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#2576864 Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 01 March 2015 - 08:23 PM

Cole gritty?!?!?! I'm missing something here




From The Hockey News Scouting Report section::


Assets: Has great straight-ahead skating ability and work ethic. Hits anything that moves. Plays a gritty, in-your-face style and owns solid scoring instincts. Leads by example on the ice.


Flaws: Over time, his body has broken down due to the punishment that comes with playing a power forward's role. His abrasiveness will continue to be a concern moving forward.


Career Potential: Quality veteran power forward.



Did we already have anyone we could have described as "Hits anything that moves"? Cole sounds refreshingly gritty to me!

#2507655 bashing skid the kid

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 09 April 2014 - 12:56 PM

Aside from the so-called "past" diving and whining, the thing that always sticks with me is the instance a few years ago in the playoffs of his repeatedly chopping hard at the back of Z's legs with his stick on the way to their respective benches long after the particular play was whistled dead, and he thought that no one was looking (except he forgot - the broadcast cameras). I have seen him do this repeatedly over the years, and if he has stopped this lately, then fine and good, but can anyone honestly say that Datsyuk, Zetterberg, or Lidstrom would ever have done this?

#2507603 bashing skid the kid

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 09 April 2014 - 09:11 AM

There is absolutely no denying that his hockey skill are genuinely off the charts, but on the other hand, in terms of class and sportsmanship, he sets equally low levels in the other direction. In other words, the phrase - "He is a total d*ck" fits him to a tee!

#2503949 Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 30 March 2014 - 06:40 PM

Smith blocking Filppula's shot in the last minute - he's stepping up to the plate more and more, in a big way, at critical times, as time goes on, is he not? Kronwall's steadying influence seems to be working wonders for him!

#2503392 Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 29 March 2014 - 09:11 PM

Smith sweeping that puck right off the goal line behind Howard at the very last second tonight against the Leafs was truly a thing of beauty!!! That kind of heady move is what he is so capable of at his best, and I just hope that he keeps building on that level of play into his habits!

#2494102 Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 10 March 2014 - 04:28 PM

Smith is an offensive defensman; I think we can all see that in his game. I agree with Kip though, that Babs cares about defense before offense, so Smith needs to learn to take care of things on the defensive side of the puck, and adapt his offensive game without sacrificing scoring opportunities against us. He's getting better every week at this. Last year most of LGW wanted him off the team, earlier this year more folks started believing that he could be solid for us, and now we have a thread dedicated to "the real Brendan Smith" finally showing up. I still believe he has a ways to go, and ultimately see him being the Brian Rafalski that we've been missing in a couple years. Time will tell if he reaches that potential or not, but he's trending in the right direction.


I also think that "he is trending in the right direction", and I think that is a good way to phrase it. I think that with his skills, at all lower levels of hockey that he has played until the NHL, he thought of himself as somewhat of a badass - a hockey player being like a gunslinger that hasn't met his match to date. He was always mostly a big fish in a small pond, but now, he can't out maneuver the opposition based on his above average physical skills alone (skating, stick handling, etc).


The complete opposite was Nick Lidstrom, who despite a laser slapshot, relied mostly on smarts, and I think that we can all agree that he flourished this way. He wasn't Coffey fast, Weber physical, etc., but his positioning and anticipation were superhuman, and hopefully, Mr. Smith will take some of that to heart one day soon, and combine his God-given abilities with intelligent hockey. I think you can tell from interviews that he is not just plain dumb, so it must be that he still hasn't accepted the fact that the skills that allowed him to dominate at lower levels are not so unusual in the pro game. I think that (hopefully) if and when he ever catches on and buys into the program, watch out!

#2494039 Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 10 March 2014 - 12:19 PM




I don't know how any of you could possibly know what type of player he's going to be one way or another.  People used to have the same arguments about Tatar and Nyquist, and before that Filppula and Hudler.  Fact is, you just don't know this early in his career what type of player he's going to be. 


Secondly, it's entirely possible that he could be BOTH a big time player in the NHL as one of you suggested and a 40-60 pt. player as the other suggested.  If Jarnkrok was scoring 25-30 goals a season and another 25-30 assists PLUS good defense wouldn't that make him a "big time player"?  


Stop arguing, neither of you know what he'll turn into and truthfully you're both pretty close to each other when you decide to speculate what he'll be. 


Truth is, we traded long term potential for short term gain.  Apparently Holland believed it was preferable to lose the potential of a top flight center (Jarnkrok's upside) for a chance to sneak into the playoffs this year.  Personally, I think it's a bad decision but you're welcome to disagree.  But to try and make it seem like Jarnkrok was a B prospect, or that Legwand is a horrible trade (or a savior of one), is both incorrect and intellectually beneath each of you.

I am of the camp that believes that prospects, as tantalizing as they are, are never a sure thing. The Wings are trying desperately to keep the playoff appearance streak alive, and in many ways, aside from this being hockey credentials based, I think that they also see this as a business /marketing goal in promoting the Wings "brand". Granted, Jarnkrok seems to have excellent skills, but we all know how far skill alone takes a player (Jiri Hudler, Ville Leino, Damien Brunner, Fabian Brunnstrom, etc). There are many players who on paper look incredibly intriguing, with lots of potential that never gets realized due to all kinds of X factors that we are never aware of as fans. 


