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#2317591 How bad are we if our roster is now finalized?

Posted by centcougar07 on 10 July 2012 - 01:58 AM

You truly do live in your own little world don't you?


Take a look at where the pro scouts rank the prospects...just keep quoting your 2009 prospect analysis...

You didn't discredit anyone...please indulge us...tell me how Granuts is going to blow away all of Getzky's records and lead Minny to 1900 straight Stanley Cups...Heatley is already being talked about in trade scenarios, plus you don't have to have knowledge of a organization when you have the internet..words dont lie, if the Wild dont win in 3 years, the ride starts all over!

Oh and about Tatar sharpening Grandrools skates...hmmmm, just checked the stats, your boy has never top 57 points EVER in his career, yet Tatar has twice PLUS has 3 years of North American hockey under his belt...your boy hasn't played here yet...hmmmm, not a fortune teller BUT he COULD be in for a bit of a shock...maybe, maybe not...point is, he hasn't proven anything and neither has Tatar, yet you are awarding your team the Cup based on him probing nothing so far and in the same sentence saying Detroit has no chance EVER because Tatar cannot sharpen skates? I can quote their stats for you if you'd like, but since you know everything about Detroit's prospects and organization, I will spare the rest of the users...

Hmmm let's see:



So since I just blew you out of the water with Parise, I will spare you the rest...and I found this in one google search....too easy SON!

I'll put this one in just in case you cannot read...


Damn cougar, you make this too easy!

Oh and the $110M offer? Flyers....with whom Parise said would never sign with and Suter said he wouldn't play in the East...so ya, they had to offer them a ton more to express their interest and try to lure them and change their minds....it's over centcouger, you lost this debate, lick your wounds and be happy that you are a fan of their hometown team...you lucked out.

awwww....cat got your tongue? Go home...

Yes, you're correct. If all of Minnesota's prospects and top players have their legs and arms cut off in 3 years, then it will start all over again. Otherwise, I fail to see how a team with a strong core, top prospects and plenty of future cap space will be rebuilding in 3 years. :eh:

Ooooo, this is gonna be fun.. Let's see.. Tomas Tatar.. 24 goals and 33 assists for a total of 57 points in 70 AHL games. Mikael Granlund.. 20 goals and 31 assists in 45 games in a superior and defensive minded league. That gives Tatar a .81 point per game average. Granlund meanwhile has a 1.14 point per game average in a league where he's playing with men years older than him. So please, tell me more about how a prospect who's playing against career AHL'ers and other players his same age and even younger with WORSE overall stats is even in the same stratosphere as Mikael Granlund.

Haha, Kyperos.. There's a solid source. He was also the one that broke the news that Parise had agreed to terms with Pittsburgh and that Schultz was going to choose Vancouver.

The funny thing is, the quote from Lou that you put up shows that Detroit wasn't even on his mind. That's how little appeal the Wings have right now. No doubt, this was a move made by BOTH of these guys with family strongly considered. But it wasn't THE reason, as you'd like to believe.

Here... http://www.sacbee.co...ed-by-wild.html

There Parise talks about Mikko Koivu and how he loves the roster in Minnesota.


Here's the link for the presser today where they BOTH talk about Minnesota's roster and the great young players they have coming up.

I know you're a desperate fan just trying to cling to anything that says the Wings are still a top team, but with the proper support groups.. You can get through it. You can get past the entitlement, the arrogance, the ignorance... It can all go away. The first step is admitting you have a problem. :colgate: :tounge:

#2308177 Zach Parise

Posted by centcougar07 on 20 June 2012 - 01:45 AM

1. Lets see an article or something proving this or something.

2. Please tell me how Minnesota is in a better spot to win then Detroit?

3. You need to stop taking stupid pills, they are quite bad!

1. Nobody gave LA a chance at the beginning of the year when they were struggling. If you need proof, google it. You're a big boy now, I'm sure you can find it all by yourself.

