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In Topic: Fixing this mess....

30 April 2016 - 07:57 PM

Except it wasn't really a choice at all. They had to dump cap. I'd bet if Holland had done that you'd call him an idiot for mismanaging the cap and putting us in that situation.


And that is not at all, not even the tiniest bit, part of the reason we are where we are. We have never lost a "core" player because of the cap, nor have we been restricted from going after top UFAs. Nor would clearing out every cent of "bad" cap space we currently have, by itself, make us better. By itself it would actually make us worse. Which is exactly what the moves Bowman was forced to make did to the Hawks.

To early to know if they are worse off or not. I would at first glance disagree with that. Getting Seabrook resigned is a much bigger deal and more important than keeping Sharpe was. But that is the Hawks and not the RW's.


Now you did bring up an important point about money not being the issue for bringing in UFA's. Again at first glance that may be true. But we are not sure. We don't know one way or the other why UFA's are not coming-the big names that is. Are we going after the wrong guys? Are we not offering enough money? Is Holland not going at players 100%? This summer we should have 10+ million to spend on UFA's after we resign our RFA's. More if we move Howard and Ericsson's contracts either by trade or buyouts. Next year we could have another 15 million to spend. The question become how is it spent? Signing guys like Helm or KFQ ro do we land a star or 2? We will find out soon.


If you go back a few pages, I gave Holland some praise for his cap management. We are in good shape overall and could be in great shape if we make some of the hard choices. That does not ensure that the top UFA's will come however.

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

30 April 2016 - 03:58 PM

Kliq, some things are set in stone, others are changing. Average size changes every year. The last 2 years the average weight in the NHL has been dropping. Must likely do to the enforcers disappearing. 5 years ago the average weight was about 210. The height continues to increase.


As for the Sharpe thing that was the debate we all were having. Bowman made the choice of moving an aging player with declining production to free up cap to resign his core. Holland refuses to do that. He extends those players. This is part of why the RW's are in the position they are in. Yes if Howard can be moved without retaining part of his contract, do it. If E can be moved do it. If not he is the best buyout candidate. Next summer Kornwall's contract changes and he can be traded. 2018 Green's contract expires. Those are the smart moves that should be made the next 3 summers. Any bets on how many actually happen? 1 is my prediction and I hope I am wrong.

In Topic: Mantha

30 April 2016 - 12:17 PM

That was also a reason.

But Mantha didn't outperform (2 G 1 A) anyone else who would have necessarily had his opurtunity (1st line with Pav + PP time) in his 10 games. Blashill said that he also didn't believe the PP success in those 10 games was Manthas doing.

Again, it's Anthony Mantha - not Alex Ovechkin were talking about.

The PP as a whole was much better when he was on it. Doesn't matter if he is the one scoring the goals or not.

That was also a reason.

But Mantha didn't outperform (2 G 1 A) anyone else who would have necessarily had his opurtunity (1st line with Pav + PP time) in his 10 games. Blashill said that he also didn't believe the PP success in those 10 games was Manthas doing.

Again, it's Anthony Mantha - not Alex Ovechkin were talking about.

Hype is always an issue. I have said many many times that prospects are just that until they do it. At some point in time they have to perform. Most reasonable fans understand that. Of course many of us become unreasonable........

That being said, Mantha has to make the team. Once on the team he needs to play and when he plays he has to perform. What would I consider a good rookie season for him? 18 goals and 35+ points. Anything above that is gravy. Anything below that then one can say he struggled. All of which is fair.

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

30 April 2016 - 11:58 AM


Why are you changing the numbers? You did the same thing when talk about Patrick Sharps stats. You just make-up/change things to suit your argument.

It's 6'1, 201, not 6'1 205. I will say again, with margin of error, Helm is the mean.


I do agree that size does not mean everything (I wouldn't say it means nothing, it definitely helps). I would still rather have Helm then Martin if the $ is the same. But I think Helm will want about 3mil per, for about 4-5 years which I dont want the Wings dishing out.

Because every source out there gives different stats. The average size of the NHL is listed at different sizes on evey different site. Most list a heavier weight than 201. That was one source. It also goes up/down every year. There is no set number.


As for Sharpe I quoted what was up at the time. he went for 34 goals with the B hawks, then 16 goals, then 17-stats not updated yet.


The point remains that Sharpe is in major decline. His last 4 seasons were: 6 goals, 34 goals, 16 goals, got traded, then 20 goals. That is decline. Bowman was smart to  move him and his large contract. Somehting Holland needs to do but will not.

In Topic: Mantha

30 April 2016 - 11:42 AM

That's the same thing as saying "who cares about how much better the PP was with Mantha in the lineup, was he responsible for all those PP goals - even though he only had 1?" Maybe our teams PP% those 10 games was also a "fluke".

There are so many reasons (we don't know) as to why he wasn't on the playoff roster. The Anderson comparison is profoundly dumb as they obviously weren't being utilized for the same thing. If Miller was healthy, Anderson wouldn't have been in the lineup - would we have complained then? I agree Blashill didn't really use Andersson on the PK as much as expected, but the PK is also the reason we lost the series - would Mantha have solved this problem?

There are a lot of things behind the scenes that we don't see - Attitude, Commitment, Off Ice Lifestyle, Locker Room to name a few - we don't know for sure but maybe management didn't feel he deserved it this year. It's not like we didn't use two other rookie forwards all season?

There's something up with this kid and a lot to be desired... I don't know if it was pure talent or size that allowed him to dominate his time in the Q (including his draft year where he led the league in goals) - but there's a reason management has been ultra tough with him. Benching/Demotions/Cuts are also ways of motivating most players and if it helps Mantha work harder to reach his potential, who are we to argue?

I think you mean the 1 for 26 PP was the reason. 1 more goal scored per game and who knows where thing send up.