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#2650940 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by greenrebellion on 01 February 2016 - 11:29 PM

Howard is untradeable without eating a good chunk of his cap hit.

#2649927 Sick Shootout Goal By Damien Brunner

Posted by kliq on 24 January 2016 - 08:02 PM

learn how to celebrate with class kid hate over the top celebrations

Goalie mistake


How was that over the top? He scored a goal to win the game and simply raised his hands in the air as his team came over to hug him. His facial expressions didnt even change.

#2649107 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by e_prime on 20 January 2016 - 10:39 AM

To be honest, I haven't a clue.  They've got injuries on the blueline and they want depth at Center.


Armstrong obviously wants some flexibility because he doesn't think he's going to be able to retain Shattenkirk at the price he will cost to re-sign.

So, trying to ship him Ericsson is seemingly out of the question, even though a solid stay at home guy to pair next to Parayo on that second pairing is exactly what the Blues need.  (I know LGW doesn't think Ericsson is that guy, but honestly, I beg to differ.)


Maybe you start with Quincey - a guy on an expiring contract who can easily slot in there on their second pair and you add someone like XO, Sproul, or Jensen. Not saying that just those two players alone would get it done, but if I were Holland, those two options would be where I'd start.


Wait. What am I saying... we already shipped him Nedomlel right?  I'd like my future considerations right now, in the form of Kevin Shattenkirk.

#2647764 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 13 January 2016 - 08:03 PM

Mantha and Frk with another goal each so far in tonight's game. Frk with an absolute bomb, but how else would he score?... He's very much like Pulkkinen, unbelievable shot, weak skater. Paterson is staring his first AHL game tonight, and has looked very good early on. Seems to be great positionally and quick laterally.

I've never really been sold on Frk, other than his cannon shot, but 18 points (10 goals, 8 assists) in his last 14 games (before tonight) is pretty damn good. His skating has improved drastically though and that was his biggest knock when he was drafted.

#2647520 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 12 January 2016 - 12:20 AM

He's on my untouchable list because he's everything we need in a forward. Big. Fast. Sniper. It's not just about production for me, but the points will and have been coming of late, I'm not worried about that. He did have a slow start to the season, mainly attributed to bad luck, which is why his stats don't look great, but he has been hovering around a point per game for the past 20ish games. Not many players do much better than that in the AHL.

Mantha has been playing great all season long, doing everything he wasn't doing last season. He's driving the net, using his body to protect the puck, and most importantly playing with much more intensity and consistency. I expect him to continue to grow and develop and be a great Red Wing in the near future.

We need size up front, and Mantha provides that. No way I trade this kid, unless like I said, it's in a package for a similar style player in his prime.

#2646821 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by F.Michael on 08 January 2016 - 02:15 PM


I wouldn't mind us going after Jagr and Scott as rentals.  Two All Stars who could help us fill our needs somewhat.  We likely wouldn't have to give up much for either.  

If you were Jagr - would you want to leave south Florida (warm weather, and hot women) for the freezing cold, and 'Rosie the Riveter'?


Not to mention - the Panthers are actually pretty darn good this year.

#2646438 LAK/PHI trade

Posted by DatsyukianDekes on 07 January 2016 - 12:08 AM

wait, what? I thought Jones was the future in Nashville? Wtf happened?

Josi happened

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#2645943 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 04 January 2016 - 09:30 AM

Mantha also has 12 points (6 goals, 6 assists) in the 10 games since he was a "healthy scratch". He had points in 7 / 10 of those games. The Griffins were 7-0 in the games he registered at least one point and 1-2 in the 3 games that he didn't, one in which the team was shut out.

I've said it before but I've been very impressed with Mantha all season. I missed the last 3 games but watched most of yesterday's game, and again he was the best player on the ice for either team. I still think he is better off finishing out this season in GR, but I can't wait to see him wear the winged wheel, and it won't be long before he is if he keeps up this level of play.

#2643940 That lazy Mantha....

