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#2534906 Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

Posted by krsmith17 on 25 August 2014 - 08:11 AM

I really wish people would stop with this, "well we haven't done ANYTHING in the past 5 years", blah, blah, blah... How many times does it have to be said and how the hell is it not obvious to some of you that the Detroit Red Wings are in the midst of their second rebuild in the past two decades, without once missing the playoffs?... That is not that impressive at all... I mean, most teams in the league have done that haven't they?... NOPE, not even close... The Wings streak is at 23 consecutive seasons without missing the playoffs, after that there is the Sharks at 10, Penguins at 8, Bruins 7, Blackhawks 6, Kings 5, Rangers 4, Blues 3, and no other team has made the playoffs more than the past 2 seasons straight. That is absolutely insane when you actually think about it... To continue to make the playoffs for this long, through two rebuilds is nothing short of astonishing, and I'm willing to bet that the Wings make it at least another 7 years to beat the Boston Bruins 29 year playoff streak from '67-'96.


People that do not see the brightness at the end of this tunnel, that has been the past 5 years, are pessimists to their truest form. How can you not be thrilled as a Red Wings fan, not only because of the "stupid, not-at-all-impressive streak", but because of all of the talent that we have coming up over the next few seasons.


To say that there is no way that Jurco can turn out to be as good as Datsyuk is very bleak in my opinion. Jurco has accomplished more than Datsyuk had accomplished at the tender age of 21. Jurco has already got his first taste of NHL action and played quite well for a rookie, while Datsyuk wasn't even drafted until he was 20 and didn't play his first season in the NHL until he was 23. They both have great hands, obviously Pav gets the edge there though since he has better hands than anyone that has ever played the game. Jurco definitely has the size advantage, as he is 3 inches taller and already closing in on 200 lbs., whereas Pav is around the same now but came into the league as a rookie somewhere between 175-180 lbs.


I also think that Nyquist has the potential to become somewhat of a Zetterberg lite. Nyquist is slightly behind Zetterberg in production at the same age but he does have a slightly better point percentage. In Zetterberg's first two seasons he put up 87 points in 140 games, 0.621 points per game, while in Nyquist' first three partial seasons, he put up 61 points in 97 games, 0.628 points per game. Gus has the same drive and determination that makes Hank such a world class player, and he also seems to have the same type of leadership qualities. They're both approximately the same height and weight when they were the same age, while Hank has put on some muscle over the years, Gus still has plenty of room to grow as well.


The Wings definitely have a few potential future stars up front in Nyquist, Jurco and Mantha, but to go along with that I think we have much more depth coming than we have ever had before. Sheahan, Tatar, Pulkkinen and Athanasiou are all potential top 6 players, and Nastasiuk, Bertuzzi and Callahan could be great 3rd and 4th line players. I'm not quite sure where Janmark, Nosek, and Frk will fit in but they're quality players as well. Then you have guys like Larkin and Turgeon that we just drafted that I think could be along their way in about five years as well.


On the back end we also have a few potential future stars in Smith, DeKeyser and Sproul as well as guys like Ouellet, Backman, Marchenko and Jensen. And of course between the pipes, we have Mrazek coming along quite nicely, and he could be a future top 5 goalie in this league.


I realize that all of this, as of right now, is just "potential" but with as many high end prospects that we have, at least a few of them have to turn into quality players. We have one of the best prospect pools in the entire league because we have one of the best general managers in the league, as well as top scouts and development teams in the league (credit to Holland for putting this management team together). I'll never understand some of the constant negative attitudes in here, but to each their own. What a boring forum this would be without you guys lol.

#2534460 Lines Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 18 August 2014 - 06:31 AM

With Alfredsson...


Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Alfredsson

Nyquist - Franzen - Tatar

Helm - Weiss - Sheahan

Miller - Glendening - Abdelkader

Cleary - Callahan


That top line may be up there in age, but when healthy (and I expect a much healthier year out of all three) they would be extremely effective.


I actually love Franzen playing center, that along with playing with two balls of energy is exactly what could get this old mule going. (Two Kids and a Mule Line?...)


I realize having Weiss on the third line isn't exactly ideal, however, I do think this could possibly be one of the best third lines in the league...


I really want Callahan to get action on the forth line, but who comes out? Glendening? And slot Abby in at center? Or move one of the three centers on the third line (Sheahan) down and move Abby up?...


Without Alfredsson...


Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Franzen

Nyquist - Weiss - Tatar

Helm - Sheahan - Abdelkader

Miller - Glendening - Cleary

Callahan - Andersson


I don't like these lines nearly as much as the ones with Alfie on the team, but still not terrible. I still think it is very likely that Alfredsson comes back for one more season.


Before anyone says it, no Jurco, Mantha, or Pulkkinen are not on my opening night roster. They are down where they should be, in the minors, getting huge minutes, playing in all situations, gaining experience and confidence before they make the Wings full time. Whether that's in November or to start the 2015-16 season depends on injuries and how well they do down in Grand Rapids...


