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#2672214 Fixing this mess....

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 21 April 2016 - 06:43 PM

Jurco should start next season on our third line, and then depending on how he does, we can make a decision from there. I think selling a player with his potential when he's been a healthy scratch for most of the season would be a mistake. Richards shouldn't be back, Mantha should take his spot. Athanasiou is in the lineup now, so that's a non issue. Svechnikov and Bertuzzi are a couple years away. There's no reason one of the two can't be penciled in on the third line next season. I'd choose Jurco and trade Pulkkinen at the draft to move up a few spots...

How many times have we said cleary and Samuelson shouldn't be back? And they were? Lmao sadly we're dealing with holland so I could totally see Richards returning

Anyways we'll see what happens ... As for the draft unless we can get a good dman first round I'd like to see us go back to and get 3 2nd rounders if possible and select all dmen , last few years there's been some solid dmen coming out in the 2nd rounds

#2669712 ECQF Game 2 Post-GDT: at Tampa Bay 5, Red Wings 2

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 15 April 2016 - 10:18 PM

Blashill thinks that 6:52 of Andersson is more important than Mantha.

Blashill needs to stop thinking

#2669706 ECQF Game 2 Post-GDT: at Tampa Bay 5, Red Wings 2

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 15 April 2016 - 10:13 PM

Most of us said it mrazek is the goalie of the 2 that could steal a series and should of started game 1

Been saying it for years Howard will never be a winner , he doesn't the "it" factor

Mantha and his 6'5 frame should be screening bishop (who's just as big )on the powerplay

Was hopeful when Blashill came on as wings coach but right now he could take a hike for all I care and never come back , guy is so safe it's ridiculous , he has no balls and rely's on his vets too much

I'd also bench nyquist and maybe even Tatar cause there both just pissing me off , nowhere near as good as they should be ... Trade them both in the off season for some defense and grit , it's embaressing that abdelkader is the only grit on this team

#2667348 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 12 April 2016 - 06:07 PM

Please don't board me with such meaningless justifications!!!
If anyone can retrieve pucks for Pav we know it's Helm.

Why can't Anderson retrieve the puck? Is the oh great only limited to faceoffs? Can he only play 5 minutes of hockey or less or his greatness will be tarnished ?

Right next to Jose Canseco on Twitter - you may be the most un-intentionally funny person on the Internet.
Try and be more serious though

Haa look who'sf****** talking ... Your Andersson jokes are over kill already

#2667344 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 12 April 2016 - 06:02 PM

[quote name="WingedWheel91" post="2667326" timestamp="1460497093"][quote name="nyqvististhefuture" post="2667324" timestamp="1460496509"]
What happens if we win game 1 and lose 4 in a row after ? You were right and we were wrong ?
Who the f*** made you the expert
And where was all this Andersson love when he was here last year ?

Shoot, you mean there's a legitimate chance Andersson doesn't get a hat trick tommorow or win the Conn Smythe this season? It's surreal to envision, but I guess I won't be known as an expert anymore if that scenario doesn't materialize.


Sorry to be the messenger and hurt your massive ego but your far from the expert , where was this Andersson love before he got called up? Did you pick him up in a bar last weekend ?

3 points in 10 games, 2 of them n the PP where he's been replaced.  He's not suited to the role they want from the 4th line.

What has brad Richards done on the ppl? Or anyone else for that matter ? Let's not play games , he's just being s*** on cause he's the kid and the easy target

Loads of players have went on long streaks this season without a goal

Hey Let's blame mantha

Why the f*** do people keeo saying Mantha isn't suited for the 4th line? No s***! You know who is suited for the 4th line? Helm, Sheahan, Glendening. You know who isn't suited for the NHL? Andersson. Scratch Andersson, play 3 guys that would make a scary shutdown line, and use Mantha in the top 9, where he can actually contribute offensively...

You know who doesn't belong on the 4th line? Athanasiou ... But hey he's a kid

I'm starting to think we're dealing with holland's family members here ... Well and the obvious boy crush on Anderson over here

Great idea genius.
How the heck is El Chapo Andersson going to capture that elusive Conn Smythe from the AHL?
Makes no sense to me.
But MANTHA.... Nothing says "Top 6" in the NHL playoffs against the Stanley Cup runner up like 10 GP with 3 points to show for it.

