of his familiarity, its harder to coach at the NHL level than the AHL level and a coach, just like a player needs time to adjust their game to the increased competition. Its the reason why almost no coaches (or none) have won a Cup as a rookie. Its really hard to do right away. Blashill inherited a borderline playoff team and did just as well as his predessessor. Anybody expecting an immediate transformation was being unrealistic. Coaching a borderline team into the playoffs as a rookie coach is quite an accomplishment. He wasn't perfect, no doubt, but he did a good job considering the team is in the middle of a transition. I'd be far more disappointed with the result if he took over an established team full of prime stars and underperformed in the playoffs. He had almost the exact same season, with a very similarly transitioning team, as Dave Haskoll in Philadelphia and nobody is saying that rookie coach should be fired.

#2673186 Fixing this mess....

Posted by kipwinger on 23 April 2016 - 01:54 PM

I think the one thing, aside from replacing Ferschweiler, that we need to do is try to move up in the draft as far as is reasonably possible. Not into the top 5 or anything, but as high as we can. There are a ton of high end defensemen in this years draft and most have good size. None will go in the top 5. We currently draft 16th. Move up as far as possible and take the best offensive dman of the bunch. That's our biggest organizational need.we already have our future top centers and goalie, plus a ton of good wingers. We just need that future offensive guy to pair with dekeyser and we look good going forward.

#2673183 I Hate Jeff Blashill because ...

Posted by kipwinger on 23 April 2016 - 01:11 PM

I hate Jeff Blashill because he's a rookie coach who finished the regular season with just as many points and only 2 few playoff games than his predessessor did the year before. What a loser!

He should be more like Babcock, who took over a presidents trophy winner and coached them to a first round mauling by the 8th seeded Oilers in his first season with the Wings.

Or we could just give it a minute and not be so absurdly reactionary.

#2670850 I hate Tyler Johnson

Posted by kipwinger on 18 April 2016 - 10:36 PM

I once saw Tyler Johnson described as a maidmer. Which, apparently, is the opposite of a mermaid. Being a fish top half with a human lower half.

I can see it.

#2670798 ECQF Game 3 Post-GDT: at Red Wings 2, Tampa Bay 0

Posted by kipwinger on 18 April 2016 - 05:09 PM

Dumping beer on a player is classless. I don't care who it is. A couple years ago many here at LGW went on and on when Chicago fans did the same, bemoaning how disrespectful it is. Looks like at least one of the Red Wings faithful is no better.

#2670052 Fixing this mess....

Posted by kipwinger on 17 April 2016 - 04:46 PM

In other words you want nothing to happen. Which by the way is what I expect to happen. Nothing.

Sure. If that's how you call it. Another is that we are transitioning to youth. Something you've repeatedly advocated. I'd let the old free agents walk. Make market rate offers to Stamkos and Okposo (no harm if they go elsewhere), trade Pulkkinen to move up as far as possible in the draft (selecting the best offensive defenseman possible), and pencil ALL of Mantha, AA, Larkin, and Callahan into next years lineup.

#2670018 Fixing this mess....

Posted by kipwinger on 17 April 2016 - 01:34 PM

I feel like I'm one of the few people around here who don't think we look too bad going forward. And that our "down years" aren't all that down. We will be as good or better next year than we were this year. Even without Datsyuk. Two years from now we will be really good. We've already got our next first and second line centers in the organization. We've got two higher end goal scorers in Nyquist and Tatar. We have quality supplementary power forwards in Abby and Mantha. And we've got a future franchise goalie. Our defense needs work, and even its not as bad as people think. We are in a position now where our old guys are too old, and our young guys aren't quite there yet. What we need is time, for our next generation to mature. That's it. Chasing guys like Backes or Lucid would only put this team in the same spot its already in...just two or three years from now.

All I want from Holland and company is to commit fully to the kids in the off season, and improve the defense if possible without losing anything significant.

#2669820 ECQF Game 2 Post-GDT: at Tampa Bay 5, Red Wings 2

Posted by kipwinger on 16 April 2016 - 02:19 PM

This isn't that hard. Split Tatar and Nyquist up.


#2667119 The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

Posted by kipwinger on 11 April 2016 - 04:01 PM

Use Pulkkinen to trade up as far as possible and take the most offensively competant defenseman available...provided he's not a midget.

#2666948 Free Press: Pavel Datsyuk to return to Russia following Playoffs

Posted by kipwinger on 10 April 2016 - 08:05 PM

On the plus side this pretty much guarantees a full on shift to the young guys. I hope Holland goes hard for a quality scorer (Okposo) as a bridge to the young core and makes Larkin, AA, and Zetterberg our top three centers next season.

Datsyuk was amazing, but its time to see if the next group of guys can take over. I'm optimistic.

#2664549 3 Bold Predictions for 2015-16

Posted by kipwinger on 05 April 2016 - 12:58 PM

Kip is winning with his bold predictions 

Its almost like I know what I'm talking about eh? Lol.

To be fair, McDavid would clearly have won the Calder if not for his injury (he still might), so we will call it 2 for 3. Still, kudos to me for the Kessel and playoff picks. Nobody called that, either on LGW or in the hockey press, at the time.

#2664457 Fixing this mess....

Posted by kipwinger on 04 April 2016 - 06:10 PM

Brayden Schenn? Hell yeah, I love that guy! Gritty and can score, what's not to like? Id totally sign him for 5 million.

What's that?

The other Schenn? LUKE Schenn? At 5 million?

No...s*** no man. No, no, no, no. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

#2662597 Fixing this mess....

Posted by kipwinger on 28 March 2016 - 05:36 PM

No thanks on Yakupov. We already have too many small, skilled, euros, and he's not better than most of them (except maybe Pulkkinen).

#2661786 Habs @ Wings 7:30EST, FSD & NHLN - US

Posted by kipwinger on 24 March 2016 - 07:10 PM

They look tentative because they never, ever, leave the defensive zone with speed. Everyone looks tentative if they're standing still while the other guys are skating hard.
Can we please get Helm down with Nyquist and Tatar up with Datsyuk? Not sure why that's so hard.

#2660637 Fixing this mess....

Posted by kipwinger on 17 March 2016 - 03:41 PM

New pp coach, keep the kids up, get rid of old dead weight, and activate the defense. Our coaching at even strength is WAY too conservative and as a result we can't move the puck our play to our team strength (speed).