I do think that KH did "overpay" in pure value for value, but I also think that he felt that his hands were tied, and that the need for a good, although not great center who was available and resignable was too great need at this time. The perfect storm of injuries this year was discouraging to see, but maybe the Wings can put on a burst like last year and give us some degree of consolation going into these playoffs. 

#2493875 Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 09 March 2014 - 02:05 PM

Honestly, I still can't get over how he single handedly contributed with one bone-headed play after another and destroyed our chances in beating Chicago in the playoffs last year. He was the stupidest player, young or old, I had ever seen on the ice in a Wings jersey. A complete moron who earned a benching thirty times over. Whether or not he is suddenly getting a few ounces of grey matter and scoring here and there is irrelevant - he will never be a player of consequence on this team or any other team. 

Wow! It might be a bit premature to write him off so early, isn't it? This is only his second full season with the Wings, so couldn't a light go off in his brain, the coaching sinks in, and the mental part that has given him so much of a problem click in at some point? I would like to think that this is still possible, since he does offer so much promise if and when he finally understands what a defenseman is supposed to do. Like they say, defensemen do take longer to develop the mental aspect past of the game, so I would hope for our sake that there is still time.

#2493690 Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 09 March 2014 - 12:55 PM

Hi guys,


As much we have been down on Brendan and his costly bonehead passes to the opposition and such, with his recent 2 goals and his looking far more confident in joining the rush, isn't this the Brendan Smith that we envisioned before he was ever called up from Grand rapids? He seems to be smelling offensive blood now (last few games) when he joins a rush, and commits to the play in going right to the net, knowing that the winger (hopefully) will have his back covered defensively. Maybe Babs or the assistants sat down with him to give him the okay to freelance a bit more than he had, but to me, this Brendan Smith version 2.0 is what I had thought he could potentially be when he was still seen as one of our top prospects - an offensively gifted and aggressive D man with snarl, speed, and some size - one that we have rarely seen. Do you guys think he is finally showing signs of coming out of his shell, or has he just had a couple of lucky games?

#2410963 Nyquist thoughts

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 24 May 2013 - 04:31 PM

I'm not really fond of comparisons between rookies and star players, but I completely agree with everyone on the comparisons to Datsyuk, which is why I wanted to make this post to pose this question: Is it just me, or does anybody else get confused sometimes on who's out on the ice when you can't see the numbers? I swear, at times Nyquist has a similar posture to Datsyuk when he has the puck until I see it's #14. Is Nyquist bowl-legged by any chance?  :tounge: You can tell he's a sponge and seeing what Dats is doing, what's working and what's not. I'm excited for this kid in the future.



IMHO - you are absolutely right about mistaking one for the other on the ice sometimes, as this exact thing has also unexpectedly happened to me several times. I have begun to think of Nyquist as "Datsyuk-Lite", in that maybe this is a peek at the beginnings of the upward trajectory of a possible future star, with the hockey charisma of a Datsyuk or Zetterberg. I think that they (Gus and Dats) both have a very similar looking skating base, and turn, cut, stop, and dangle in very similar ways at times. Maybe Dats' style is something that Gus emulates, either consciously or unconsciously.  


BTW - not to take this off topic, but as a New York based Red Wings fan, I am in seventh heaven seeing the Wings go as far as where they are now, and can't help but get excited about the fact that Gus, Anderson, Brunner, Smith, and Kindl are finally gelling to give us a taste of what might be an incredibly bright future for us when the other over-ripened kids coming down the pike also join the team. Maybe Kenny was right, after all!

#2193059 Wings re-sign Ericsson to 3-year, $9.75m contract

Posted by NYC Wings Fanatic on 30 June 2011 - 10:53 PM

Hey Red Wing Brethren,

I am a lifelong diehard Wings fan (since Gordie's days) stranded here on the island of Manhattan, surrounded by Ranger, Isles, and Devils yahoos, and this is my very first post on this incredible forum that I have been reading for a few years now. I do want to thank you all for the Red Wings lifeline that kept my hockey spirits alive for many years now.

I also agree that the stated terms are absolutely awful for Ericsson's 3 year deal, as like many of you, I am not at all enamored with his game. On the other hand, I would love it if this was a prelude to a possible sign & trade for someone far more suited long term to the excellent Wings standard of play - someone we can build with, along with Kronner and Stuie when (God forbid) Lids hangs them up. We used to hear a lot of midseason rumblings about Holland's interest in Zach Bogosian, so I am thinking that there must be other young, more highly skilled and gritty d-men on Kenny's radar in the 1 to 4 status range that might be available for reasons that we as fans are not privy to (friction with coach, needs change of scenery for motivation, etc.). Could this be Kenny laying the foundation for a trade, possibly shipping out Big Rig and Huds (or Flip) and getting someone like ZB? Any thoughts?