On Defense...


Kronwall - Ericsson

DeKeyser - Smith

Quincey - Kindl



I still really like Kronwall and Ericsson paired together. I think they complement each other quite well. Same goes for DeKeyser and Smith.


There are so many people swapping those pairs to have Kronwall - Smith and DeKeyser and Ericsson and I just don't get that. Why pair your two best offensive defensemen and your two best defensive defensemen? Why not balance them out with one of each?...


If there is any way to trade Kindl away for a mid to late round draft pick, we do it and let one of the kids play on the third pairing.

#2534257 Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

Posted by krsmith17 on 14 August 2014 - 01:53 PM

Some people won't be happy, no matter what happens... I have accepted that... It's sad but very true...


I'm really happy that Kenny is going to remain with the club for the foreseeable future. Those of you that aren't... whatever...


There would be 29 other teams lining up to pay Holland crazy amounts of money if he were let go, and for good reason. Same goes for Babcock, but I bet there would still be angry Wings fans if they signed him to an extension. While it's true that you can never please everyone, some people can never be pleased...

#2534145 Alfie wants to play

Posted by krsmith17 on 13 August 2014 - 10:33 AM

To be honest, a lot of this Alfredsson or Jurco talk is starting to piss me off... The real issue here in my opinion is, we need to get rid of Andersson so we don't lose a kid like Callahan on waivers and we need to get rid of Kindl so we have room for one of the kids...


Alfredsson should be on the team if he and the team feel he's fit to play. Beneficial to the team this season without hurting the team in the future...

Jurco should be sent down to start the season in the minors. He needs more seasoning in the minors, getting top line minutes and playing in all situations...

Andersson should be waived. He has been passed on the depth chart by too many guys to crack the lineup...

Callahan should be on the 23 man roster to start the season. He has earned his chance to crack the lineup and would be a welcomed physical presence on the 4th line...

Kindl should be traded for a mid to late round draft pick to make room for one of the kids...

One of Ouellet / Sproul / Marchenko / Backman should be on the 23 man roster to start the season...

#2534124 Alfie wants to play

Posted by krsmith17 on 12 August 2014 - 07:58 PM

Kip, you absolutely did blow my mind... I have absolutely no idea what you are arguing... I say one thing and then you go on a rant about something completely irrelevant to what I am saying... Mind = Blown... I honestly have no idea whatsoever what your point was in listing all the players that would and wouldn't have helped us due to injury... Completely lost...


No Frank, you're right... There definitely weren't any fans of those teams blaming their short comings in those seasons to injuries... Not one... Only us Wings fans would do such a ludicrous thing...

#2534079 Alfie wants to play

Posted by krsmith17 on 12 August 2014 - 09:55 AM

That's your reality Frank, and to be quite honest I feel bad for you and all the others on here with the negative attitude toward the team and management.

Like I said, I will place a hefty wager on the Wings finishing significantly higher than they did last season. I will also bet that they face half the amount of injuries they did last season.

Things don't always have to be doom and gloom. The future is bright and that brightness is a lot closer than many of you think.

#2534065 Alfie wants to play

Posted by krsmith17 on 12 August 2014 - 06:03 AM

I find it crazy that some people still actually believe that the best thing for the team and for the player (Jurco) is for him to play with the big club to start next season. It is not. Jurco would benefit in so many ways from playing another year down in the minors. He is still a kid, and could use another partial to full season down with the Griffs, getting top line minutes, top power play time, working out the kinks in his game, because believe it or not there definitely still are some kinks in his game. Even if we weren't going to re-sign Alfie for whatever reason, I would still want Jurco down in Grand Rapids to at least start the season.


Signed, Jurco's biggest fan.

#2534017 What Might Have Been: Gretzky to Detroit?

Posted by krsmith17 on 11 August 2014 - 04:27 PM

I'm actually really surprised about the people that would have been willing to trade Yzerman for Gretzky. I wouldn't have even considered trading them straight up, let alone the other pieces that would have had to be involved to get that deal done. Yzerman was my favorite player back then and the sole reason I am a Red Wings fan today. To be quite honest, if Yzerman would have been traded back then, I would probably be an Oilers fan today... Scary... :shocking:


I'm definitely glad that Holland and Jimmy D are much more loyal to this team and players than most fans would be...


How many people would trade Zetterberg and pieces to Pittsburgh for Crosby? I know there are definitely quite a few that would but I definitely would not. Hank is our captain and I wouldn't want to lose him, even if it meant getting the best player in the world for him. Even knowing that Zetterberg may only have another 5 solid years left and Crosby has another 15, I still wouldn't do it. Crazy? Probably, but that's my opinion...