2. Well, it starts at the bottom. Better prospects. 6 or 7 of which will be turning pro this season. Then you look at the core group. There aren't any real superstars yet they still managed to lead the league in points for a 1/3 of the year. In the end, injuries killed their top 6 and they had no depth and could not recover. If you take the injuries out of the equation, maybe the Wild could have been a playoff team I don't know. Then you look at Detroit. Average prospects. 2 or 3 might turn into something but certainly won't be the caliber of a Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Lidstrom. Even if everything goes right with the prospects we currently have, we're still looking at a bunch of players who couldn't come close to standing up to the superstars that we have now. 3 straight years of early playoff exits, a core group with only 1 player under the age of 30, no 1st round pick this year, no Lidstrom. We're on a path right now where things are only going to get worse in Detroit if major changes aren't made starting with the young talent. Meanwhile, Minnesota has top prospects, a good YOUNG core and money to spend in free agency just like us. All signs point to a changing of the guard and we need to do everything we can to start lessening the blow that will be losing Datsyuk and Zetterberg in a few years.

... yeah, throwing quotes around certain nouns isn't strengthening your argument. You keep going on and on about how the red wings are on decline and you make it sound like they are going to finish bottom of the league next season. Everyone here will admit that the wings haven't been as dominant the last couple years as we would have liked, yet we still have some rather impressive stats going for this team which someone like Parise would probably take into account.
You say the Wild are on the upswing. I do not believe you. Since their inception the Wild have made the playoffs 3 times. this season will mark the 5th year since they had a post-season appearance. The Wild have not had a 100 point or higher season in 6 years. I do not see improvement over the years with the Wild, I see stagnation. They had one player over 50 points last season. The red wings had 5 players at 50 points or higher, one of which was Jiri Hudler. Jiri... Hudler. The red wings have not had a double digit finish since 98-99. The red wings are coming off a season where they set the new record for consecutive home wins. The wings have not missed the post season since 1990.

If the wild's prospect pool is so deep and so much better that what we have in grand rapids, then the wild need to start bringing these young phenoms up the the big leagues because quite frankly, the Wild need more help then Parise can give them.

I'm not sure you understand the meaning of upswing. Minnesota has built from the ground up doing a full rebuild in 3 years total and now have one of the most talented and deepest prospect pools in the NHL. Those prospects will be turning pro THIS year. Like it or not, that's how championships are won, from the ground up.

You also conveniently left out at the injuries they had. Dany Heatley was the only forward who played all 82 games and he did so on an injured knee. I could go on but it's evident that you think history is the end all be all of the NHL.

#2308175 Zach Parise

Posted by centcougar07 on 20 June 2012 - 01:25 AM


BTW poser...do not EVER refer to the Red Wings as WE again...Us REAL Red Wings fans would never go to another teams forum and pretend to be a fan of that team. We are Wings fans and proud, if you are not proud enough to come here as a Wild fan, then I question what kind of Wild fan you really are...

I bet Detroit "WE" win another Cup before "you" even get to the finals. And in ten years, the Wings "WE" will have at least 2 before "you" get there...and now that is something "not even close." Even if for some reason Detroit "WE" don't end up winning any in the next ten years, I guarantee neither will "you." Let alone "you" won't even make the playoffs for 10 straight years...

EDIT: and just in case you have amnesia: http://www.letsgowin...56#entry2306656

I am an NHL fan first and foremost and though I am a Red Wings fan, I'm able to look at things more objectively because I don't let bias affect my opinions. I am not blind enough to believe all is well in Red Wings territory though. Anyone with half a brain can see how uncertain the future is. Even next year could be a complete toss up at this point. So you may not like what I have to say as a fan, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm not one. And all your ridiculous statements only help to prove my point.

#2308126 Zach Parise

Posted by centcougar07 on 19 June 2012 - 07:16 PM

Every team with money is going to make him an offer. He is THE premiere UFA forward this summer. Depending on what kind of chance he wants to win a Cup, there are really only about 10 teams that have a legit chance every year to do that no matter what happens during the summer. The Wings are one of those teams, the Wild are not.