Posted by krsmith17 on 22 December 2015 - 08:44 AM

I don't want any trades for any more rentals either, unless it's literally for scraps, which won't happen. No more Legwand / Cole / Zidlicky deals please. I'd rather stand pat at the deadline than make any more of those type trades. If we're looking to upgrade our team, it better be for a player in his prime with years remaining on his contract. That one average player is not going to make or break this current team, keep the assets and keep building for the future.


Zero chance Jurco gets waived.

#2643598 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by joesuffP on 19 December 2015 - 10:09 PM

14 in a row!

#2643589 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 19 December 2015 - 04:13 PM

Athanasiou played last night and is expected to play again tonight. I'm thinking he'll likely get the call again, although I'd love to see it go to Mantha. He's been one of the best players down there all season. For those that point to his early struggles this season and still wonder which Mantha we're going to get, his game hasn't changed one bit this season, other than him now finally getting some bounces go his way. The kid is playing with a ton of confidence right now, and when he's at the top of his game, he's a very dangerous player. I'd love to see what he can do for a couple games on Datsyuk's wing.

Callahan took another puck to the face in practice yesterday, and will be out for another 4-6 weeks. Sucks for Cally and the Griffins and he's no longer an option to be called up. The only other option would be Nosek and I think he's still a bit of a long shot, especially with Athanasiou and Mantha being available. I haven't been all that impressed with Bertuzzi so far this season and it's not just his point totals either. He hasn't been playing with the same fire we seen from him late last season. Hopefully he overcomes it and gets going soon.

#2643189 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 16 December 2015 - 09:36 PM

Make it 12 straight! Franchise record. Mantha with another very good game.

#2642829 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 13 December 2015 - 07:57 PM

What a f***ing game. Down 3-0, 3-1 with only a couple minutes left in the 3rd, 2 quick goals, tied it with less than a minute left. Ended up winning it in OT.

#2642780 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 13 December 2015 - 01:11 AM

He played another great game and once again was one of the best players on the ice tonight. He was denied on a breakaway opportunity, used his speed to blow by a defender and made a nice forehand backhand move, but couldn't quite squeak it through the fivehole. The chemistry between him and Athanasiou is unreal. Unfortunately AA left the game in the third and didn't return. Hopefully he's okay and is in the lineup tomorrow night. Mantha now has 10 points in his past 8 games, and is looking better and better each and every game. It still shocks me when he puts it in full gear, he can really move. Extremely fast for such a big body.

The win streak has reached 10, which I believe ties the franchise record. They could break it tomorrow night in Iowa.

#2642034 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 10 December 2015 - 07:05 PM

Mantha has been one of the Griffins' best players every single night, only bested by Athanasiou (and Jurco when he was down). He's been keeping his feet moving away from the puck, making smart decisions with the puck, and has just been snake bitten. Early on in the season, he just could not catch a break, every opportunity (many were self created, using his speed and body to shield the puck) was negated, whether it be a huge save by the goaltender, or hitting the post, nothing was going his way. You can tell lately he has been second guessing himself, and a few grade A scoring chances, he has passed the puck off to a teammate. He had at least four 2 on 1 / 2 on 0 breaks with Athanasiou over the past few games and Athanasiou would have the puck and try to set up Mantha for the goal, but Mantha would immediately send it back, and Athanasiou scored on a couple but also missed on a couple, one in particular, he just didn't look like he was expecting the pass back. So the only thing I can think of which would be somewhat of a  logical reason for Nelson to scratch him, is to put Frk on that line, who he knows isn't shy about shooting every opportunity he gets, and maybe send some sort of message to Mantha, that he needs to be the finisher on that line, not the passer. Athanasiou is a great playmaking center, when he sends it your way, you better bury it...


I still don't like the decision because he could have taken Mantha off that line without taking him out of the lineup by simply taking Cleary or Campbell out. Either way, I hope whatever the reason, Mantha gets back in on Saturday and keeps playing the way he's been playing all season. The points will come for sure...