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#2540568 Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"

Posted by kipwinger on 13 October 2014 - 07:34 PM

Kip, I do like those lines but not exactly what I'd go with, but then again, not many people are going to agree on the exact same lines and defense pairings... Who would you scratch / send down / call up with that option available?


My lines would look something like this...


Nyquist - Zetterberg - Franzen

Tatar - Datsyuk - Jurco

Helm - Weiss - Sheahan (I know you'll hate this line with 3 centers but I think it could be a great 3rd line until Weiss gets going...)

Miller - Glendening - Abdelkader


Kronwall - Ericsson

DeKeyser - Smith

Quincey - Ouellet



I largely agree, but you're right, I hate that third line.  Weiss isn't going to get going if you give him two linemates who have never played on the wing for any significant amount of time, and haven't ever really been known for offensive production when at their natural positions. Putting Weiss with nonscorers means he's got to shoulder the offensive load, which is the exact opposite of easing him into it until his confidence returns.  Give him wingers or trade/waive him.  Carolina would pick him up tomorrow (all their centers are hurt and they suck). 


Anyway, heading out for the night.  Good talking to you though.

#2540566 Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"

Posted by kipwinger on 13 October 2014 - 07:28 PM


Ask the GM then why he keeps signing or trading the future for guys that don't fit with the coach ? It's like a boss buying a gaming pc and expects you to do higher end video editing with it (won't work).


The GM has had the exact same philosophy since he took over the position in 1997 and it's been pretty successful.  I'm not sure why you think he should change it for the coach all of a sudden.  We have drafted and developed based on skill for 20+ years.  Our organization (from top to bottom) is founded upon it, our scouts are some of the best in the world at seeing a guy like Gustav Nyquist and imagining what he'll be when he matures.  You want them to stop doing that and change the whole organizational philosophy because you don't like it?  So what?  It works. 


Secondly, stop with thef****** hyperbole will you?  Nobody "traded the future" for anything.  We've got so many NHL ready prospects we can't get them all into the lineup, and we've got even better prospects coming.  It would be a lot easier to talk to you if didn't constantly distort reality to justify some anodyne point you're stuck on for the day. 

#2540553 Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"

Posted by kipwinger on 13 October 2014 - 06:35 PM

I do somewhat agree with what Babs is saying, in that Pav will be a huge boost offensively. But once again he is making fans scratch their collective heads, wondering why the hell Weiss hasn't been added to the lineup with so many borderline 3/4 line players in. All of the players you mentioned have impressed me in the first two games, especially Abdelkader, but he still should not be in the top 6. Just curious Kip, what would your ideal forward lines and defense pairings look like with everyone healthy?


I'm not mad as long as we're winning.  I just don't think it's some big mystery why we're not scoring much.  And I completely agree with you that those guys have been impressive.  They've played the game they're supposed to.  That game just happens not to be very offensive. 


Ideal lines...











That's with everyone healthy and no roster changes.  Obviously, if I could start waiving guys and promoting guys then it would change a little, but not much. 

#2540548 Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"

Posted by kipwinger on 13 October 2014 - 06:15 PM

Annoying Babcock quote of the day...


"I think we've played hard, we've played well. We've been in 10 games now, we haven't scored. So, eight in the exhibition and then two in the regular season and you don't score real easy so far. We're looking forward to Pavel (Datsyuk) to get back one day and get guys back in their right spots and we might score a little more. I'm impressed with how hard we work. I'm impressed with our specialty teams, impressed with our team speed. We've got to finish more."


Think that has anything to do with the fact that you're dressing Abby, Helm, Miller, Glendening, Andersson, and Nestrasil?  I mean, what a surprise that your first line produced more when you replaced Abby with Nyquist.  Hard to believe putting offensive players in offensive situations yields offense.


If you want more offensive maybe send "Nesty" back down for someone who can score, or get Andersson off the wing (or off the team), or try plugging Weiss in...ya know...because he's been consistently good offensively his entire career.  Just a couple of thoughts anyway. 

#2540546 10/11/14 GDT: Game 2 | Ducks 3 @ Red Wings 2

Posted by kipwinger on 13 October 2014 - 06:08 PM

But in all fairness isn't that the best way to beat pretty much any team?


