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#2421189 Flyers to buyout Briere

Posted by Richdg on 21 June 2013 - 10:54 AM

Show of hands, how many people who are interested in Briere are the same people who wanted nothing to do with Weiss over in the other thread because he was too small to play center for our team going forward?  I'm not going to bother checking, but there's got to be some. 


Anyway, no thanks on Briere.  He's had a great career and all, and he's got a lot of moxy, but I like center's who play defense.  For that matter, so do the coaches and management.  Which is why we have the system we do, and why Danny Briere won't be donning the Winged Wheel in this lifetime. 

I am a firm no on both. Both are old, small, EXPENSIVE, and are guys that we have a bunch of. We are already filled up at the forward position. As of today guys like Tatar, Nyquist, Andersson, etc... are in danger of being in the minors. Adding a Briere or Weiss only increases that chance. What they can produce can be found in the 3 younger guys for a lot less money. Now if we are talking about adding Big Vinny from TB after a buyout, that would be different. he is a very different type of player than what we already have.

#2420999 Ilitch reveals plan for new $450m, 18,000-seat Red Wings arena

Posted by Richdg on 20 June 2013 - 10:22 AM

The reduction is seats is all about supply and demand. Reduce the supply to drive up the demand. They did the same thing with Tigers Stadium and Comerica Park. COPA seats about 12,000 fewer people. The higher demand allows for higher prices.

#2419816 Wings Sign Drew Miller to 3 year extension @ 1.35m/yr

Posted by Richdg on 14 June 2013 - 11:24 AM

While I like Miller not sure he was needed or where he is going to play. This makes about 15 forwards as of today and it has been rumored that Cleary and Brunner will be resigned. That makes 17 forwards. yes we could make a trade or buy a guy out. But there does seem to be a lot of avergae/below average guys on the roster eating up places and cap space.

#2418737 What would you give up for Malkin?

Posted by Richdg on 08 June 2013 - 10:24 PM

If they were going to move him-doubt it, I would give whatever they wanted. Malkin has and will continue to out score most of our forwards combined. He has 560 career points in 458 regular season games. In the playoffs he has 97 points in 82 games. That my friends is production. Proven production. That is better than either Datsyuk or Zetterberg. Malkin would be our best player and it isn't even close. At 26-soone to be 27, he has 8-10 GREAT years left.

On the open market he would get a 7 year (max) 70 million deal. If he resigns with his current team, they can go to 8 years. This is big. As for paying him, how much wasted money are the wings currently carrying? Bert-2 million, Sammy-3 million, Q-almost 4 million, Cola-2.5 million, Cleary-3 million. That is 14.5 million just on those guys.

But we would have to move our prospects. So? At best 1 out of 5 ever make it. Most don't. Nyquist, tatar, and Anderson will never produce the same amount as Malkin. Heck he might even produce MORE playing with his countryman and Ideal-Datsyuk.

Our issue this past year was O. Adding a 50+ goal guy fixes that overnight.


Now wil this ever happen? No. Holland doesn't have the stones for this type of move anymore. This would be a better move than when we traded Primeau for Shanahan.Yes Kieth turned into a great player-before the head injuries, but Shanny got us 4 cups. In the end that is what matters. Cups. Malkin makes us a cup contender. The others don't.

#2416286 Franzen Buyout?

Posted by Richdg on 30 May 2013 - 04:47 PM

Guys, use capgeek and read. If franzen was to retire in the Summer of 2017, 4 seasons from now we would have a cap it of 2,772,727 for 3 more seasons. If he was to retire in the summer of 2016, our cap hit would be just under 2.1 million for 4 seasons. I he retires in the summer of 2018 the cap hit is 4.16 million for 2 seasons. If he retires in the summer of 2019 the hit is 8.32 million for 1 season.

In any of these events he costs us money on our cap, when he is not even playing. The hit is worse as he gets closer to the end of his contract. Now if we buy him out, he gives us a $0 cap hit. he is going to get paid his 22.5 million no matter what we/he does.

#2416273 Wow... Danny Cleary

Posted by Richdg on 30 May 2013 - 04:21 PM

Over the next few days we will find out about all the injuries. But guess what? EVERYONE HAS GUYS PLAYING HURT! It is the freaking playoffs. very few if any teams are going to go through the playoffs without having half their team banged up. Happens every year.


As for Cleary, no one has ever doubted his heart or his guts. he has tons of both. But he is also half the player he used to be. It happens. he is 33/34 now and a UFA. No I do not want him back. We have young guys in the minors that need to play. yes they could flop. But untill they play every day, we don't know. What can Cleary give us that Sheahan can't? Nothing. Yes Sheahan is young and inexperienced, but how does he get experience? oh ya-he plays!

#2412187 Poll: If you could pick any 20 players to start an NHL franchise with.

Posted by Richdg on 26 May 2013 - 07:38 PM

Maybe a better version of this idea would be: build the best cap compliant team, which does make things much tougher. You can't have 4 C's making 7+ million per year. Anyone can draft an AS team, and not be wrong with how they lay it out. Make a team that is under next years 64 million dollar cap, assuming everyone is available. A much tougher thing to do. 

