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In Topic: Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

Today, 06:08 PM

I can understand having reservations in signing radulov but people claiming he'll be lucky to get 40 points are just being ridiculous

He's gonna get 25 goals 50-60 pts at least

Don't forget when he played with Nashville that team was always known as a defensive team , never had a great top 6 line up

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 02:47 PM

Chicago likely won't resign Andrew Ladd. He may be available in the offseason.

He's gonna cost 6-7 per year

No thanks

In Topic: Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

Today, 02:44 PM

Being positive is nice and all, but come on. Fedorov being a big part of us getting him? I'd imagine he'd be trying to keep him for his own team rather than persuade him to come here. I have some bad news if you think Datsyuk would stick around for one more year if Raduov signed here: He won't. Datsyuk is longing to move home to be close with his family. Not have a Russian player to come join him in Detroit. 
Goose and Tats are good trade bait. But we only need to trade one of them, if any. 
This team needs to get bigger and harder to play against. We do not need a softy and a potential locker room cancer. If someone wants to give him another chance, let them. Under no circumstances do I think it should be Holland.

Fedorov won't be trying to convince him to stay as radulov has already made it clear he's going to the NHL

You said it , this team needs to get bigger and harder To play against and I'm pretty sure Gus and nyquist are none of those things and if they could both be used to get a few of trouba/Hamilton/fowler then why not

Radulov wouldn't cost us any assets to sign and he's still in his prime , not 34/35 ... He could easily score 25-30 and If we had radulov vs Tampa in the playoffs we could of won in those close games

As long as it's nothing more than 2 years then signing him isn't a high risk ... And as was mentioned he's got a 5 month old now , doubt he's gonna be partying it up all the time now when he's got a newborn to take care of

In Topic: Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

Today, 10:44 AM

Goose and Tatar actually work hard. Why would you want Radulov in place of them? 
Also, he was last in the league in 2012, and was an absolute train wreck and distraction to his team. The guy has had two chances to prove himself in the NHL and blew it both times. He is the exact opposite of what this team needs. I'd rather us have the Leafs roster than to see him wearing the Winged wheel. At least the Leafs work hard.

Think he deserves a shot if he's changed his ways ... Fedorov will be a big part of us signing him or not I believe ( besides the obvious $$ offered)

Think if he's here , there could be good chances datsyuk returns after all as well ... And for all the troubles with radulov in the past there's no denying his past and I can see him getting 25-30 as a wing , and I'd trust zetterberg would put him in his place if he did anything wrong

As for nyquist and Tatar they are our best trade chips and if we can use them in bigger deals to try and land a fowler and a trouba maybe , then we'd have to consider it since our back end is god awful

We'd still have zetterberg radulov Larkin athanasiou mantha abdelkader sheahan upfront with jurco and pulkkinen maybe and who ever else we'd sign/trade for

In Topic: Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

Today, 10:37 AM

There are UFAs out there that can be had on the cheap that will likely produce a hell of a lot more than Radulov will.

Who are these ufa's you speak of that can be had on the cheap ? If radulov accepts a one year deal I don't see anyone out there who would sign a one year deal who would produce more than radulov

Radulov signs here I think it's highly likely he scores 25-30 ... I understand the reservations about signing radulov , I was against it myself at first , but if he signs a short term deal it then makes Gus and Tatar both expendable and can get us 2 pieces on the back end which is where our greatest problems are

You really expect Fedorov, who is the GM of Radulov's current team, and who is trying to re-sign him  for his club, would help Detroit sign him instead?

Radulov already claimed he's leaving for the NHL ... So yes