Maybe, but if you transition well then teams generally won't forecheck as hard for fear of giving up odd man rushes.  Our defense doesn't get the puck up very well, so teams don't have to worry about laying back.  They seem to press hard knowing that they're not going to get burnt deep. 


And even if that's the same game plan everyone has, we seem to be especially susceptible to it for a couple of seasons now. 

#2540537 10/11/14 GDT: Game 2 | Ducks 3 @ Red Wings 2

Posted by kipwinger on 13 October 2014 - 05:53 PM

I'm not complaining too much about the Getzlaf goal, I'm more upset with Kronwall than the refs.  I know if the reverse happened and the refs called a penalty on Detroit, I'd be complaining a bit....one hand reach with the stick, barely makes contact...no call as far as I'm concerned, but would still complain about it because it's against Detroit...that's the bias.


The other thing to consider is the goal Detroit shouldn't have gotten earlier when Franzen failed to clear the zone (unless I'm missing something) - clear offside on the Glendening goal...shouldn't have been 2-2 at that point anyway.


It's an easy play to get incensed about because it was the game winner and it was there was a questionable no call.  But, truth be told it was flukey and it'll even out at some point.  Much more troubling to me were the two seemingly routine plays that ended up in the back of our net.  Howard and Smith's turnovers were both due to an inability to handle the forecheck effectively.  It's a problem we had last year too.  Babs needs to get that sorted out pronto, because unlike flukey no-calls, and defensemen toe picks, this problem is likely to repeat itself over and over as other teams realize the best way to beat Detroit is to forecheck the hell out of us. 

#2539803 10/9 GDT : Bruins 1 at Red Wings 2.

Posted by kipwinger on 11 October 2014 - 09:32 AM

5 on 5 or maybe he was one goal shy of kronwall? I can't remember.


Oh, so he didn't "have the best offensive stats" then?

#2539736 Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"

Posted by kipwinger on 10 October 2014 - 01:37 PM


With the job Shanny previously had? That was probably the only job in the league worse than an upper level management postion with the Leafs.


Also, you guys are all forgetting about Lebda. :lol:


Lol, when he joined the Leafs I told my dad he left the second most scrutinized job in hockey for the first most scrutinized job in hockey. 

#2539680 Devils Sign Tootoo

Posted by kipwinger on 10 October 2014 - 08:40 AM

Tootoo Ruutu Gionta... say that five times fast, Daneyko.


I can guarantee you one thing, if Tootoo and Ruutu are on the same line you'd better keep your head on a swivel.  

#2539678 Kindl on the block

Posted by kipwinger on 10 October 2014 - 08:31 AM

The easiest way to tell that your defensemen are sucking hard?


They only give up one goal against an early season conference favorite. 



#2539352 Your hockey-rituals before season openers

Posted by kipwinger on 09 October 2014 - 05:45 PM

In college I used to stay up the night before drinking ice beer and watching all my favorite hockey movies before skipping class the next day and getting to the bar...early.  I tend to think that would be frowned upon these days.

#2539311 10/9 GDT : Bruins 1 at Red Wings 2.

Posted by kipwinger on 09 October 2014 - 01:46 PM


Why else do you think I married her?



#2539305 Gotta Love Bryz

Posted by kipwinger on 09 October 2014 - 01:35 PM

Who has two thumbs and is The Bryz' biggest fan?


This guy.


#2539304 10/9 GDT : Bruins 1 at Red Wings 2.

Posted by kipwinger on 09 October 2014 - 01:32 PM

That is goose's pre game ritual



I thought this was...



#2539296 10/9 GDT : Bruins 1 at Red Wings 2.

Posted by kipwinger on 09 October 2014 - 01:00 PM

Right. The only line I don't like is the top line.


Well, I wouldn't go that far.  I obviously don't like the top line.  I would prefer the current second line actually be the third line.  And I'd prefer Joakim Andersson go the f*** away.  But other than that I suppose it's as good as it's going to be until Datsyuk gets back and Weiss figures out the secret handshake or whatever Babs needs in order to accept his bona fides.