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#2592081 Definition of a real fan

Posted by WingsAlways on 10 April 2015 - 02:43 PM

A real fan?


You stick by your team through the good and the ugly, I sometimes wonder if some people on this forum remember the "Dead Wings" era. I loved this team during the dark 80's, was spoiled in the 90's, and will watch them lose before I dare root for another team. Am I a "real fan"? I don't know but I'm a Red Wings fan.

#2592068 Definition of a real fan

Posted by SidAbelsSon on 10 April 2015 - 01:42 PM

Having watched the Wings since about 1955, even during the dead years, I consider myself to be a fan. But I am first of all a fan of Hockey. That being said, My favorite team is the Red Wings. If the wings aren't playing, I will still be watching a game and rooting for one of the teams. If that means I'm not a "true" fan, so be it!

#2592008 Definition of a real fan

Posted by Son of a Wing on 10 April 2015 - 10:51 AM

Why is it comical? I don't think it's unreasonable that people want to discuss what went wrong when things go bad. When things are good there is no reason to discuss at length what is going good. But when thing aren't good, you have more to discuss. It'd be the same for almost any situation where there is a good outcome and a bad one. Think about like Apollo 13. When everything was going good there was just regular discussions. But when things went bad then a TON of people came together to discuss the problems. That's just how it is with anything.


Except most (not all) don't come to have discussions.  They come to ***** and rant.  


"Holland sucks" "Trade Howard", "Quincey is a whistle fart".  That's not discussion and it get's old.


Again...not all are like this.  But it's those that make a bad name for the rest.

#2592006 Definition of a real fan

Posted by Nev on 10 April 2015 - 10:39 AM

I noticed in the Game Day Thread there was a lot of talk about what a real fan is.


What do you think the answer is?


Are real fans not allowed to be negative? I know some people feel this way. I think it's bulls***. You should be allowed to care. Complain. And want more from your team.


Like sneaking into the playoffs to me isn't good enough for Detroit. It wouldn't be good enough for Scotty or Yzerman, so why is it for Zetterberg or Babcock?


Let's talk it out.


How about someone who doesn't want the team to lose, just so it proves to everyone on a message board that they were right, and the team does in fact suck, Ken Holland sucks, Howard sucks etc.


A real fan can say "Howard has sucked since coming back from injury" but isn't happy about it.  The fan who gloats "see, I've always said Howard sucks, I told you we should have traded him whilst he had value, I told you we should have tanked", well......

#2592001 Definition of a real fan

Posted by kliq on 10 April 2015 - 10:29 AM

Its hard to simply define what a "real fan" is, but here is what I think pisses people off and results in some fans questioning others.


Some fans want to win at all costs, and have absolutely zero empathy for the players. The kind of people who are legitimately angry at a player for getting a concussion, and think that a player should sacrifice his life after hockey for a win, which is ultimately to give that fan immediate gratification and IMO extremely selfish. These people I have an issue with, and do question.

I think its okay for a fan to be frustrated that a player is hurt, but when you are mad at the player for getting hurt, I believe a line is crossed, especially when insults are thrown at the player. No player wants to be hurt. Could you imagine if a person broke their leg at a factory job because something random and flukey happened, and their co-workers were mad at them for it, seems ridiculous...right? When I hear people say thing like "F U Datsyuk, if you cant play" it embarrassing.


Secondly, we are the luckiest fan base in all of hockey, I'm not going to list our resume as we all know it. We are now in a league that has been created to have parity. Some people still have the expectations of the late 90's, early 2000's, they want this team to be a top seed every year, and to ALWAYS be Stanley cup favorites. This is just not realistic anymore, and when fans don't get this, they attack the people in the organization. Personally I don't think this makes you not a fan, just a bit delusional. We cant outspend other teams by 20mil anymore.


A Lot of people hate the constant negativity. There are certain posters who if you go into their post history, every single thing they write is negative. I think this has more to do with a persons outlook on things in general then their fandom, or they are just trolling.....Tank It?


Lastly, there are the people who hate the fact that the Wings play a European style (Don't hit etc.) This I find funny, because this has been the Wings for years. If you have not accepted this by now, you probably are watching the wrong team lol.


That's my thoughts.

