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#2613516 2015 Draft

Posted by kipwinger on 08 June 2015 - 11:12 AM

I don't think Edmonton even makes the playoffs next year - Just like Pittsburgh didn't the years directly before and after drafting Crosby, just like Washington didn't the years directly before and after drafting Ovechkin, just like Tampa Bay didn't the years directly before and after drafting Stamkos, just like New York didn't the years directly before and after drafting Tavares... and why is this? Because you get drafted at 18 years old.


But eventually - these players develop, and eventually, these players make the team that drafted them a contender. (Each of those 4 teams qualified for the playoffs this season and 1 of them is still playing)


Connor McDavid is no different, and if you would rather have Eichel - congratulations on being the only person alive today that would make such a bad decision. Even the Buffalo Sabres (Eichel's future employer) expressed disappointment in losing the "McDavid Sweepstakes",


I take it as a point of pride that I don't buy into the insane, and annual, hype that surrounds the 1st overall draft pick in all major professional sports.  That's because I've seen too many of the bust, or underwhelm, for all sorts of reasons.  I'd rather they show me what they've got.  In lieu of that, I'd rather rely on more objectives things, like size, speed, stats, the degree of difficultly in their respective leagues, etc. 


The only thing I know absolutely, positively, 100% about Connor McDavid is that he's far and away the most POPULAR player in the draft.  No denying that.  But I still have to be convinced that he'll be the best NHL player to come from this draft. 


And here's one final thought.  I don't think it's a stretch to assume that if Jack Eichel were A) Canadian, and B) playing in a weaker league against a bunch of teen age boys, that he'd be as dominant AND as heralded as Connor McDavid. 

#2613511 2015 Draft

Posted by kipwinger on 08 June 2015 - 09:44 AM

lol... I'll just stay quiet and wait for everyone else to figure out how good Connor McDavid is.


He is not a normal draft pick. No, you would not rather have Eichel.


He'll probably be super duper good right?  Like, Hart Trophy, 100 point seasons, Olympic Gold, type good?  I mean, he'll probably be soooooooooooo good that people will anoint him the second coming of Gretzky.  He'll have scoring titles and accolades for days and day. 


Nobody's been that good in a long, long time. 


Except for Crosby...and Ovechkin...and Stamkos...and Tavares.


They've got a whopping 1 Stanley Cup between them.  It's too bad they don't give Stanley Cups away for your Junior Hockey career and your pre-draft hype.  These guys would be rolling in them.  Connor would too. 


Sadly, we still do it the crappy old way where you have to earn it by winning NHL games. 


McDavid will be good.  But lots of teams will win lots of Cups without Connor McDavid.  So maybe everyone should temper their idolatry a little bit. 

#2613343 Report: Cleary wants to return for 1 more season

Posted by kipwinger on 06 June 2015 - 06:09 PM

Lol.  I kind of want it to happen just to see people lose their minds. 

#2613262 Which Sweater Do RWs Retire First - Feds or Ozzy?

Posted by kipwinger on 05 June 2015 - 12:32 PM

My Sergei wasn't a crush. Can't you read? He was the love of my life. The others are mere flights of fancy in comparison.

But defensive awareness is a requirement for any man in my life, honestly.


Atta girl.  It's important to have standards. 

#2613258 Which Sweater Do RWs Retire First - Feds or Ozzy?

Posted by kipwinger on 05 June 2015 - 12:30 PM

If they have sick flow, rest assured the back end is well covered.


Is that a triple entendre or quadruple?  I lost count lol. 

#2613254 Which Sweater Do RWs Retire First - Feds or Ozzy?

Posted by kipwinger on 05 June 2015 - 12:21 PM

Federov was a hack.

Fedorov, on the other hand, was one of the best two-way players to ever touch a puck, was the love of my life, and had a sick flow. He would most certainly have been in the rafters if he hadn't taken a squirty dump all over his "Detroit Legacy." Just the way things work around here. The only way I could see it happen is after Mike Ilitch passes, but it's a long shot.

