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#2581020 3/12 GDT : Blue Jackets 3 at Red Wings 1

Posted by kipwinger on 12 March 2015 - 08:12 PM

Raise your hand if you said none of our regular defensemen could ever get scratched for marchenko? Clearly we aren't better with him in the lineup. Except all those games we won against good teams...with him in the lineup.

#2580782 TANK IT! 2014-2015 Season

Posted by kipwinger on 12 March 2015 - 02:08 PM

"As for preparing the Wings to play the Blue Jackets, this was Babcock's reply: "We come in here, we try to make everyone look like the '68 Montreal Canadiens," he said of the Habs team that won the 15th Stanley Cup in club history. "Doesn't matter what their record is. That's what we try to do. But they don't believe us.


"The bottom line is we know we've got to get better. We aren't firing on all cylinders right now, like we were two weeks ago, so it's time to get our game back, and that's what we're going to try to do today."



I think he means, "think of every opponent as the '68 Canadiens".  Not "make them look like the '68 Canadiens", which admittedly, we've been doing the last couple of games. 

#2580778 Sounds like the New York "Islanders" are no more...

Posted by kipwinger on 12 March 2015 - 01:54 PM

Isles sign Boychuk to 7 years, 6 million per.  Pretty steep. 

#2580757 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by kipwinger on 12 March 2015 - 11:23 AM

I think he resembles the American Pie dude. It looks like he's about to finish that interview and go f*** a pie.

#2580741 Pulkkinen sent back to GR

Posted by kipwinger on 12 March 2015 - 10:14 AM

Datsyuk's two best offensive seasons (2008, 2009) came with Holmstrom on his line.  In those two season Holmstrom scored 40 pts. (20G, 20A) one year, and 37 pts. (14G, 23A) the next. 


Given how that line is scoring with Helm, I'd imagine Helm will finish the season somewhere in the 35-40 point ballpark (he's got 29 already). 


If anything, the fact that Tatar isn't as good as Zetterberg or Hossa is a bigger impact on Pav's numbers.  Not the fact that Helm isn't Holmstrom. 

#2580706 Helm injury update and a very good one too

Posted by kipwinger on 11 March 2015 - 07:53 PM

When David clarson was scoring goals in new jersey he was doing so disproportionate to his skill level. Nevertheless, new jersey would have been stupid to move him to the fourth line. Same with Glendening if he were producing like that here.

#2580688 Franzen on IR

Posted by kipwinger on 11 March 2015 - 03:56 PM


please, change you avatar or, alternatively, post less. As a man, I feel offended.


Why?  This is a gender friendly forum.  If it were a half naked chick I doubt you'd be complaining. 

#2580686 Franzen on IR

Posted by kipwinger on 11 March 2015 - 02:48 PM

Wasn't the point of contention that people were quick to jump on the "Franzen is done forever" bandwagon as a result of their disdain for Franzen, and not because there was any reason to believe his career was actually threatened?  That's what it seemed like (five pages ago, or whatever). 


If so, I think there's probably a lot of evidence to support this. 


For instance, this thread was started on January 8th.  Most of the posts immediately following the creation of the thread didn't even address Franzen or his injury, and instead focused on Pulkkinen.  By January 9th people were already speculating that Franzen was done forever, despite the fact that the nature of his injury hadn't even been disclosed. 


It seems naive to suggest that "wishful thinking" didn't play a role in how people responded to Franzen's injury.  Which seemed to be Number9's point (if I'm reading it correctly). 


Sidebar:  The irony is that we now know that folks were wrong to be so excited about Pulkkinen stepping in for the Mule.  Franzen was having a good year (22 pts. in 30+ games), and Pulkkinen has struggled to find his consistency and seems unable to stand up to the physicality of the NHL game (both frequently used to criticize Franzen).  We're actually a better team with Franzen, regardless of what the haters say. 

#2580680 Helm injury update and a very good one too

Posted by kipwinger on 11 March 2015 - 01:49 PM

I'm for whatever configuration of players helps us win.  If Luke can do that better on the first than the fourth, I'm fine with it.  I'm skeptical he could keep it up.  But if he did, I'd stick with what works.  Seems like all too often we want the team to win, but specifically with the guys we like contributing in the ways we want.  But that's wrong headed.  If we were a better team with Luke on the first and Tatar on the fourth, then that's what we ought to do. 