#2533639 Confused on the direction of this team going forward

Posted by krsmith17 on 03 August 2014 - 07:24 PM

It is beyond ridiculous how much professional athletes make these days but if this contract ever ends up being below market value... sickening... :nervous:

#2533342 Confused on the direction of this team going forward

Posted by krsmith17 on 30 July 2014 - 07:58 AM

I personally love the direction this team is going. I think the plan for a few years has been to get younger, due in part to the salary cap, as well as bigger, evident by our past few drafts. We have a lot to get excited about as fans. There is going to be a ton of talent coming up over the next few years, and a lot of these kids have the size and strength to go along with the speed and skill. Sure, we have struck out on the past 2 of 3 free agency periods, and we haven't really done anything at the trade deadline, but I do believe there is a plan in place and Kenny sees the bigger picture. Unlike most fans that are very eager for the quick fix, Ken is very patient and knows that it's going to take time to get back to the top, he know what it takes to build a contender, and doing so without ever having to tank is pretty remarkable.

#2533329 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by krsmith17 on 29 July 2014 - 09:10 PM

Great post lomekian! I fully agree with your assessment on pretty much every point.

#2533170 Tatar Signs 3 Year Deal $2.75 mill AAV

Posted by krsmith17 on 28 July 2014 - 01:56 PM

Yeah, I understand that. I'm not saying I don't like the deal, I just think it is over payment right now. I think he definitely has the potential to be worth more than that and for this to be a great deal in a couple years. But that's just what it is, potential. I just think RFA's can't negotiate with any other teams so their leverage goes down significantly. I think it's over payment, but because Tatar doesn't deserve it, but more because I don't think Holland 'had' to over pay that much...

#2533145 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by krsmith17 on 28 July 2014 - 01:20 PM

I think because the Wings have had such bad luck with injuries the past few years is a reason to believe that that luck has got to change... and because we have had such short seasons the past few years is a reason to believe that the players that need it the most (Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Franzen, Kronwall, Weiss, Helm, Howard) will be getting the rest they need. The fact that Zetterberg has said that he feels like he's years younger and that his back hasn't felt this good in years, is reason to believe that he may have a relatively healthy year. I also think a long summer off will help the other guys listed as well. I think for anyone that states that half the team will be injured after just two months of hockey is a bit ridiculous. Just my opinion...

As I've stated over and over again, I don't have any problem with negative predictions, I have a problem with people predicting the whole team will be injured... or wait for it... My prediction, Cleary sucks... a lot of thought put in to that one...

#2533107 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by krsmith17 on 28 July 2014 - 08:05 AM

It doesn't matter how positive people want to be about particular situations, there are always going to be 'the glass, completely empty' kind of people in the world.


As a Red Wings fan, why would you choose to be so negative about the upcoming season? It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever...


Why can't all the negative Nancy's and Debbie downers stay out of just one of the very few positive threads that we try to have on here?


Nah, it's much more fun to predict that Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Weiss and Helm combine for under 30 games and we finish last in the Conference...

#2533103 Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

Posted by krsmith17 on 28 July 2014 - 07:20 AM

Uugh, I hate this time of year, little to no Red Wings related news, evident by the hot topics on the go the past week or so... Some of which include threads on ugly Christmas sweaters, clearance merchandise, and favorite player agencies... Is it September yet?... :bored:


Anyway, I figured this could involve some interesting discussion so I'll start it off...



12 somewhat bold but in my opinion, fairly reasonable Predictions for the Detroit Red Wings 2014-15 Season...


1. Datsyuk and Zetterberg play a combined 150+ games and score a combined 120+ points.


2. Weiss plays 70+ games and scores 25+ goals and 60+ points (career year).


3. Helm plays 70+ games and scores 15+ goals and 35+ points (career year).


4. Nyquist scores 60+ points and Tatar scores 50+ points (career years).


5. Cleary plays 50+ games and scores 20+ points, while everyone still ******* and complains about him taking up a roster spot.


6. Tomas Jurco scores 75+ points... in Grand Rapids, winning the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy (MVP).


7. Anthony Mantha spends the year down in Grand Rapids and scores a reasonable (but disappointing to most fans) 40-50 points.


8. Kronwall matches his jersey number, and puts up 55 points (career year), is a finalist for the Norris Trophy but comes up just short.


9. Smith finally starts getting some PP time and explodes putting up 40+ points, while also improving his defensive play.


10. Gustavsson stays relatively healthy but struggles mightily to keep the puck out of the net, Mrazek gets called up and plays out of his mind for 10+ games.


11. Howard plays 60+ games putting up career numbers in every category, is a finalist for the Vezina Trophy but comes up just short.


12. The Detroit Red Wings finally have a reasonably healthy year and win the Atlantic Division, finishing 2nd in the East.


Obviously there's not much of a chance that all these predictions come true, hence them being of the bold variety, and I'm sure there are some people here that would say that there is no way that any of them come true... But I'm willing to bet at least half of them happen or come relatively close...