Osgood, while his accomplishments here were many, imo is not the caliber of player to get a banner.


The list of your hockey crushes is long and varied.  Perhaps one day you should rank order them.  Take heed, I'll be truly disappointed if ANY of your crushes wasn't a committed two way player.  Just because you like their "flow" doesn't mean you're allowed to sacrifice defensive awareness. 

#2613248 What changes do you think we'll see with Blashill?

Posted by kipwinger on 05 June 2015 - 10:46 AM


Abby scored 20+ goals last season and you want him on the fourth line?


We gotta make room in the top six for a 20+ goal scoring power forward, who's big, gritty, and plays in the hard areas.  Once we get Abby out of there the only problem will be finding a guy like that. 

I've always liked Abby but I think there are players with more potential to put in the top 6 with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. I also think he's too good for the bottom six. Perhaps he could be good trade bait.


I'd trade half a dozen guys on this team rather than Abby.  The NHL is a man's league, and Abby plays a big boy game. 


Trade Nyquist or Pulkkinen before you trade Abby.  He's practically the only guy on our team who A) can score goals, and B) isn't a complete pantywaist. 


If anything we need more guys like him (Drew Stafford anyone?), not less. 

#2613158 Khan: Jeff Blashill to be announced new head coach next week

Posted by kipwinger on 04 June 2015 - 02:57 PM

I hope they announce that s*** *during* thef****** game.

And big ups (1991 called, wants its slang back) to the Knube!

Edit: wow thats a lot **** of *****f****** ****stars ****



I was just looking over Mike Knuble's career stat line.  That guy was damned impressive.  He's probably the most underrated ex-Red Wing in history.  Very quality career he put together. 

#2613148 Retire Sergei Fedorovís Jersey Immediately

Posted by kipwinger on 04 June 2015 - 02:09 PM

I'm so confused by what's going on here.  This has got to be a prank of some sort, right?

#2613141 Khan: Jeff Blashill to be announced new head coach next week

Posted by kipwinger on 04 June 2015 - 01:36 PM

Dan Cleary is great in the dressing room.


And the bedroom, amiright?

#2613122 Report: Jeff Petry and Munn-tree-all ruin 2015 free agency

Posted by kipwinger on 04 June 2015 - 11:28 AM

not to mention our former coach, but I said as soon as he went to TO that there would be no way Weiss, Smith and Jurco would be traded there now.  They had to be the most in the doghouse than anyone!  Weiss would never waive his NTC to go and play for him again anyway. (Well I cannot say never because I don't know what he is thinking, but you get the idea.)



Anyhow, related to the subject.  I mentioned that with this signing that Phanuef may be our cheapest option now, Franson, Green, Martin, they are all going to get at least $7M on the market.  They may take hometown discounts to stay where they are, but if they hit the open market, look out!  Outside of just rolling the dice with the kids, I believe the only way to improve the D without destroying the cap is via trade.  With the doghouse gang most likely NOT going to TO, now we really have to become creative if we want Phanuef or look at other options and other teams.  We can save that discussion for a "trade scenario" so we don't change the subject again here. 


I say good for Petry, it's his "prime" contract, so he should've tried to get what he could! I am 99% sure that Holland wouldn't have offered him anywhere near that to play here, especially since he is from Ann Arbor, Holland would have tried to get a double discount out of him!


Here's something we have to think about also.  Even though they are both RFA's (Smith now and Dekeyser next year) how much are they going to cost us?  Even going to arbitration may work more in their favor over Holland's.  Also, even though KFQ was probably gone anyhow after next year, can you imagine they amount he will probably get as a UFA?  Not that he is any better than Petry, but you have to figure Q will ask for at least what Petry got, if not more depending on how other D-men sign this year.  I hope and pray that the KFQ experiment is over after next season...unless, of course he has a year that makes him into an elite d-man...


