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#2640308 The Rise and Fall of Drew Miller

Posted by frankgrimes on Yesterday, 01:42 PM

Wow I can't believe how fascinated people are with a fourth line role. Pulkinnen as a penalty killer? *lol* would be hilarious to see but only if people aren't Wings fans

#2640251 Larkin for ...

Posted by frankgrimes on 29 November 2015 - 08:29 PM

I'm only going to quote this one, but the post you made in response to me earlier in the thread was spot on dude.

The only thing is we seem to be able to develop forwards amazingly well, especially compared to developing defenseman. So I think we have a better chance at developing someone into a number one c, than we do a number one d. That's the only reason Id consider trading Larkin for someone like OEL or ekblad, which I'd still be hesitant to do, and i doubt Florida or az would do it anyway.

But we really didnt do much development with Larkin, he did it all on his own, which is what makes it so special. We don't pick high enough to get players of his calibur, and when we do they're damaged goods in some aspects.(compete level, or another skill that's not at a high level) that we have to teach them.

Larkin's a very, very special player.

I said it last year when he was tearing up the ncaa, He's our next captain.
And the potential of having our captains and assistant captains all from Michigan in the future is so damn cool.

Does anyone know if we Would be the first team to have all our captains from the teams home state?
C-Dylan Larkin
A-Justin Abbreviator
A-Danny Dekeyser

Wow that would be incredible cool I think we'd be the second team, since the Habs had that French only captains and A's policy some years ago.

But yeah Larkin is very special but Ekblad is probably the most untouchable Panther right now, guy has future Norris winner written all over him. Like I said there is no way I'd be dealing Larkin for a realistic return right now, neither would I trade Mantha. But with the exception of Danny D. some package will be needed to get that top pairing guy even if it means dealing one of Goose, Tatar, AA..

#2639633 Bigger nets ?

Posted by frankgrimes on 27 November 2015 - 09:33 AM


Do you think the fans should have "protected" their game from the forward pass in the 1920s? Now THAT increased scoring.


As far as growing the game, I just don't think the NHL is in a place where it can turn away potential new fans. Do we really think hard-core fans are going to leave the NHL in droves because of a 2" change to the size of the net? You can't even see that difference on your TV at home. But the increased scoring that would result WOULD help star forwards grow their brand and that brings in more casual fans.


Edit: To clarify, I'm not saying you're wrong. I get that hockey traditionalism is an important part of why the game is where it is. But I think sometimes we're more than a tad bit overreactive to what would, actually, be a minor change. We're acting like making the nets 2" bigger all the way around would fundamentally isolate fans of the "way the game used to be." For one thing, the game USED to be higher scoring. For another thing, it's not changing the way the game is played. It's just rewarding high-skill players slightly more for what they already display on a nightly basis.


At the very least, let's reverse the trend of scoring going down each season and keep things where they are now. That isn't going to happen just by players "trying harder." Ovechkin tries plenty hard and has just as much skill as anyone else from back in the day, but he can't get above 100 points. That's a product of the game, not his play or his effort level. 


Making the rinks larger will do nothing and honestly it will never happen. The arenas today are multifunctional no sane owner will agree to shut them down for a few weeks and risk losing a lot of revenue, it's just not going to happen. Also players, coaches would figure out in a hurry how to take away the new space (i.e. olympic ice). Well I don't care if it helps star-forwards they are STAR forwards so they should be able to score a bunch of goals and assists right? Funny nobody is saying let's help the star defenders doing their job, so why help the forwards? I personally couldn't care less if a new fan is turned away because his favorite player hasn't scored 100 points and "only" managed to get lets say 88. Honestly 100 points should be the exception (a highlight) in a players career not the norm.


Gretzky is hands down the best player who ever played the game but back then goalies - with the few obvious exceptions - weren't as atheltic and well trained as they are now. Never understood why people are so fixated on 3 digit numbers if its that important they can go watch the NBA.


I think a lot of fans are protective (not that it matters what he think anyways..) of the game because some of the changes have all been for the worst: hockey in places with ECHL like attendances, salary cup, instigator rule, constant twinkering with the ASG till it has become basically a joke. Also Ovechkin is not a playermaker he is a finisher, which means he will score more goals and have less assists so I doubt he'll ever reach 100 or whatever points.


Another reason why the game "used to be higher scoring" is owners were able to aDD and KEEP all-star-talent that isn't the case anymore, players have to get used to new linemates, find new chemistry and need time to figure it out. And now people want to punish goalies for being reallyreally good? Doesn't make sense to me.

