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#2417223 Who Do You Want to Win the Cup?

Posted by AusWing40 on 02 June 2013 - 09:26 PM

No "second" team ... hockey season is over.

Second team, second choice for the cup if it wasn't us. Same thing lol.

#2408653 WCSF Game 3 GDT - Blackhawks 1 @ Red Wings 3 - (DET leads series 2-1)

Posted by AusWing40 on 20 May 2013 - 10:32 PM

Words can't describe how proud I am of this team.

Lidstrom and Stuart gone, we wouldn't be able to make playoffs.

A ton of injuries during the season, to the extent we had to sign Huskins on game day and fly him in hours before.

Had to win just to make playoffs.

Couldn't beat the ducks. Did it in 7!

Don't belong on the same ice as Chicago. Currently leading the series 2-1, out scored them 8-3.

This team has gone far and above any of our expectations. I was happy we pushes the sucks to a game 7. To be competitive. Then we won the series.

I was worried coming up against Chicago. Thought their depth would be too much. We have dominated a game against them in their own arena. They're losing their composure.

Enjoy the ride, who knows where this can go. Unbelievable effort to have done as well as we have so far, keep it up boys!

#2405275 WCSF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 4, (CHI leads series 1-0)

Posted by AusWing40 on 15 May 2013 - 08:07 PM

Everyone complaining about smith.

Ericsson made a lot of mistakes and since has become arguably our best d-man.

Give the kid some time ffs.

#2405061 WCSF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 4, (CHI leads series 1-0)

Posted by AusWing40 on 15 May 2013 - 07:07 PM


#2388935 4/24 GDT: Kings 1 @ Red Wings 3

Posted by AusWing40 on 24 April 2013 - 07:48 PM

How bout that pass from Ericsson!

#2387942 4/22 GDT: Coyotes 0 @ Red Wings 4

Posted by AusWing40 on 22 April 2013 - 07:23 PM

Don't think brunner wanted to do that interview haha.

Also smith is playing his first full(half) NHL season and will be better for it. People are too quick to judge players IMO give him some time he will be solid.

#2378099 Bouwmeester to Blues

Posted by AusWing40 on 01 April 2013 - 07:51 PM

I'm so happy.

Wings winning
Brunner scored
Bouwmeester not coming to detroit

#2374234 Wings Make Offer to Danny D!

Posted by AusWing40 on 26 March 2013 - 12:31 AM

If Nick had decided to play for this shortened season, this would be a done deal. I couldn't imagine any rookie not signing with the Wings if they could play/learn with him.... Any chance that Nick could come back????

Or at least give Danny a call

#2363806 3/3 GDT : Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by AusWing40 on 03 March 2013 - 01:42 PM

"Average" jimmy Howard right there

#2332420 [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

Posted by AusWing40 on 22 October 2012 - 06:22 PM

1000 post. Still locked out. :(

#2329075 Team or Players?

Posted by AusWing40 on 16 September 2012 - 11:34 PM

Any random bunch of players they pull out of their ass isn't the real Detroit red wings. It's both the team and the players. The players make the team

#2312102 Red Wings Sign Jordin Tootoo to 3-yr deal, $1.9M/yr

Posted by AusWing40 on 01 July 2012 - 05:36 PM


#2311379 Predictions on where players will land

Posted by AusWing40 on 30 June 2012 - 11:11 AM

Ryan Suter - Detroit.

Someone had to do it :P

#2310289 Parise Likely Out. Next Options

Posted by AusWing40 on 27 June 2012 - 12:18 AM

The chance he signs back in jersey was always a real possibility. I also agree 9-10 million is ridiculous, but the way he's talking about hurting "us" when referring to the devils doesn't mean much ATM. He's still a devil until he signs elsewhere, if he does at all.

#2306849 2012 SCF : Los Angeles Kings vs. New Jersey Devils

Posted by AusWing40 on 11 June 2012 - 11:31 PM

The LA fans didn't boo Bettman. Seriously? I mean...we know half the arena are celebs and porn stars...but come on, folks. Its tradition! :thumbdown:

Cheering winning a cup > booing Bettman