The same was said about the LA Kings last summer by the so called "experts". Id say Minnesota is in a better spot to win for years to come than Detroit. And it's not even close.

#2307055 Zach Parise

Posted by centcougar07 on 13 June 2012 - 01:59 AM

Why don't you describe what is going on in the opening post instead of saying "Hey, here is a link, click it and take my word for what is on it"?

25 minute mark has talking about LA rioting (or lack therof) after their cup win. Nothing about Zach Parise.

27 minute mark talking about crowds and random crap. Head coach for LA going to stay? Who knows in this radio broadcast.

28 Phil Jackson talk. Radio host says "Let's leave Parise aside for the time being". So 3 minutes after you say we should start listening they discuss Parise only to say that they aren't going to talk about it yet? Jeez, man.

30 minutes in: Leopold says nobody is going to outbid the Wild. So if Parise is going anywhere, it is for less money. The guy just assumes that Parise isn't going to be here simply because the Wild's GM is going to throw as much money as he can at him. Implying Holland can't afford to do that as well.

Not bad news, just more of what we assumed would happen.

Parise talk starts at about 28 but I was trying to give some perspective on the conversation by having people listen to a couple minutes of other hockey talk. I think it's bad news because here we have an expert with an in on the whole situation saying he would be shocked if he didn't end up with the Wild. The conversation also goes on at the 35:45 mark as well.

#2307053 Zach Parise

Posted by centcougar07 on 13 June 2012 - 01:34 AM

Saw this on twitter via one of my followers. My link

Lou Nanne is reporting on a conversation he had with Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold regarding Zach Parise. Skip to about the 22 minute mark of the podcast to hear the important parts.

If this is true, it could be bad news for Red Wings fans.

EDIT: Skip to the 25 minute mark.

#2306770 Off -Season Game Plan:Detroit Red Wings

Posted by centcougar07 on 11 June 2012 - 09:17 PM

Well, problem with that is, Detroit has MORE money to sign him and even sign others to make his chances even better at winning, consistently! Of the 16 players the Wild have under conntract, 6 are on EL's. Rookies... Half of their D are rookies this season. You have Koivu singed for the next 7 years at $6.75, Backstrom is already at $6M and he is a UFA after this season, they will have to re-sign him and with the stupid Preds giving Rinne $7M, his salary will go up. You got Heatly at $7.5M for the next two years PM Bouchard is due up for a nice raise next year too or he will leave as UFA. Not to mention Lattendresse & Ortmeyer are FA's come July and are a big part of the chemistry up there. Now they are going to throw the MOST at Parise (which I figure is at least = to Crosby's $9M) and he is not going to sign a 1 year, he wants to end his career on his next contract, so he will be looking for 8-10 years. You also have CLutterbuck a RFA next season looking to get a raise as well. And then trying to make your D better than 3 rookies?! Does she think they are going to get SUter too? There goes $8M more. They have $21M to spend, but if they spend $17M-$18M (or more) on Parise and Suter who is gonna play for their team? Rookies?

My point is, Detroit already has their core signed, for a while. In essence all they have to do is spend the same $17M-$18M (if it takes that much) on Parise and Suter for the next 10 years and that is all they will need to do to stay "favorites" for the next 7-10 years. They still have $8M to spend this year to sew up Helm and Abby or at least 5 years and if they wanted to extend Filppula and Howard for the next 5-10, it isn't going to cost them $7M each I can tell you.

Minny may want to offer him more than any other team, but after in two years, they will be in a world of hurt, espcially if the Cap drops...Detroit can offer just as much, but in the same two years, they still have most of their best players STILL under contract...He either takes the Minny offer and is on a team full of rookies in a couple of years, or he signs with Detroit and has our lineup ALREADY signed for most if not all of his contract...Sure he may just want to money nad not care about winning...but given the fact that I still believe there is a cap to what the highest paid player gets on your team, Detroit can even match that if Minny wants to be pricks...I doubt Holland would, but he sure would love to screw Minny by driving the price up!