#2639577 Bigger nets ?

Posted by frankgrimes on 26 November 2015 - 05:50 PM

Hockey fans are notoriously protective of their game, I think to a fault.
Someone explain to me why I'm wrong.

If fans aren't protective of their game it will get worse each year simple as that. it's your opinion so you aren't wrong bit you are focussing only on the star forwards which I think is a mistake because there are superstars on the defense and in goal too.

If a potential fan can't appreciate a low scoring game a great blocked shot, fantastic safe well maybe then hockey isn't the right sport to follow for them pure and simple.

My novel idea if someone wants to get 100 points is. .play your rear end of and hope to stay injury free. The nhl is the best league in the world scoring goals is and should be tough star forwards will need to figure out a way to do it.

The goalies then played mostly a stand up style and more often than not weren't in good shape that's changed now

#2639572 Bigger nets ?

Posted by frankgrimes on 26 November 2015 - 04:51 PM

here is my novel idea:
If goal scorers are having problems to figure out a defense or shot blocking find a way around it simple as that.

#2639551 Bigger nets ?

Posted by frankgrimes on 26 November 2015 - 02:10 PM

I think it's incredible stupid want more goal scoring go watch the NBA with triple digit scores.

Just saw the highlights from that Ottawa Dallas game both played like they don't know what defense means and the goaltending was average at best. That's not exciting

Right now the game just lacks some other elements that made it must watch TV like more and harder hits, fights and the occasional line brawls.

Some people just can't embrace the fact that goaltenders are now extremely good athletes too.

I want the goals to have an impact and tight games accomplish that. I'm sure it's damn hard to score on Price , King Henrik and Rinne but so what they are the elite of the elite for a reason.

there is no need for tinkering it would just make the game more gimmicky and that's the last thing we need.

If anything bring back the fantastic old-school hockey instead of making the current game even worse

#2639203 Dreger: Ryan Johanson is in play

Posted by frankgrimes on 24 November 2015 - 08:40 PM


Guy would be an absolute sensation, young, big and with the development of Larkin our post Z and Pasha center future would be set for years to come. guys like this don't make it to UFA anymore

btw. good job Tortarella not even a month in and players are already asking to be traded what a great hire by Kekailainen

#2639182 Forbes' NHL team evaluations

Posted by frankgrimes on 24 November 2015 - 02:29 PM

Wow that's surprising thought the Leafs would the most valueable franchise again.


conclusions from this list:

- Wings are (again :( ) worth the least from all Original 6 franchises

- the league wants 500 mill expansion fee yet only 11 teams are worth more than 500 mill, 6 of them being original 6 teams. Dream some more NHL..

- with the exception of the Habs all Canadian teams lost some value (very surprising)

- surprised that the Pens aren't worth more with that much talent

#2638396 11/20 GDT : Los Angeles Kings at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

Posted by frankgrimes on 20 November 2015 - 06:56 PM

Sadly for us this is going to end Quick

#2638279 New NHL all-star game format

Posted by frankgrimes on 19 November 2015 - 07:56 PM

Ya god forbid they have fun at an event that's supposed to be fun for the players and fans. Shame on bettman *sigh*


Ya I'm sure playing 20 minutes of three on three in a meaningless game, while other players can enjoy the time-off with their families is a lot of fun.

#2638180 Jeff Blashill = Dave Lewis 2.0 / Coaching Change

Posted by frankgrimes on 19 November 2015 - 04:15 AM


The Koala. There were some really good seasoned coaches available, The Koala being one of them!


I'm not giving up on Blashill nor am I saying to fire him (yet). But I am saying that he had better be finding his way very fast. This is too good of a team to be barely floating around .500 hockey. Babcocks s***ty Leafs are now approaching .500 and this team is far and away better then Taranna


Koala chose Edmonton and I wanted him too but sadly he wanted Edmonton.


How is this team too good to be floating around .500? They've added a PP QB in Green and a good third liner in Richards other than that so far the best player on this team has been a rookie named Dylan Larkin. Kronner has taken a step back, and Pasha will need some time to find find his hockey-gear again. It's been said a few times now but it is true the best coach in hockey had troubles, getting them into the playoffs so if a team isn't significantly improved - which this team isn't! - how is a rookie coach supposed to have them play better? Even as someone who wanted the koala he would have struggled too because even if coaches are having the same philosophy their will always be differences in terms of system - so a learning curve has to be expected.


