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In Topic: Ericsson and Alfredsson not 100%

11 September 2014 - 09:01 PM

Oh this explains everything. You box or MMA?

Can't you read? He's an amateur *finger.* he points at stuff, and touches things, and picks noses. Just not professionally.


In Topic: Rule Changes for 2014-2015 Season

11 September 2014 - 03:57 PM

@Proteautype: NHL bans spin-o-ramas in shootouts and penalty shots. You're next, dipsy-doodlers.

@Proteautype: The problem was never with spinning, understand. But when it got to o-rama levels, something clearly had to be done.


In Topic: 2015 Winter Classic : Blackhawks vs. Capitals at Nationals Park

11 September 2014 - 02:53 PM

@RedWingsFeed: HBO Wont Be Airing 24/7: Road To The Winter Classic This Year: The Washington... http://t.co/kcpB06zMAz via @NextImpulse #RedWings

"24/7′ did seem to get a bit stale last year when it featured the Maple Leafs and Red Wings, but its still disappointing that we wont get to follow the adventures of Alex Ovechkin and Patrick Kane this winter."


In Topic: Ericsson and Alfredsson not 100%

11 September 2014 - 11:28 AM

The kids smell blood, like sharks. Or maybe vultures. Or maybe vulture sharks. (Vulks? Shartures?)

Definitely Shartures, because it has the word shart in it which I feel always comes in handy during a Red Wings hockey season.

I don't really see this as news--am I the only one? So, Alfie has a bad back...we knew this...and *he's not currently signed to our team*. It's literally not our problem. If Kenny wants to sign him for $6 to play 29 games I don't give a s***.

Ericsson is a little more concerning, but will it honestly affect his play *that* much (granted I don't play, and have only used a hockey stick to assault my beloved cousin around the stomach and chest area when I was 11 so please do correct me if I'm wrong). It sounds to me that more than anything, Rig has the yips about the whole situation and is bummed he didn't progress further in the time he had.

Now...if we start getting visits from the demons known as Zetterberg's Bad Back and Datsyuk's Knee of Fruit, THEN I'll start panicking about injuries. Hello darkness my old friend...

In Topic: Dekeyser/Tatar status update

10 September 2014 - 05:48 PM

Khan's take:

@AnsarKhanMLive: The latest on contracts talks between the Wings and Danny DeKeyser: http://t.co/W01ZkEU5B5