I'll bet you $100, to a charity of your choosing, if ANY of Franson, Green, or Martin get 7 million dollars AAV.  I'll bet you $500 dollars, to a charity of your choosing if ALL of them do (as you're suggesting). 



#2613117 Khan: Jeff Blashill to be announced new head coach next week

Posted by kipwinger on 04 June 2015 - 11:08 AM

So it's a coronation, Holland didn't even bother talking to Carlyle, Wilson, MacLean, Boucher, or Tortorella?  


Why bother?  Two of those guys suck, and the other three don't fit our organizational philosophy.  When McLellan and Bylsma were hired elsewhere, the (already low) probability that we'd hire anyone else fell to zero. 

#2613114 What changes do you think we'll see with Blashill?

Posted by kipwinger on 04 June 2015 - 11:04 AM

That's a straw man's argument. Smith is dumb? Says who? You? Lol. The power play dropped off in the second half of the season. It's not like the Wings had the #1 power play in the NHL when the season ended. In the playoffs the PP failed to capitalize on many opportunities. If the PP was as good as you say it was then Tampa would be golfing right now. Does Smith make it better? I think he does. We will see what Blash does. Not just with Smith but all the players on the roster. I'm looking forward to it.


It's not a strawman argument at all.  I'm not suggesting you think he's dumb.  I'm saying he's dumb.  He turns the puck over , frequently blows his coverage, and was benched the first two games of the playoffs for playing the puck from the bench.  His judgement is questionable, to say the least. 


I'm not really sure why you're being contrary here.  All I've said is that he needs to earn powerplay time, not be handed powerplay time.  Seems like a truism. 


Are you suggesting he should be used on the powerplay just because it seems like he'd be good there based on his skill set?  Because that's a horrible way to run a team. 


Nobody would argue that Jurco should replace Abby in the top six because he's faster and a better stickhandler.  Nobody would suggest Gustavsson should start over Howard because he's bigger, more athletic, and is safer with the puck. 


They actually have to play better, consistently, when they're called upon.  To date, Brendan hasn't done that.  Which is why Babs didn't trust him, why his icetime was reduced, and why his stats suffered.  Not because he was being misutilized.  If Smith gets an opportunity and runs with it, good.  If not, too bad.  He's not entitled to powerplay time just because he has more raw talent than somebody else. 

#2613022 Retire Sergei Fedorovís Jersey Immediately

Posted by kipwinger on 03 June 2015 - 04:39 PM

He's just not as great as you think he is ... If he played his whole career in nyi and slt he would of won nothing ... Look back at the wings lineups during those glory years ... Truly remarkable stuff , never needed a superstar goalie to win with that lineup

Now imagine if we had hasek in nets as well from 93-05 how many cups we'd have

What really gets me is how people are praising osgood so much and yet s***ting on federov and he's the one who's had the way better career in detroit , only cause he chased some money along the way

Those guys you mentioned were also the best goalies of there time and won vezina's and conn smythe's, in nets for many cups

Brodeur roy hasek and others were miles away better than osgood


But what you said to discredit Osgood is also true of those other guys.  If you stuck Sawchuck, Fuhr, Plante, or Smith on crappy teams, instead of dynasty teams, they wouldn't have been great either.  They were all system goalies.  But nobody holds it against them. 


Osgood put up comparable, or better, career numbers than the guys I just mentioned.  He did it on a really good team.  They did it on even better teams.  But only Osgood gets criticized for it. 

#2613013 Retire Sergei Fedorovís Jersey Immediately

Posted by kipwinger on 03 June 2015 - 12:30 PM

I'm really not trying to turn this into an Osgood debate, but it looks like it's already heading that way. 


Using the fact that Osgood "took advantage of all-star teams" against him completely ignores the fact that guys like Fuhr, Sawchuk, Plante, and Smith ALL played for dynasty teams as well. 


I don't see anybody arguing that Grant Fuhr's banner should be pulled down because he played with Messier and Gretzky.