#2580603 Franzen on IR

Posted by kipwinger on 10 March 2015 - 04:53 PM

But he is practicing right?  So whether or not some people's careers are ended because of concussions doesn't really matter in this case.  All indications, barring some set back, seem to point toward him making a recovery.  At least I hope so.  It's pretty clear he wants to keep playing. 

#2580566 Franzen on IR

Posted by kipwinger on 10 March 2015 - 10:00 AM

He has 30 pts. in 44 playoff games over the last 5 years.  Which is even better than his regular season ppg numbers. 

#2580564 3/9 GDT : Oilers 2 at Red Wings 5

Posted by kipwinger on 10 March 2015 - 09:45 AM

Despite it not seeming like the Wings are playing that well they do have the 2nd best win% in the NHL in games that end before the shootout.


There could be some small errors in here. I'm just bored at work with nothing to do so I calculated this real fast.


Rank Team ROW ROL RO-WP%

1 NYR 37 19 66.07%

2 DET 34 19 64.15%

3 MON 36 21 63.16%

4 NAS 36 21 63.16%

5 TB 39 23 62.90%

6 NYI 36 22 62.07%

7 ANA 34 21 61.82%

8 PIT 35 22 61.40%

9 STL 33 21 61.11%

10 VAN 34 26 56.67%

11 CHI 30 24 55.56%

12 BOS 31 25 55.36%

13 WAS 33 27 55.00%

14 MIN 33 28 54.10%

15 CAL 32 28 53.33%

16 LA 29 27 51.79%

17 SJ 30 29 50.85%

18 WGP 27 28 49.09%

19 OTT 26 28 48.15%

20 FLD 22 27 44.90%

21 PHI 25 32 43.86%

22 DAL 26 34 43.33%

23 NJ 24 32 42.86%

24 COL 22 32 40.74%

25 CBJ 23 36 38.98%

26 CAR 21 34 38.18%

27 TOR 23 38 37.70%

28 ARI 16 41 28.07%

29 EDM 13 44 22.81%

30 BUF 12 44 21.43%


EDIT: Sorry this pasted awful compared to how it looked before.


Until recently they hadn't lost two in a row in regulation.  So the high win percentage in regulation stands to reason. 


I don't think anyone would argue that the Red Wings are a bad team.  However, IMO there are a few weak points to our game that I'd like to see us tighten up before the playoffs roll around.  Most recently, we've been starting games late and generally look aloof during the first period.  Our 5-on-5 scoring is only average and we seem overly reliant on special teams play for offense.  I'm still not sold on our transition game, and turnovers seem to still be a problem at times. 


I'm hoping that between now and the playoffs we can figure out the best line and defense pairs to ice, and that the additions of Cole and Zidlicky will allow us to get people slotted for maximum efficiency.  Barring any serious injuries I don't see why we wouldn't be able to improve in some of these areas. 

#2580559 Red Wings acquire Marek Zidlicky from NJ for Cond. 2016 3rd Round Pick

Posted by kipwinger on 10 March 2015 - 09:20 AM

In a week where Luke Glendening found himself on the top line, I don't think any defensive configurations should come as a surprise.  Anybody who thinks "that will never happen", clearly hasn't watched Mike Babcock coach.  If he has even the inkling that Marchenko will make the top four better, he'll be up there in a heartbeat. 

#2579173 Red Wings acquire Marek Zidlicky from NJ for Cond. 2016 3rd Round Pick

Posted by kipwinger on 06 March 2015 - 02:32 AM

kipwinger .. could you PLEASE change your avatar. Yeah we get it. Getting sick of reading threads and seeing that. I like that band and I've seen them in concert ...just didn't go there to see that.


No.  If the image of raw, unadulterated, masculinity makes you squeamish, look away. 

#2579111 Preds don't postpone game, but get fan experience right

Posted by kipwinger on 05 March 2015 - 10:58 PM

I live in D.C., and we got dumped on today (by southern standards).  About six inches of snow in a few hours.  I was the only person in my neighborhood outside enjoying the weather.  It was a blast.  I miss Michigan for a ton of reasons, but the snow is the biggest.  We get this kind of snowfall a couple of times a year and it's always a treat for a handful of Northerners.