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In Topic: First time visitor to Detroit

Yesterday, 02:15 PM

Bucharest for the Shwarma,

Lafayette coney (f*** American)

Their curly fries and hummus are tasty. And how dare you.

In Topic: First time visitor to Detroit

Yesterday, 01:11 PM

If you like Greek food, then Greektown's a must. Nemo's for bar food/drinks, and you have to pick your favorite coney at either American or Lafayette. Slow's is great if you have a hankering for bbq, or Hockeytown cafe if you want the traditional Wings experience. A lot of places have shuttles to the Joe if you're eating/boozing there, or you could hop on the people mover. Stick to the main roads and well-lit areas and you won't have a problem.

In Topic: So Kenny Trades You...

Yesterday, 01:06 PM

EDIT - I forgot to ask - what did your game day meal comprise of?

Mexican food :lol:

In Topic: Random Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 11:34 AM


I'm going to see it on Saturday! So stoked.

In Topic: So Kenny Trades You...

Yesterday, 11:31 AM

I'm a forward, and I get dumped in Chicago. I play nice until the first time the Wings come to town, then in the middle of the second period I freak out Slap Shot style and start doing a striptease. Once fully nude, I will gracefully skate to center ice and take a big, steaming dump on the Hawks logo while flipping the bird. When I've finished, I will make the "mike drop" gesture and skate off the ice. This is particularly beautiful because once the fallout is cleared, they still have half a game to play :lol:

I may lose my career, but I will go down in NHL history.