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In Topic: Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

Yesterday, 11:01 PM

While i do agree, I think the biggest reason it came together was Chychruns fall down the lineup. Arizona wanted him, and finally decided to pay the price.

It would of happened either way , if it wasn't chychrun they would of found someone else they liked to make that deal .... If they wanted to they could of done the 20th and 2nd rounder for 16th

Adding datsyuk was not only a bonus for us but for them ... Trust me next year they'll be chasing other cheap contracts when datsyuks and prongers deals are done

In Topic: The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

Yesterday, 10:59 PM

Kinda disappointed henrik borgstrom went so high , had hoped we could of landed him in the 2nd or 3rd somehow (where he was projected to be ) but somehow he went really early

So who do we grab tomorrow ?

In Topic: Detroit trades Datsyuk to Arizona

Yesterday, 10:53 PM

Real money vs no money. Even if he were on LTIR for Arizona they would have to pay him 1.1 million. With Pavs contract they don't pay any real money.

Which is why I never had any doubt that in the end we wouldn't have to give up a top pick or a top prospect like mantha ... Those teams are cheapskates and barely surviving and would do anything to save actual money

Great move by the wings tonight and got themselves and extra 2nd rounder tomorrow ... Now let's find a few gems tomorrow and hope we find an asset or 2 July 1st

It's exactly the type of deal we said would happen while everyone told us how dumb we were to think any team would "do us a favor." Way to go, Kenny.

Ha ya it's unbelievable that we didnt have to give away top prospects to bail out a team that didnt want to spend money

In Topic: The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

I Hope we land trouba or Brodin tonight and stay away from shattenkirk

Kulikov apparently on the market , should we target him? Obviously we'd need better but if we got rid of Ericsson and replaced him with Kulikov could be worth looking at

In Topic: The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

Yesterday, 10:19 AM

Saw on twitter the jets are looking the deal the 22nd pick for a lefty dman and a top 9 forward ... We have anything they might want?what would it take ?

Ouellet or smith ? And forward .... No hope they take Ericsson? Lol

22nd and trouba for Ericsson and ouellet .... Nyquist and helm's rights(he's a Manitoba kid so id say the chances they can get him to sign would be really good)

I'd love to land Lucas Johansen in the 2nd round, but I don't see it happening unless we make a trade to get in the 30 range. Nathan Bastian is another player I like in that range as well. Maybe we could be so lucky for one of them to drop all the way to 46... doubt it.
Wade Allison is another player I like, but I wouldn't take him in the first couple rounds, so again, unless we make a trade to get in the 3rd round, I doubt he drops to us in the 4th at 107...
I really hope we're able to land Kenny Johnson and / or Filip Berglund in one of the later rounds as well...

Ya I like johansen and Allison as well ... I'm really hoping we make a few trades to add more picks, maybe trade back or do a Dominic turgeon type trade and say trade a 2018 2nd or 3rd rounder for a 2nd or 3rd rounder this year

I also like Lucas carlsson from Sweden at d and koivula from Finland who's 17 and already huge