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In Topic: Gus & Tatar almost traded to Calgary per McKenzie

Yesterday, 08:26 PM

Please don't turn this thread into another 'Holland bashing/we're not collectively over the Jarnkrok deal yet.
This is the NHL. You have to give up to get via trade. '
I don't see how we should complain considering - it's a rumour, we've made the playoffs yet again, where are the Flames?

Bob mckenzie doesn't make stuff up .... If he In fact said that then it's true and it scares the s*** out of me

We should all be greatful we had a ton of injuries this season .... Let's face it without them we'd never know how good the kids are and who knows .... Good chance we might of dealt another or 2 away

This team is always pro veterans .... Sheahan was projected as a bottom 6 and being a disappointment in the offensive side and so far he's been just awesome

Tatar and nyquist to Calgary .... My god that would of been a disaster

In Topic: Nyquist since Datsyuk's Return & Unnatural NHL Development

10 April 2014 - 12:14 PM

Sheahan, Tatar, Nyquist, Jurco, Glendening, Dekeyser... Holy crap, who's of thought we'd be making the playoffs with 6 MF'ing rookies on this team?
I think that Pulk's development is what made Jarnkrok tradable.  Both super, super talents, but Pulk, like Dab's said, is a RH sniper which we lack.  He has exemptions through next season and by time 2015 hits, he will be more than ready to step in.
I just hope, if Weiss isn't traded, he doesn't mind moving to wing, because our 4 centers right now are great.  Legwand, Datsyuk, Sheahan and Glenny....nice! Helm looks good on the wing as well, less pressure on him and he can concentrate on developing that scoring touch!

Unfortunately I don't think anybody would want weiss ... I don't see how we can keep both weiss and legwand next 3 years ... Like someone said pulkkinen needs to get some games in next season ... Mantha will be here in 2 yrs 3 max

In Topic: Nyquist since Datsyuk's Return & Unnatural NHL Development

10 April 2014 - 08:58 AM

Exactly. What we saw from Goose wasn't typical production IMO. He was on pace for over 40 goals and I think he's closer to a 30 goal guy.
So, it's not like something's wrong with his play now, in fact it's more normal than it was when he was on his rampage.

Heyyyyy Gus is the future! He's a 50 goal guy :P lol

Seriously though ... Yes I'm sure teams are checking him closer now but I'm also sure they were when he was still scoring , he's been the leading scorer since January 20 so that's 2 + months

I do find it odd that he hasn't scored since datsyuk returned ... But more odd, and not because he hasn't scored is I haven't really seen any great scoring threats from him? I don't know his shots on goal but it seems to me like he hasn't been really visible

I'm sure he will be back to his Gus self in the playoffs

In Topic: Around The League - Eastern Conference Playoff Race

08 April 2014 - 08:48 PM

Jackets in OT
Ryan Johansen is a killer.

Of course

And they got a 1-0 lead already for tomorrow

In Topic: 4/8 GDT - Red Wings 4 at Sabres 2

08 April 2014 - 06:16 PM

Can someone pm me a link pls