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In Topic: 1/8 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 2 (OT)

09 January 2012 - 07:39 PM

Damn wish I was able to finish watching the game, seems like I missed a good ending. I am delighted to see Conk get a big win finally. :siren:

In Topic: 12/6 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blues 3

06 December 2011 - 03:29 PM

I will be streaming this game at http://freeredwings.tv

Always the best stream. Which station are you using tonight? NBC?

In Topic: December 2011 Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

02 December 2011 - 10:44 PM

Thanks a lot for the wallpapers, even though no love for Android. We are not all iSheep you know :D

I got a -1 for making a joke? I guess some people are touchy about their cellphones Posted Image

In Topic: Erin Andrews calls Jimmy Howard a stud

02 December 2011 - 10:31 PM

Conklin played his way onto the bench after that horrid Washington game and the Columbus game after it.

Howard is on fire this year and is the strongest player on the Wings IMO. But I feel tonight would have been a good night to give Conklin a start against the struggling Sabre'sand Howard a break. Looking at Conklins NHL stats, he is a decent goalie.

In Topic: 12/2 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Sabres 1

02 December 2011 - 06:13 PM

Go Wings.....+1 for for frwtv ;)