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In Topic: Janmark nylen makes the Dallas roster

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

What's realistic? Dougie Hamilton and Keith Yandle were had for scraps. Our gm doesnt know what he is doing.

Keith yandle was way overpaid and the Rangers will regret giving all that up when duclair is lighting it up for yrs with domi

Hamilton would of been nice , we wouldn't of got svechnikov though ... If it was this off season Hamilton was for the taking with the way our kids are looking upfront , Kenny would of gave up 2 firsts at the 16 draft

That being said bringing up Hamilton is pointless cause there's no way Boston would of ever traded Hamilton to a division rival

In Topic: Roster Moves by the Wings

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

You don't seem to realize that having an abundance of bottom 6 talent is good. It means you can pick out the best forward talent possible. The one's left out are useless. You can't trade them. So what? Screw em. Sometimes you lose worthless assets for nothing. It's not a big deal.

I know that but I think our talent is so good right now we're gonna have real threats on the 3rd line now , saw a post that had the lines for tomorrow I think ...

3rd line was nyquist Sheahan and pulkkinen , when's the last time we had a 3rd line that could potentially be this good? 20 goal scorers on the 3rd line +. Datsyuk zetterberg Larkin abdelkader Tatar Franzen on the top 6

Helm glendening Miller 4th? ... Now i might be biased cause I'm a wings fan but I think it's possibly our best team since we won in 08 and bettman gave Sid the 09 cup :)

Gotta fix up the d situation and we could "shock" a lot of people

I Couldn't care about the anderssons

I'd rather lose Ferraro to waivers before Andersson tbh

Rather keep Landon , he's younger and faster ... That being said I think they'll be both gone within 2 years

In Topic: Roster Moves by the Wings

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

If having too much talent is our GM's biggest flaw, consider yourself pretty damn lucky to be a Wings fan. As a Lions fan I know when a GM is not doing their job, Holland does not fall in that category.

Thing is we have a ton of bottom line guys ... It's only now that we got the kids coming up last few years and more to come that we have a ton of great talent likely to be on the 4 lines

Guys like helm Andersson Ferraro and probably Miller will be gone after this year or the one after .... Clearly is gone now , Callahan won't be a wing ...who knows who else I'm forgetting

Think jurco has loads of talent but I don't know if he'll have the chance to show it here u less we package a kid or 2 for a dman

So you think Andersson will be claimed because Brian Bickell has a high salary? lol There's a news flash coming your way.

You asked me who had a high salary that went unclaimed, I mentioned Bickell ... If he had 2 yrs at 850 000 your telling me no one would take him?

Andersson has this year I think and that's it? What 700 000? That's not a big contract to take on ... Everyone thought nestrasil would go unclaimed as well ...

In Topic: Roster Moves by the Wings

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

Who are you referring to???

Bickell? Think if he was like 1.2 or less he'd be claimed but no ones taking his contract

Not "loads" but Richard Panik? Not to mention people like Curtis Glencross are still available for nothing.

Can't really speak of panik cause haven't seen him play much , know he was in Tampa but if they let him go and now the leafs don't want nothing to do with him , that can't be a good sign?

Glencross I'm surprised cause he had like 20 goals a season , but that was like 5yrs ago I think? He's what 32-34 ? Maybe he's out of shape or something , no clue , don't know if he went on a tryout or not

But your right I do recall reading something about NHL vets being out of jobs due to salaries of higher players and teams are going with cheaper younger players

I'd have to check who's still u signed , Martin havlat I think is still out there and Derek Roy is in Switzerland but I never been a fan of his

In Topic: Roster Moves by the Wings

Yesterday, 08:25 PM

If they got high salaries they obviously won't get claimed ... Anyways we'll see what happens , Anderssons sure to be the next guy to go when helm returns