#2591986 Definition of a real fan

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 April 2015 - 09:33 AM

And I guess I'll say this here too. In the context of making a prediction about the outcome of a game, I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about someone predicting a loss. The point of a prediction, after all, is not to be unreasonably optimistic. The point is to be right about the outcome. If the team has been playing poorly, it isn't a stretch by any means to expect it to continue until given a reason otherwise.


And along those lines, I don't see the point to posts along the lines of "Well I know he's not playing great right now, but I'm going to blindly support him through it so when he finally does come through I can say 'I never lost faith in you'"

And I'm not saying you shouldn't hope that they bounce back, I think everybody hopes they do. But it seems more about telling all the "Haters" that you were right and they were wrong, when in fact the "haters" were just giving an honest assessment of the situation as it stood at that time.


I guess what I'm trying to say is when a player or team is performing poorly, there isn't anything wrong with saying so.

In response to the first bolded part, I get what you're saying. I think sometimes, though, there are members who continuously predict the team losing. It's one thing to predict that the Wings are going to lose to a "superior" team, or when they're in the middle of a funk. It's another to jump into every GDT and spew the same, "This team is soft - Ken Holland is garbage. We're losing 5-0."

To the second bolded portion, I think this discussion might be better served in another thread. I'm guessing it's in reference to Howard vs. Mrazek.

#2591963 Definition of a real fan

Posted by 55fan on 10 April 2015 - 08:41 AM

What is a fan?

Well, a fan is a man

(Or a gal, if she sits whilst

She leaks in the can).


A fan has a team,

And the team has a dream,

And the dream of the team

'S of the crop to be cream.


The fan shares the goal,

And invests heart and soul,

But the role of the soul

Goes from shy to *******.


The shy fans say "swell"

When the team's doing well,

Then they scurry the hell

Back to dwell in their shell.


The vocal fans yell

And their veins start to swell

If a diver should sell

Or the PP won't gel.


Some point out the lack

Of a skill or a sac,

And a player attack

If they think he should pack.


Some feel it's their duty

To cheer and be root-y

And not give a hoot-y

If some think that's fruity.


But all of the types follow one common theme-

In good and in bad, their team is their team.

#2591947 Definition of a real fan

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 April 2015 - 08:00 AM

Let's see how long this can go without being shut down. Seriously. Let's think of it as a challenge.

Personally, I think every fan has a right to be negative. I get mad at this team all the time. For me, the important thing is putting into perspective later on - weeding out the reactive stuff from the "this is actually an issue" stuff. Initially, I was upset with the way Detroit clinched, then I read the article where Babcock said he didn't think this team was even a contender in July. It's easy to think "wow, they p***** it away", but really... they made it. Who cares how? Los Angeles and Boston are out, and the Red Wings just keep rolling. Model of consistency. I lost my perspective in the mess that was March, but I'm appreciative that this team has been this good for this long.

I think we're always going to look at another fan who views aspects of this team differently and say, "that's not how to be a fan". It's just how it is...

#2591944 Definition of a real fan

Posted by vladdy16 on 10 April 2015 - 07:41 AM

This cannot end well, but proceed. Let's see where this goes.

#2591865 Red Wings clinch 24th consecutive Playoff appearance

Posted by 55fan on 09 April 2015 - 11:12 PM

I don't think I've ever been this happy after a loss.


Anything can happen now!

#2591828 Red Wings clinch 24th consecutive Playoff appearance

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 09 April 2015 - 10:18 PM

Even nicer since the second longest streak just came to an end at 10 years.

#2591807 Red Wings clinch 24th consecutive Playoff appearance

Posted by rick zombo on 09 April 2015 - 09:56 PM






#2591769 Red Wings clinch 24th consecutive Playoff appearance

Posted by Xitium on 09 April 2015 - 09:38 PM

I was 21 when the Wings won it all in '97. The dead Wings era is still in my memory.


I hope this streak is all a lot of you will ever remember.



#2591761 Red Wings clinch 24th consecutive Playoff appearance

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 09 April 2015 - 09:36 PM

*playoff butt pats*

#2591746 Red Wings clinch 24th consecutive Playoff appearance

Posted by derblaueClaus on 09 April 2015 - 09:31 PM

Well deserved. Although we're somewhat limping in, the team played a great regular season. Let's see how far we can get. Let's GO Wings !