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I Hate Jeff Blashill because ...

21 April 2016 - 09:20 PM

- He keeps shoving Ericsson down our throats (just found out he was on the ice on the winning goal, surprise surprise)

- he's too much a chicken s*** and rely's way too much on the veterans than trust in the kids (athanasiou got a giant 5 minutes again )

- he bulls***s the fans with his excuses for sending down mantha to keep anderson(who played 2 minutes) and said our powerplay would be ok without him ... We got zero goals I believe

- he was too stupid to realize mrazek gave us the best chance at winning this series , when a lot of us here said mrazek should of started game 1

I just hate this coach , which is surprising cause I thought I was gonna love him... He's turned out to be a big mistake , we don't need a safe coach , who's stubborn and refuses to play our best players just because and ... We all saw how horrible our powerplay was ... That 5 on 3 ... Atrocious , he needs to answer to that

Anyways keep the Blashill love going ... Why do you guys him ...

Looking ahead at expansion draft

16 March 2016 - 11:11 AM

There's talk about expansion drafts coming and I'm curious if anyone knows how many players were usually allowed to protect ?

Apparently teams won't be allowed to protect 2 goalies ... And also word that teams might have to leave some good players unprotected as they don't want the new team(s) to suck for 10 years straight right off the bat

Apparently players with no trade clauses will be available to be picked up or it'll count as a player a team protects (better be the first)

I personally think teams might have to leave a player making 3-5 per at least available , so I'm hoping we still have Ericsson around

Anyways ... Anyone know the amount of players usually left unprotected ?

Redwings interested in kirby rychel?

04 January 2016 - 03:01 PM


Think we should be focusing more on defensemen .... don't know much about him but guessing by his size that's something the wings might like? Maybe he's a physical player?

What would it cost us to land a 19th overall pick ? I'm thinking a athanasiou + type package and I personally wouldn't do it

What are the rules in signing undrafted players?

07 December 2015 - 01:01 PM

I was checking up on Russia's camp roster for the junior championships and saw svechnikov and his linemate was invited to camp together ... Fellow Russian

Went and check on hockeydb and he's undrafted ... He's gonna be 20 next month, thing is he only 155 but he produces and I was wondering if a team wanted to sign him or someone during the year that wasn't drafted they can't right?

Guessing it's only after the draft teams can invite players to camp and then sign them if they want or else teams have to wait till the following draft day or when they are past draft eligible age?(22?)

What are the chances Larkin wins the Calder ?

19 November 2015 - 02:57 PM

I'm asking cause I just seen my local sports lottery added the Calder trophy winner and I find the odds they've given Larkin are high(which is good if you wanna take him)

Panarin 1.75

Domi 3

Eichel 6

Bennett 10

Parayko 15

Larkin 15

Lindberg 20

Ehlers 25

Any other 7

With mcdavid out , might be biased but I think Larkin has a really great shot at winning the trophy , he plays with hank/pavel , great 2 way player and will get tons of ice time

I think he beats panarin even if he ends up with more points(as long as it's close enough) due to the fact that he's 19 and panarin is 24 already

I think he's better player overall than domi, and I can see him slowing down a bit since Arizona should likely miss the playoffs ... Only one that worries me a bit is eichel if he just steps into high gear , but if Larkin ends up close enough and is +30 for example and eichel is -30 I'm guessing it would go to larkin

Anyways enough of my rambling , I just wanna see who most of you guys think will win? Top 3?

I'd say 1 Larkin 2 eichel 3 domi (I'd of considered parayko if he kept up his play all year but I heard he got hurt?)