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In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

01 May 2016 - 11:39 PM

Someone said above that people are complaining because LC's pizza sucks? It's more than that. Is any other NHL arena named after a fast food restaurant? It's just a dumb idea. Illitch didn't name Tiger Stadium Little Caesar's Stadium, but all of a sudden it's a good name for the new home of the Red Wings? Not surprising though I guess since he seems to care about the Tigers a lot more these days. The Wings have won four cups since he's owned the team, so maybe he's taking a break from caring too much about them until he gets his Tigers a World Series. Thanks Mikey.

who cares if it's named after restaurant? Like was mentioned before, airline companies and banks are way more corrupt than little ceaser's, yet nobody complains about stadiums being named after those companies


I'm surprised more people don't realize how much little ceaser's has been involved in promoting and developing youth hockey in michigan. That alone makes it a better choice than a lot of other companies imo

In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

01 May 2016 - 04:29 PM

the overreaction to this is quite hilarious


can't imagine what the reaction would be if an actual fraud company like amway got the naming rights. heck, there should be more hatred towards airline companies and banks. these companies have been ripping people off for years


little ceaser's has been associated with hockey in michigan for decades all the way back to the 70's with the start of the little ceaser's amateur league. Little Cesar's has done more to promote and devleop hockey in this area than any other company


it's a shame people are using something so petty such as their dislike of the pizza as the reason why the arena shouldn't be named after little Ceaser's

In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

30 April 2016 - 11:18 AM



kickazz ... you are being kind.  Their pizza is the sh*ttz!  That's why it makes me nauseous seeing the Wings associated with Little Caesar's :paperbag3:  :paperbag3:  :thumbdown:  :thumbdown:  :furious:  :furious:   


At least before this, I didn't have to be reminded that the same guys own both but now, every friggin game ... 


I don't mind their pizza.Their deep dishes are actually pretty good. But i find that the quality can vary quite a bit depending on the store you go to

as for the name, I don't mind it. Wish it wasn't corporate named but I know that was wishful thinking. at least it's a company that has deep roots to the hockey community in this area and not some sleazy company like amway.


I remember the public outcry over comerica but now everyone has gotten used to it

In Topic: 1st Round Playoff Schedule Released

11 April 2016 - 11:31 AM

games 1-4 are all on fsd



In Topic: 1st Round Playoff Schedule Released

10 April 2016 - 11:23 PM

Game 1: Wed 4/13/16  at TB  7 PM

Game 2: Fri 4/15/16  at TB  7 PM

Game 3: Sun 4/17/16  vs. TB  7 PM

Game 4: Tues 4/19/16  vs. TB  7 PM

Game 5: Thurs 4/21/16  at TB

Game 6: Sun 4/24/16  vs. TB

Game 7: Tues 4/26/16 at TB




Unsure if the 1st Round will be on FSD


fsd always gets at least a couple games in the first round. after the first round, it's all nbc exclusive


hopefully on FSD. I can't listen to most of the NBC crew. 

judging by the fact games 2 and 3 are on cnbc, I am pretty certain that at least those games are going to be on fsd. not sure about the other ones though


Many years ago, not all the playoff games were televised.  I feel like that's improved over the years.  

well yeah. i mean many years ago tv didn't even exist  ;)