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In Topic: DeKeyser re-signed to a 6 year deal

Today, 11:22 AM

I think this deal will be a steal once he has The right partner. DD is an important piece of a rebuilding defense

In Topic: Glendening signs 4-year, $1.8m AAV extension

Yesterday, 11:15 PM

So you're telling me. That you don't think there is any correlation to coaching change and the fact that scoring went down? Lol okay lets blame the offensive players. Literally almost everyone underproduced this season. You want to hold all 10 players accountable? Or perhaps it's the new PP coach and Blashill the rookie? 

Yeah. My whole point is that the offense didn't work last year. That's coaching and players. The defense was good... Because our defensive players were good

In Topic: Glendening signs 4-year, $1.8m AAV extension

Yesterday, 10:51 PM

Then what's your point? You don't seem to have one. I never said anything about analytics. You mentioned how bad we were offensively was because of Glendening's ice time and I said you should probably start blaming our scorers for not scoring before our 4th line centre. Glendening didn't lead the team in ice time. Z and Larkin got pretty average ice time for first line players. I take into account how awful the other lines were for why Glendening's ice time went up. Remember how awful the Tatar-Sheahan-Tatar line was? There's a reason their ice time went down. Look at the power play. Everything suggests our offensive guys had a down year but defensively were pretty average. Logically we should blame our offensive players

In Topic: Glendening signs 4-year, $1.8m AAV extension

Yesterday, 10:42 PM

You act like Glendening plays more than anybody, he doesn't. And that also includes all the time spent on the PK. Blaming Glendening cause guys like Z, Nyquist, Tatar had disappointing seasons is stupid. How was that power play again? Say what you want about Blashill's coaching staff not being able to generate any scoring but blaming Glendening for how bad we were offensively is dumb and wrong. The strategy mostly didn't work all season but we weren't shot out of the gym. Last I checked our defensive game was decent and our offensive game was complete trash. If we had good offensive players they could have taken advantage. Having one player hit 50 points on the season is very bad offensively

In Topic: Glendening signs 4-year, $1.8m AAV extension

Yesterday, 10:33 PM

Well maybe the problem is that nobody on this team can score 50 points and not our 4th liners