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In Topic: Red Wings' Future

20 February 2013 - 10:09 AM

The thing that excites me is our size and speed on D. Id love to trade Kronwall away and let White and Colo go.


They all arent ready yet, but I bet those 7 will make an excellent group in 2-3 years.


You want to trade our best defenseman? You can argue all you want and point at his atrocious -9 but he IS our best defenseman and he isn't going anywhere. He's always out against other teams top lines for a reason. He's also paired with a rookie right now and as solid as Lashoff looks out there he is prone to mistakes. He will get much better and I think he will provide the same level of comfort and stability that Stuart did while he was here.


I would like to see something like this in about 3 years...


Smith - Sproul

Kronwall - Ericsson / Kindl

Ouellet - Lashoff


In Topic: Trade for Bogosian

23 January 2013 - 10:07 AM

winnipeg GM: "man, that kyle quincey is looking really good. and only a 3.75 million cap hit? i wonder what we would have to give up to pry him out of detroit?"


I doubt Cheveldayoff is thinking that and yeah Quincey had a rough 2 games to start the season but he played really well lastnight against Dallas. He shook off the rust like most players and he made some good plays and did an outstanding job on the 2 on 1 to break up the pass and negate a sure goal. He's not as bad as most fans make him out to be.

In Topic: Trade for Bogosian

23 January 2013 - 09:58 AM

To Winnipeg:





To Detroit:















Not a bad trade but I think Nyquist will be better than Kane in 3-5 years... and as much as I want Bogosian, Staurt is a huge reason I would be in on that trade... The guy is a hitting and shot blocking machine, which we desperately need...


DON'T TRADE OUR 1 unless it is for a top pairing guy coming back which Bogosian isn't.

We could really get a nice pick this year so let's not throw another one away. Time for re tooling was after our last SC final now it is time for a real rebuild don't want to see us looking for shortterm fixes just to make the playoffs.

Just look at some retooling teams they are trapped in mediocrity.

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I think Bogosian is definitely worth our 1st round pick...


I read the thread title and thought Vinny Prospal had been traded.


Sorry, typo... As well as Huskins... not Hunkins...


great thread. i'm sure winnipeg wants our trash for their good players.
This isnt NHL13. You cant throw 5 mediocre players into a trade to make it seem equal to get a really good player. 


I think this trade is very even but I'd also throw in Joey MacDonald to back up Ondrej Pavelec... What else would we need to give up? Bogo isn't worth any more than White, Kindl and a first is he? Stuart isn't worth much more than Quincey, Mursak, Tatar and MacDonald is he?...