Can anyone call up ken holland and put this moron on the team and give him powerplay time ?

It be nice to see him rammed into the boards ... It be worth the 5 minute penalty kill and multiple goals we'd be letting in

Right now we got Tatar, Nyquist, AA who can't play defense but have proven to be able to score and be effective in a limited role and that's enough of those kind of guys. We can't have half the team unable to take defensive zone face offs
Mantha dominating the AHL playoffs And being a go to guy is more beneficial for his development anyways. He hasn't come close to being the leader offensively of the Griffins so that's a little concerning

Problem is Tatar and nyquist along with multiple offensive players we have , have proven they can go on very long stretches without scoring goals ... And athanasiou on a 4th , that makes no sense

#2667325 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 12 April 2016 - 04:35 PM

Watching the gymnastics some people do to defend their boy, whoever it happens to be, is pretty entertaining.
Mantha was a defensive liability who wasn't producing.  So are several other players, but most of them have a history of producing in the NHL, at moreso than Mantha does.  Hollands quote, while harsh, was accurate.  Mantha wasn't a key player for the Griffs last year.  Expecting him from going from a decent AHL player to the savior in Detroit is asinine.

For Christ sakes Nobody every said Martha would be the savior , fact is he's a talented kid that can shoot the puck and is a if body in front of the net that can help our powerplay , how's taking him away gonna help a team that's had problems scoring all season long?

Athanasiou had also shown a lot of promise and skill and he's on a 4th line barely playing instead of getting significantly more playing time

Andersson brings the same to the team like a glendening can,helm and others

Lets just say it like it is our coach is a chicken s*** and would rather play it safe with the veterans than playing younger kids ... Don't come here and complain when we're scoring 1 goal a game

Because Andersson is a battle hardened warrior, deadly as they come - worthy of all the ice time he gets. It takes Steph Curry 0.4 Seconds to score as many points as Mantha did in 10 games. #notdeadly

Hold on, was that intelligence you just employed? I thought we weren't supposed to use such tools when discussing the potential impact a rookie will have in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? He had 3 points in 10 games... You mean he isn't going to solve all of our offensive problems even though we know he's awful defensively, and creates further stress on Pavel Datsyuk in his own end?
Hmm.... So you're saying that relying on a veteran in a 4th line capacity, while allowing the elite superstar (in the making) - who by the way sucked absolute donkey d*** last year - to develop his game in Grand Rapids is not a terrible coaching decision? This seems too rational.

Andersson is a hardened warrior ... Let's hope so he's gonna need it if he's gonna be a career ahler

#2667324 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 12 April 2016 - 04:28 PM

Would all you girls stop whining!!!!!
Just remember - you can't delete these comments after we win tomorrow night, and Andersson buries a hat-trick!!!!!!!!!
Here's another stat - which I'm sure you experts will dissect immediately LOL:
Mantha - 10 Career NHL Regular Season Games, playing on Datsyuks line + PP opportunity = 0.30 PPG
Andersson - 22 Career NHL Playoff Games, playing on the 4th line without PP opportunity = 0.32 PPG
I just hope the guy who engraves the Conn Smythe doesn't spell "Andersson" with only one "S" this June!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens if we win game 1 and lose 4 in a row after ? You were right and we were wrong ?

Who the f*** made you the expert

And where was all this Andersson love when he was here last year ?

Mantha. has. 2. Godamn. Powerplay. Points....... Out Of 3 in total!!!!! Put me on the f****** thing for 10 games and I'll get that many!!!!
No no, your right - he's the deadly offensive PP force we so desperately need. Perhaps a name change is almost in order: Mario Mantha? Perhaps Gordie Mantha? Dare I say Anthony Oates Mantha? Elegant.

You got more of a chance of getting cross checked into the boards and never being heard of again than getting a single power play point

#2667309 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 12 April 2016 - 02:30 PM

Helm is a great 2 way player but in no way should helm be in a top 6 role ... Mantha who can skate,shoot and get to the front of the net on the powerplay with his big body should be here playing and gaining some playoff experience

Athanasiou who scored that big short handed goal against flyers to make it 2-0 and might be one of the big reasons we ended up winning that game and making the playoffs thanks to those 2 points ....is on a 4th line with glendening and Anderson playing what 5-6 minutes?

