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#2301485 Anyone else notice the Rangers are drafting a LOT better than us?

Posted by black on 15 May 2012 - 12:22 PM

Yeah, they've done a great job drafting and have a bunch of cups to back up the notion -- oh wait. Championships or nothing.

#2296015 Shorter Overtimes

Posted by black on 22 April 2012 - 09:54 PM

<br />Seems like overtimes have ended a lot faster the last few years than I can ever remember.<br /><br />The marathon overtime games of the past are fading away.  About 10 years ago especially, there were multiple OT games seemingly every night.  <br /><br />I guess in one sense, this era of hockey brings more exciting back and forth OT's, hence the game ends faster.  Ten years ago, there was more trapping and less chances, hence the games went on longer.  Of course, there are still games from time to time that go multiple OT's (we already had one in these playoffs), but I'm noticing they're becoming more rare.    <br /><br />Personally, I miss seeing longer overtime games, especially when other teams are playing.  Just seeing the grind and tear that long games have on the players adds to the playoff excitement.  Goals in such games are so backbreaking for the team that loses them.  Now, the games end before I can even sit down to watch the OT.<br />

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I plan on negging you every chance I get.