The problem is, some people went into this season with way too high expectations and now that they are facing the reality they are starting to freak out. I mean, the Oilers are last again so fire McLellan, the Bolts aren't in the playoffs by now fire Cooper?


This thread also shows how blessed the Wings fans have been with Babs and his system maybe now even the Anti-Babcock crowd will appreciate his accomplishments (especially the last few years), even more. Do I think Blashill will be as great as Babock? No but I think he will be a good and maybe even great coach one day..not even can be a Scotty Bowman or Mike Babcock.

#2637389 Jeff Blashill = Dave Lewis 2.0 / Coaching Change

Posted by frankgrimes on 16 November 2015 - 06:38 PM

Don't forget Rafalski

plus the dominator, Drapes

god such an awesome roster back then the discussion was who besides the Wings has a chance to win the cup now there is way too much parity which sucks the fun out of hockey

#2637306 11/16 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Senators 3 (OT)

Posted by frankgrimes on 16 November 2015 - 12:34 PM

Great job with the GDT


This should be a win, Ottawa has an average at best defense and it seems like Turris will be out for tonight.

#2637304 Jeff Blashill = Dave Lewis 2.0 / Coaching Change

Posted by frankgrimes on 16 November 2015 - 12:30 PM

A lot of us are upset with how the Wings are playing.

Some of us are okay with us being where we are at.


My take is simple.

Why did Blashill get the job if everyone is saying he is so inferior to Babcock?

Why did we replace arguably the best coach we've ever had besides Scotty with a guy so inferior?

It's a little bizarre to me.

This isn't that young of a team in terms of years anymore.

These guys have been getting experience. They've been in the playoffs.

It's time to take a step forward.

It's unacceptable for Detroit hockey to be so poor.


Forget the reasons the Wings suck for a second, I'm curious, why do some of you accept mediocrity with the Wings but you never would with the Lions?


When someone is described as the best coach in hockey (= superlative) it means, that everyone else is not as good. So no matter whom the Wings would have hired the person would have been "inferior".  You've stated your dislike for Blashill after 4 games in, after 8 games in and now after 18 games in. So please tell who from the available candidates would have been better? Don't get me wrong I would have been happy if the Wings had interviewed more guys but they didn't and I still believe Blashill will be a good maybe even great coach one day, the guy has won at every level so far. But right now he is in for his biggest challenge AHL --> NHL this is a huge step up for everyone not just players because things that might work perfectly inthe AHL aren't going to fly in the NHL which includes strategies, PP variants . There simple is a different if you coach a guy like say AA against some other AHL defenders or let him do the same thing against a guy like Doughty, Keith.


So again whom would you have prefered? Babcock accepted the challenge elsewhere there is nothing the Wings could have done to avoid that and judging by the way some players talked about him (with a bit of disrespect) after he was gone...maybe it was time for that step, because both sides were ready to move on.


What Blashill will have to going forward is simple: bench players that aren't willing or capable of following his system this is his team now he is the coach and maybe some players need the tough love? People were laughing when some people stated that Babs has the Wings playing over their abilities and only 18 games in it seems like that was exactly the case. Even one of the best coaches (John Cooper) needed time to adjust to the NHL game once he did Tampa took of (also thanks to the captain and the unbelievable rebuild he did in just 4 years!).


I would bet my house that not even Scotty Bowman in his haydays, Quennville, Darryl Sutter or McLellan (who would have been my top replacement priority) could change much? Let Blashill learn and if Blashill still hasn't figured out by the same time next year maybe revisit this debate again. I'm just not a fan of blaming rookie coaches (there are for sure exceptions like that coach in Edmonton who threw a water battle at Hall..). Like you've said this team has experience and it's time for the leaders to step up their game and get the job done - if they aren't able to  ...well then find players who are able and willing to do so.


You can quote me on that I think Blashill will turn out to be a good (maybe even great) coach.


Edit: Don't even think for a minute that Kronner, Z or Pasha would have been willing to put up with a coach like Tortarella and neither would Tatar, Nyquist, Green and for sure NOT Richards (he hates him).

#2637226 Jeff Blashill = Dave Lewis 2.0 / Coaching Change

Posted by frankgrimes on 15 November 2015 - 02:45 PM

Time to really think if Blashill is the problem.


Time to really say (again) no. A coach can only work with the roster given by his GM