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In Topic: Flyers/Penguins Winter Classic 2011....I mean 2017

Yesterday, 10:30 PM

Detroit has been in just as many as Pittsburgh.  Chicago has been in the most.

if counting just the winter classics, detroit, pittsburgh, and chicago have all been in 2 of them

In Topic: ROY according to LGW

Yesterday, 10:21 PM

shame the wings are probably going to get robbed of another calder trophy. remember when barret jackman won it over zetterberg?  :furious:

In Topic: Flyers/Penguins Winter Classic 2011....I mean 2017

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

sportsnet reporting could be blues/blackhawks winter classic next year. so seems to be some conflicting reports




friedman also said on cbc tonight that leafs could host the herritage classic the day before the winter classic

Meh. For me, nothing can top the WC at the big house. I got what I wanted, it was an awesome experience, and I stopped caring.

yea that was awesome. froze my ass off but it was worth it

In Topic: Marchenko to play Game 1 in the playoffs

11 April 2015 - 10:32 PM

i wouldn't be surprised if we don't see smith in a wings uniform ever again, especially if babcock is back next season. he simply doesn't have the smarts to be anything more than a depth/fringe defenseman

In Topic: 43-25-14......3rd seed in Division. Success or Failure?

11 April 2015 - 10:28 PM

before the year i had them at 3rd in the division. taking the entire season, not just the last month, into perspective i would say the regular season was a sucess