Most experts have said and agree, Detroit seems to be the best fit for BOTH Suter and Parise...this local lady is just talking crap...

You are seriously misinformed. First of all, this was reported by a MAN as a direct quote from the owner of the Minnesota Wild. I trust that he knows how much they will spend since it's his money.

Backstrom will not be resigned because they have 3 very good goalie prospects, one of which is Matt Hackett who performed extremely well during his stint with the Wild this year. He might even be traded if a team is desperate enough. Heatley will not be resigned and if he is it will be at a serious discount from what he is earning now. Latendresse probably won't be signed this year as an RFA and Ortmeyer is a career AHL'er and always will be. To say he is "an important part of the chemistry" is beyond stupid, I'm sorry.

Also, if Parise does want to sign long-term, Minnesota makes more sense than Detroit. They have the #2 ranked prospect pool, cap money now and in the future, a very smart GM and an owner willing to spend more than Holland ever will. Detroit has an aging, declining core of players and fairly average prospects with no viable replacements on the horizon AND no Lidstrom anymore. So if he and or Suter want to go and be a low seed playoff team for a couple years and then have a huge drop off when Datsyuk and company leave/don't produce anymore then maybe they want to come play here.

I've said this on here a million times but I'll say it again, Detroit needs to start thinking about a rebuild. Do it now so that it's not such a long, tough transition in a few years.

#2306656 Off -Season Game Plan:Detroit Red Wings

Posted by centcougar07 on 11 June 2012 - 03:32 PM

Low-balled?!? Stuart was on record saying he wanted to play in California and also mentioned that he would like to go back to San Jose if possible. San Jose didn't have to do anything, they could have just sat back until July 1st and more than likely would have gotten him. They did us a favor and we at least got a pick out of it.

You would very rarely see anything more be traded for a player's negotiating rights.

Well, let's hope that he isn't all about the money and wants to go to a competitor like Detroit... with his buddy Suter.

If Detroit doesn't sign Suter (which I don't think we will) then Detroit won't be much of a competitor at all. Below average defense and almost no goal tending depth with an aging offense. Doesn't sound very appealing to me if I'm Parise. Especially not if I can be making an extra million or so with an up and coming team that gives me a good chance to win for the next 7 years or however long my contract is for.

#2305410 Nice Khan article previewing the off-season

Posted by centcougar07 on 05 June 2012 - 01:32 PM

In case you were wondering, its comments like these that keep getting you negged.

Oh I know. I just don't need the social approval of others so I'm not going to tailor my opinion to suit the fancy of you or anyone else.

#2305092 Nice Khan article previewing the off-season

Posted by centcougar07 on 04 June 2012 - 03:04 AM

Sorry but this is the same doom n gloom garbage people spewed when Yzerman retired. Holland and Co's track record shows that we will be just fine. We have one of the top prospect pools in the league and are still the top FA destination in the league. Many of our prospects are pass first players because that's the system we run, thus it's only natural we have as many as we do. And we don't need to fill Lidstrom's shoes, we need to fill a number 1 D spot, which most likely Kronwall will do unless Suter comes here. We will continue to have great players trickle through and we will sign the Rafalski's and Hossa's as needed.

This is personal opinion, but to me McDonagh looks amazingggg for a young D man. So much skill, poise, and sense. I believe defense is learned as well, but damn he must be a fast learner or something. Definitely my favorite D man not on our team. Very jealous of the Rangers. If Smith is anywhere near his caliber i will be extremely happy.


Congratulations. You have been awarded "arrogant statement of the year". This one is even spewing with entitlement too! The verbal vomit you're spitting up isn't worth the Red Wings toilet paper you wipe your homer ass with. I've been around a lot of years and seen a lot of ignorant fans, but you sir take the cake. Let's review your statements.