Is this a f***en joke? Datsyuk announces he's likely leaving so play it safe Blashill decides to stick them back together so they could have a goodbye tour and stick Larkin on a 3rd line with datsyuk's leftovers?

Nyquist and tatar's goal productions decreased jurco and pulkkinen isn't playing , mantha sent down and athanasiou is in the gutters .... Blashill was suppose to be this guy that came in that was gonna help bring up the kids but seems like he's just s***ting on them and keeping them down and playing veterans on top 6 role and calling up the new Dan clearly from Grand Rapids to play over mantha

Yet when the playoffs start and we wont score goals were suppose to be shocked?

Unless mrazek/Howard steals the show this won't be pretty to watch

#2667092 Playoff Lines + Mantha Back to GR

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 11 April 2016 - 01:47 PM

You're probably right - but our D gets worse when that happens.

Can't get much worse than it is now , ouellet isn't spectacular but he's safe and can move the puck , think he'll help the team .... I personally believe one of Tatar/nyquist will be dealt to land a defensemen which should help us better

Personally not willing to handcuff ourselves with Quincey at 5 million for 4-5 years , sooner or later we have to play some of our prospects , it's very unfortunate that it always happens when we're forced to play them rather than giving them chances

#2667031 Free Press: Pavel Datsyuk to return to Russia following Playoffs

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 11 April 2016 - 09:23 AM

To be fair in the cap world that is the proper way to do it.

He's gonna keep waiting along time for draft picks to emerge into stars if he keeps sending the kids down to Grand Rapids and plays the ones he has up 5-6 minutes a game

#2667022 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 11 April 2016 - 08:38 AM

Some people say he only scored two goals in his ten games. True, but he also hit a couple posts in that time frame as well. The fact our pp improved alone is reason to play him.

I guess some people forget that we have plenty of guys this year that went scoreless over a stretch of 10-15 games

But hey lets s*** on the talented kid and let the veterans off the hook cause it's the redwing way

#2666886 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 10 April 2016 - 04:30 PM

What has Mantha done to earn a roster spot in the playoffs?  Not a thing.

You could say the same about athanasiou , he's got 9 goals in limited ice time but hasn't taken the league by storm

The whole point of this is the wings would have a better shot with the kids getting more ice time and learning than the same old vets who have been lackluster all season , correct me if I'm wrong but the wings haven't scored too many goals this year? And we barely got in , if Boston didn't choke bye bye wings and datsyuk would be officially done as of today

Time to get some guts and play the kids , that's how we make noise in the playoffs not over working hank and pav and having Richards as a go to guy ... Things might be different if nyquist and Tatar were performing like they did last year but there not, athanasiou and mantha should get more playing time

Helm Richards in top 6 roles won't be enough to get us going

#2666827 Playoff Lines + Mantha Back to GR

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 10 April 2016 - 12:58 PM

And they can always call Mantha back up at any time if they need/want to. He's not far away.

Ha call him back when were losing 3-1 series

#2666815 Mantha

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 10 April 2016 - 12:24 PM

Pretty ridiculous blowing the last chance mantha will ever have from being surrounded pavel , Blashill was all about the kids when he came here but athanasiou is playing 5 minutes a game now and all the kids he practically coached in Grand Rapids are being benched

Jeff let's keep playing it safe Blashill could turn out to be a big mistake

Brad Richards and Anderson won't help us win a cup , having athanasiou and a sniper like mantha get more ice time on the powerplay and top 6 will

Whatever , at least we got 25 years now .... That seems like the only goal now

#2666771 Free Press: Pavel Datsyuk to return to Russia following Playoffs

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 10 April 2016 - 10:18 AM

when Z datsyuk and richards retire at the same time
wings are in trouble

Richards? He's gone after this year and he's not bringing much to the table now

I really thought pavel would stick around one more year and not handcuff us with the 7.5 cap hit .... Now that being said and he's actually leaving I hope we insert mantha back in and let him play with pavel now and learn, I wanted him up a lot sooner to learn from him and hank but now time isn't a luxury

And I hope Blashill wakes the f up and stops playing it safe and realizes if we're gonna make a good run here the kids are gonna have to step it up and that means more ice time and not benching a sniper and playing AA 5 minutes a games and overplaying hank and pav who will only get more tired and not benefit the team the longer the playoffs go for us

It's time for Blashill to trust some of these kids , and if we are gonna have a long run it'll come through mrazek and not Howard