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ESPN says....

28 February 2014 - 12:59 AM

ESPN says we are probably out of the running for Vanek and Moulson due to them both being rentals.  Burnside says we are most interested in a depth player for defense.  He does says, that we will be closely watching Ryan Kesler before Wednesday and if the price is right we might try and swing that trade.


So, what do we think?  Do we even want Kesler?  I have mixed feelings.  I've been reading about him and his past and I've see him play enough.  As a player, he can be a flopper, yet can be explosive.  He seems like a prima donna.  I just don't know.  His skills could be off the charts, and Babs wouldn't put up with much of that kind of attitude would he?


What are our thoughts on this?