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Yesterday, 07:35 PM

You know what? I'm tired of people using "the pc police" as an excuse to continue to say s***ty things. It's not cool to be a racist. It's not cool to be a homophobe. It's not cool to use derogatory terms for special needs people. It's not people being "sensitive," it's people calling you out on your bulls***.

In Topic: Name That Band

01 May 2016 - 09:40 PM

Flogging Molly?


In Topic: Name That Band

01 May 2016 - 05:21 PM

Rage Against the Machine

Spanking Mrs. Weasley

In Topic: Detroit Red Wings Awards

01 May 2016 - 12:18 PM

Lol I think all those were my votes except biggest traitor I gave to Shanny because he went to DPS *and* the Leafs. Also because I liked him more than Babcock so it stung a bit more.

I always thought Helmerrhoids was a girl but I could be wrong.

In Topic: LGW Moderator Problems

29 April 2016 - 12:55 PM

When it's 4+ pages of team bashing and complete nonsense, absolutely. Directly from the forum rules. 
· DO post constructively. If you can't add anything meaningful to a discussion, don't bother.
While we have the small handful of posters here that seem to have issues with how things are handled, I guarantee you we have a much bigger concern from posters that think we are entirely too lenient and have expressed to us in PM about leaving this site because of how toxic the GDT becomes, and how X poster is entirely too argumentative and aggressive in their posting style and no longer want to be involved with this community due to these people. Its a two way road, but the majority that send us messages is out of concern about things not being moderated enough and the things we often let slide. If you could only see my PM box and weigh out the positives against the negatives, it may give you a better perspective. 
A lot of great members, boosters, and moderators have been chased away from this site from a few of the same very people that are critical of the moderation staff that generally find their way out eventually anyway. The minority of the community feels like the moderators are pushing people away, but the majority feels it is the aggressive and confrontational posters. This is a fact that any member of the staff here would easily back me up on, including Matt. 
So I support what the staff does, if threatening to close a GDT after receiving a handful of reports about how out of hand it is getting in the thread to level things out and return it back to game discussion instead of post after post of "This team sucks" "F*** this team" "What a joke" is a big concern of yours, in which the GDT was never, nor has it ever been locked in the middle of any game ever on this site, feel free to send a PM to Matt and we can look into overturning that comment in the now entirely irrelevant GDT. 
I've said this time and time again, no forum in the history of the internet's existence has ever had a moderation staff that 100% of the community is content with. It's impossible to please everyone in any scenario like this. It really comes down to how much of it really bothers you and if it's that important to you to be a determining factor if you stay here as a part of the community or take your leave. 

SO MUCH THIS. I cannot begin to tell you how turned off I have been by the aggressive negativity. And that's the difference. Constructive criticism? Well thought out critiques of the team? I'm all for it. But the constant BARRAGE of violent negativity and "f*** you if you don't think this is the worst s*** EVAAARRR" attitude to those of us who either are trying to find a silver lining or just DON'T GET THAT FRICKING WORKED UP is *ridiculous*. Some of the people that post here seem to be really miserable, unhappy people. That's not the rest of our faults. So you feel censored? Too bad. Because I feelf****** *assaulted* when I read some of these bulls*** rampages that get away with not only hostility toward the team but frequently sexism, racism, and homophobia to boot.

So you see, it's all about balance. The mods aren't here just to please you. They're here to try and balance what posters like myself want as well.