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#2565874 Greatest US-born NHLer of all time?

Posted by frankgrimes on 25 January 2015 - 06:44 AM

I think it's very close between Modano and Chelios.

#2565871 GDT : NHL Skills Competition/60th All-Star Game

Posted by frankgrimes on 25 January 2015 - 06:36 AM

OEL is unbelievable if this guy would be playing for a big market team there would be much more hype around him.  That guy is going to be a stud soon. Ekblad also impressed me the guy is not even 19 and shoots at 94 mph what the f*** ? That boy has all the makings of becoming the next Weber speaking of which that tank is just insane 108,5 mph slaptshot I'm sure his onetimer might reach 120 + too bad Chara hasn't been there.


It's amazing how skilled these guys are you don't see that on the ice because the game goes so quick but their stick handling, accuracy and speeds are top notch hockeyplayers really are the best athletes when it comes to the complete package.


but man do they ever get rid of that stupid draft, stop embarassing players and go back to the East versus West All STAR team and let guys in the know decide...that stupid voting challenge makes a joke of the whole thing.


Oh and the Toronto Media can shut up now, Kessel did the fastes t skater  challenge under 14 seconds and beat Tyler Seguin that wouldn't be possible if that guy isn't in shape..

#2565576 Franzen on IR

Posted by frankgrimes on 22 January 2015 - 02:50 PM

I genuinely forget that he's on the team whether he's playing or not half the time. It's kinda sad. Have they said anything about this injury other than "upper body injury"?

The sad thing is the guy could have been such a dominate force on the ice, huge body frame and blessed with great hands thought he could become a Bertuzzi light but sadly he never turned into such a physical player

I like him a s a person comes of very humble and intelligent but not buying him out will hurt this team in the long run.

He would be a nice addition to a team that already has grit and size and is just looking for a cheap complementary piece.

#2565512 The Maple Leafs finally put a quality product on the ice...

Posted by frankgrimes on 22 January 2015 - 12:56 AM

Montreal did it better, proving once again that Toronto is and will always be Canada's #2

Yeah their intros are better but Toronto is and always will be Canada's number one that's also why their owners are getting away with a lot of stuff like a crappy product while charging the highest Prices in the league

#2565431 Pittsburgh/Philly might be the best rivalry in the game now

Posted by frankgrimes on 21 January 2015 - 01:31 PM

I actually read something on Twitter today or last night (from a media guy) that said something like "I don't think there is really much hatred there like there used to be, but I think the guys feel like they still have to entertain" - referring to the craziness of the PIT v PHI game.  I think there is some truth to that, but I'm also pretty sure most of the Pens hate Rinaldo.  I tend to try and watch a lot of PIT v PHI games as a lot of them are crazy, but I'll be honest in saying that I wasn't a big fan of last night's game.  It was crazy and intense, but there was a lot of dirtiness and thuggery, which I'm not a fan of.  I'd much prefer a real intense, physical game, but clean.


The games I've seen between these 2, Philly does come off as thugs and just trying to goon it up, but I don't really see them play against a lot of other opponents.....wonder if they play like that all the time.  It is in their history, but I'd be willing to bet that it only comes out against PIT these days.  Again, other than Rinaldo, who I assume is an idiot 100% of the time.


Was ist Bob McKenzie ? Rinaldo is in the same ballpark as Carcillo, Cooke and Torres...


back to topic if they think their job is to entertain well they've done a marvelous job yesterday that game was entertaining as hell if more games were like that, the NHL would have a great "product". The only better game in recent years has been that famous Pens - Isles on 11 - 2 - 11 game. Well the Flyers were playing like a team that has nothing to lose against their hatred enemy I mean whats the worst outcome ? They lose the game and get closer to McEichel did they go overboard ? Rinaldo of course did but the Flyers didn't even call up Rosehill so it was hardly thuggery in my mind.


According to their fans the Flayers aren't playing like that most of the time so their must be something that really gets them going against the Pens and as a fan it's entertaining as hell to watch god I hope they'll meet in the playoffs.

#2565401 2017 Winter Classic Red wings vs. Blue Jackets?

Posted by frankgrimes on 21 January 2015 - 11:09 AM

Even if I don't care about the WC but man Pittsburgh - Philly would for sure be a game to watch.

#2565387 Pittsburgh/Philly might be the best rivalry in the game now

Posted by frankgrimes on 21 January 2015 - 10:40 AM

I love watching that rivalry that's hockey should be: pure hatred, fights, bone crushing hits, crowd going wild and coaches getting fired up. Farnham landed a serious right on that guy. But man Rinaldos hit was dirty


That being said I think other rivalries sadly have died down a lot obviously Detroit - Chicago used to be good but it lacks that level of animosity even Bruins - Habs aren't close. So by today standards I think its fair to assume that this is the best rivalry in the game and I would love seeing both meeting in the playoffs but man Flyers need to get on a serious streak if they want to make it.

