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Yesterday, 03:53 PM

To Winnipeg: Hamonic, Red Wings 1st in 2016
To New York: Smith, Winnepeg 2nd in 2016
To Detroit: Byfuglien

That's way off... Islanders are giving up the better player locked up long term at a cheap price

Wings get byfuglien

Islanders get morrisey ,smith,wings 2nd,another pick from the jets

Jets get hamonic,helm

In Topic: Larkin for ...

Yesterday, 03:47 PM

But who's the top 4 defenceman we're giving up to NYI? They've made it clear that's what they want in return.
Unfortunately it doesn't make a lot of sense. Each team giving up a top 4 is going to expect one in return and no team is going to give up two of them.

Unfortunately islanders are screwed cause teams know hamonic want out ... In the words of the Rolling Stones ... You can't always get what you want

Whether it happens or not i think at the end of the day they'd be happy to get this 1st d rated prospect josh morrisey in a package deal ...they can get Hamilton off the flames, but doesn't sound good that the flames are willing to trade him after just signing him(he's not what they expected him to be)

In Topic: Larkin for ...

Yesterday, 02:18 PM

I think Trouba is (sadly for us), in the same category as Ekblad which means untouchable. Myers would be awesome but the Jets just traded for him they aren't dumbing a potential Chara light. Why are people saying Toews has no offensive skills? The guy scores when it matters and has an eye for his linemates that's plenty of offensive ability.
Hamonic is not going to happen, he wants to go to a western Canadian team the Oilers should be all over it for the right price of course.
Thanks to salary cap getting a number one defender has become almost impossible. Too bad Giordano re-signed with the Flames would have been a nice addition.

Anyhow if Larkin keeps developing at his insane pace he will provide us with a lot of joy for at least a decade.

Thing is jets won't be able to afford to keep trouba Myers hamonic and byfuglien

I'd be just as happy if we were involved in the 3 way deal and ended up with byfuglien ... If we decide to resign him or let him go at the end of the year would depend how he would play here

And since he's a ufa and we'd be one of 3 teams in the trade scenario I wouldn't think it would be a huge price if the jets got hamonic .... Maybe if we sent them local boy helm(think he'd fit in nice there on the 3rd line ) 2nd rounder maybe and a kindl/smith or mid prospect like Jensen it could be done

We should make some type of move now (doesn't have to be huge deal) while pavel and hank are here

In Topic: Larkin for ...

Yesterday, 12:11 AM

And lots of players have been praised early on then never hit their ceiling.
AA has top line potential and can play center as well.  Forwards are also a lot easier to find than defensemen.  
Obviously, I'd rather trade AA or Mantha (especially Mantha) than Larkin, but of for whatever unlikely reason a guy like Ekblad or OEL comes available and Larkin is the only one they want, I think you have to do it.

I personally wouldn't if it meant Larkin ... Stupid or not think the fact that he's a Michigan boy is just icing on the cake ... Yes it's still early but Larkin looks like he can be a future captain of the wings , local boy and has toews 2.0 with more offensive skill and skating ... Don't think we'd give him up for anything at this point

being realistic ekblad and oel are cornerstone players and aren't going anywhere unless it's as a ufa , so like you said very unlikely

We're gonna have to draft the next top dman out hope to find one who didn't filly develop yet on a team and make a trade and hope he becomes a star with the wings (like chara became after islanders dealt him)

I think we should try and get in the hamonic deal , he won't come here but maybe we could get In a 3 way deal with nyi and Winnipeg/Calgary and get someone like byfuglien/Myers/trouba or Brodie ... Depending on the price

In Topic: Larkin for ...

29 November 2015 - 08:26 PM

The Wings have 4 potential top line forwards in Larkin, Mantha, AA, and Svechnikov. They have 0 potential top pair D. Deal what you have for what you need. I believe Larkin will be good, but being elite isn't a guarantee, and he wouldn't be the first guy who had a fantastic rookie year then fell off the map for whatever reason.

True ... But Larkin has been praised by a lot of people before the start of the year as the potential steal of the draft unlike some guys like Jim Carey/Barrett jack an who had good rookie seasons who came out of nowhere and later dissapeared (those are the 2 who come to mind )

It's also true we don't have top d men prospects , but a lot of them take longer to develop so let's hope a sproul becomes one of them .... That being said I personally think ridding ourselves of kindl/smith right now and having marchenko/ouellet instead would make us better

Also think with Tatar/nyquist and possibly pulkkinen and jurco if he turns it around (think he still can) as potential top 6 guys I'd might trade nyquist in a package for someone like roman josi