1: Ken Holland is a hockey god and because of his "track record", we are going to be just fine and soon we'll be dominating the league once again because we are the Red Wings and we just will cuz I said so.

2: Our prospects are the best in the league and can do no wrong. It's only a matter of time before the next Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Lidstrom arrive at training camp. We're totally set! It's actually a good thing we have no first round pick this year. Then we'd have way too many blue chip prospects!

3: Detroit is the only place FA's want to sign. Even though we have had 3 consecutive early exits in the playoffs thanks to an aging core of players who are slow and losing production, we're still the best! Ken Holland actually has to beat FA's away with a stick in July. He actually has to have 8 different cell phones ready on July 1 because every single FA is calling HIM just BEGGING to be signed by the Wings. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are so desperate to sign here that they've actually agreed to play for free.

#2304711 LGW Contest!

Posted by centcougar07 on 01 June 2012 - 07:46 PM

Kronwall, 55

#2303477 Excellent 'Parise and Suter to Detroit' article

Posted by centcougar07 on 28 May 2012 - 03:30 AM

1. The numbers: The numbers of all our 'core' or 'star' players (including Yzerman/Shanahan/Chelios/Hull/Hasek/ect.) are and have been falling in past years save for Zetterberg.
2. IMO, there are no prospects with real star potential to replace these guys that are getting older and watching their production fall. I think Datsyuk is the closest thing to that and even he could be a bust. And even if he makes something of himself, is it going to be Sergei Fedorov something? Not likely.
3. It all starts and stops with Yzerman for me. I think his retirement (be it this year or the next) is going to be the beginning of the end of our ten year run. It always seems to me that when Stevie goes, we go. He's the leader of this team without question and it's going to be hard to compensate for the loss of him.


#2303476 Chances of landing Parise?

Posted by centcougar07 on 28 May 2012 - 03:28 AM

He was born in Minneapolis but moved to Faribault in 89. Look it up. Meaning he wasnt born and raised in Minneapolis.

Drives me insane when people say oh he's from wherever when they dont have af****** clue where he's from and are going just by assumption.

Im not going by assumption. I'm going by Zach Parise himself saying it when he was talking about Minnesota and where he grew up on a radio interview. He spent about 3 and a half years in Faribault when he played for Shattuck before he went to North Dakota. Look it up.

#2303424 Excellent 'Parise and Suter to Detroit' article

Posted by centcougar07 on 27 May 2012 - 03:18 AM

Agreed. Our near future is certain... elite talent willing to give it their all to retain their status as 'top-dog' after two 2nd round and one 1st round exit. Long-term future, lots of you seem to doubt our organization. We have been going strong for 20 years now, and yes every good thing comes to an end, but why would you think now? There's no real concrete evidence IMO. We went from 02 to 08 with nothing, and I bet the same crap was being spewed about Detroit's dynasty 'about to fall' then!

First of all I think the long-term outlook of a team always matters to potential FA's. Second, there is reason to think it might be now.

1. The numbers: The numbers of all our 'core' or 'star' players are and have been falling in past years save for Filpulla.
2. IMO, there are no prospects with real star potential to replace these guys that are getting older and watching their production fall. I think Smith is the closest thing to that and even he could be a bust. And even if he makes something of himself, is it going to be Nik Lidstrom something? Not likely.
3. It all starts and stops with Lidstrom for me. I think his retirement (be it this year or the next) is going to be the beginning of the end of our twenty year run. It always seems to me that when Nik goes, we go. He's the leader of this team without question and it's going to be hard to compensate for the loss of him.

#2303386 Excellent 'Parise and Suter to Detroit' article

Posted by centcougar07 on 26 May 2012 - 04:54 PM

I hate to get my hopes up but it's hard not to. I may be in the minority thinking the Wings can pull this off but I'm pretty optimistic about it.
I don't get the people saying that players wouldn't want to come here because of an "uncertain future"...wouldn't signing these guys improve that future? invalid argument

Improve? Yes. But you can't pin the stability of an organizations future on two FA's who may or may not sign