#2564913 Randy Carlyle relieved of his duties by Leafs

Posted by frankgrimes on 20 January 2015 - 02:43 PM

Because I and I'm sure GMR too have more important things to do than posting unfunny one liners and act like know it all guys. .just a f****** hint I know some people like soft as butter hockey and then want to punch a rookie for no reason but whatever I already hate the attitude and how overhyped this kid is...there were many reports at the combine alluding to him being cocky and over confident. Can't wait till we draft Lids son to show William that sons can also be classy

#2563943 1/17 GDT : Predators 2 at Red Wings 5

Posted by frankgrimes on 17 January 2015 - 07:01 PM

Tonight would be a nice time for Kronwall to show that he still hasn't forgotten on how play the body..Neal is overdue for getting kronwalled

#2563936 Nashville has yet to lose 2 games in a row this season

Posted by frankgrimes on 17 January 2015 - 06:55 PM

Babcock is the best coach that has never won a Jack Adams ... I mean seriously, all the press saying he will be highest paid, most sought after free agent coach come this summer, nominated a few times but never won it.  
Just as valuable of an award as GM of the year.  

It really doesn't matter he is the best coach in hockey and he holds all the important trophies Olympic Gold, Lord Stanley and will be like mentioned the coach who is setting a new precedent for coaches salary.

The Adams always goes to the most improved team so yeah Capuano may have a chance lol

Just like the Norris doesn't go to the best defender it goes to the best point producer who happens to be a defender. Otherwise Weber and Suter would have at least one by now

#2563725 1/15 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Blues 2 (OT)

Posted by frankgrimes on 16 January 2015 - 01:08 AM

A week ago, people were screaming to trade for a goalie cuz they didn't think Mrazek could get it done ... now people are proposing we trade Howie and let Mrazek run with it (in another post).  I thought the Wings fan base was more intelligent than that ... guess I was wrong.  


Just because a few think so doesn't mean the whole fanbase does. Goalies who are coming fresh into the league are often doing well the real testing point comes when other teams starting to figure out their weakness and expose them. Till then Mrazek remains a solid prospect with potential nothing more nothing less.

#2563074 Mike Yeo (Wild) Has Meltdown At Practice

Posted by frankgrimes on 14 January 2015 - 12:43 AM

Waived Harding because he kicked a wall and their goaltending has been shaky ever since, their 2 only superstars had to deal with much more important stuff and the team" is to easy to push around, ( wings West)
They have matt Cooke to keep teams honest.

+ laughs + and that Suter tank who just sent Downy out of the game

#2563071 Mike Yeo (Wild) Has Meltdown At Practice

Posted by frankgrimes on 14 January 2015 - 12:17 AM

What happened to them? I thought they started the season off strong? (Or am I thinking of another team?)

Waived Harding because he kicked a wall and their goaltending has been shaky ever since, their 2 only superstars had to deal with much more important stuff and the team" is to easy to push around, ( wings West)

#2562570 McGratton on waivers

Posted by frankgrimes on 11 January 2015 - 11:22 PM

So if I'm understanding you right, you aren't against fighting because of hating it you are against it because of health concerns? Let me tell you if a player doesn't feel like doing it he shouldn't. Tie Domi, The Grim Ripper are former enforcers who are doing very well if life now. Stu is an attorney But you are right it's an incredible tough job hence why I'm having so much respect for these guys

#2562535 McGratton on waivers

Posted by frankgrimes on 11 January 2015 - 08:09 PM

I knew a guy who played in the AHL and a few games in the NHL, and now he is in his early 30's and suffers from concussion related issues. He said that he was put into a position where he felt (at the AHL level) that he had to fight or he would lose his job, nobody should have to feel that way. Now, so many year later the guy is paying the price. Fighting on occasion to protect a person, I can live with that. Fighting day in, day out, to me is just plain stupid.

This is the main reason for me why enforcers don't belong to the game. How can you enjoy a staged fight if you know the storys of Boogard and our very own Probert ? If a fight sparks from the heat of the moment, fine, let them go. But those barenuckle fights are just to dangerous to do them night in and night out. And I don't want players on the ice forced to do them.

And you are wondering why we European fans and players are having the reputation of being *******? It's their decision if they know what they are getting themselves into so be it. As a German you should know how much some leagues are sucking - outside of the big 4 - , a rougher playstyle would go a long way off making things at least watchable again.

the nhl has never been that boring but they are approaching that territory in rapid fashion: hip checks almost gone, Stevens like hits gone, Kronwalled? almost gone next up fighting? Sounds like an interesting league doesn't it... Basically the SEL just with more skill..

Kliq: I'm just not interested in watching UFC the entertainment in hockey fights is so different << fans are fired up teammates come together, the atmosphere is electric

It's like doing bungee jumping the testosterone is at its peak and people who watch it are loving every second