#2410841 TGIF

Posted by Richdg on 24 May 2013 - 10:11 AM

Here we are heading into the long holiday weekend. The sun is shining, and the Wings are still playing! Heck, we are 1 more win from another series! Truely awesome and shocking. Couldn't be happier!

The effort, the coaching, and Howard are the reasons why. Time to give all of those some serious love. No this is not the most talented team in the NHL. in fact the hawks are one of the most talented teams. ut we are out working them and out thinking them, thus we have a 3-1 lead. Babcock has once again shown he is the best coach in the business. He can coach a laoded AS team or a blue collar team that is lacking high end talent. Doesn't matter, he wins.

Jimmy is showing that he is truely one of the best in the game today. never to high, never to low, just goes out and does his job, and does it well. Showing he is worth every penny of his new contract.

This team has goen into the house money area. We are already further than anyone could have expected, and looks like we are not yet done. this is when things get fun. with nothing to lose, there is no pressure. With no pressure, guys play better and have fun. That is when teams become truely dangerous.

What a great year this has turned out to be! If it last for 1 more game or 15 more games, we as Wings fans have NOTHING to complain about.

#2397133 Ottawa - Montreal 5 on 5 fight

Posted by Richdg on 05 May 2013 - 10:13 PM

Showing my age.... I remember Neil when he played for the Griffins. Something about #25..........


Yes for you youngsters, the griffins used to be the top farm team for the Sens.... back in the IHL days....

With brawls like this, guess the Wings better hope McKee get ready soon! :lol: The better draft McCarron as well!

DING DING DING! We have a winner!

#2396923 Should Howard be benched?

Posted by Richdg on 05 May 2013 - 05:15 PM

No. hell No. hell the F$%k No! Howard is the reason we are in the playoffs. it is not his fault that this team can't score, plays far to soft, and leaves him out to dry all game long. There isn't a G in the league that is going to do a better job with this team in front of him. We made it to the PO's and are rebuilding at the same time. if you thought this was a team that was going to make a deep run, you are kidding yourself. It isn't and will not. But none of thta has to do with Howard.

#2396654 Perry hit. Thoughts?

Posted by Richdg on 04 May 2013 - 11:14 PM

Thing is, if the NHL wouldn't have tried to end fighting, hits like this wouldn't happen. Becasue if these hits did happen, you would get your a$$ kicked as well as having to sit in the sin bin.

#2396650 Refs this series!

Posted by Richdg on 04 May 2013 - 11:01 PM


I will correct you on this point.  The NHL didn't try to reduce fighting, but the system of hockey decided that for the NHL.  When teams like the Devils could clutch and grab their way to a championship over more skilled teams, fighting really became irrevelant.  Sure, teams could fight with the Devils, but the clutch and grab system really didn't replace fighting.  The NHL really didn't go out to reduce fighting then.


I will say this, the penalties to reduce fighting haven't done that.




At the same time though, I am on your side.  I believe all penalties done to reduce fighting should be eliminated.


Hrm, he delivers a hit in which he leaves his feet less than 10 feet from a referee.  With the ref having to make a call within seconds of the hit, I could see how the ref could have penalized him 2 minutes or 5 minutes.  We will see what Shanahan says tomorrow.

Your stats on't cover the 80's when there was 1+ fights per game on average. The Devils started with the trap in the very early 90's, after the NHL tried to reduce fighting. Since you were no longer going to get your a$$ kicked, there was no problem with holding, checking from behind, interference, extra stick work etc......


No, can you imagine if there was no 2 line pass calls in the 80's? Gretzky and Mario may have had 250-300 points per year! How many would Datsyuk, Malkin, Ovechkin, Crosby etc... get in that era? Now that would be fun to watch!

#2396645 Perry hit. Thoughts?

Posted by Richdg on 04 May 2013 - 10:52 PM

Just wondering if everyone maintains the same positions? Abby for 4 games? Just to be clear, I think both hits were good hockey hits. If you skate with your head down, that is what happens. Neither guy used his elbow.

#2396643 Refs this series!

Posted by Richdg on 04 May 2013 - 10:43 PM

The refs haven't been a factor yet. No moving on to a bigger issue: cheap attacks.


For those of us old enough to remember the 1980's-best decade ever BTW! The hockey was awesome! Stars didn't get touched. if they did, their bodyguard would set the other player straight asap! it was the best of both worlds. Lots of goals and lots of fights. When the NHL made the decision to "reduce" fighting, they everyone started to play clutch and grab hockey. For 20 years now we have been hearing how the NHL wants to open things up and increase scoring. Ok, let's do that. Get rid of all the penalties that were put in place to "reduce" fighting. Thengo back to 1 ref and let's have some damn fun already!

#2393315 Corey Perry Knee/Kick to Howard

Posted by Richdg on 01 May 2013 - 02:23 PM

Last time I checked, Hockey was a contact sport. People run into each other. That is still allowed right? Perry didn't do anything wrong, and those that think he did, go watch soccer. he drove the net, while hounded by Kronwall, Perry then tries to jump over Howard and his stick as Kronwall bumps him. When you are in the air and get bumped you lose your balance and yes your arms/legs will flail out to try and regain your balance. Now he touched the G which is a 2 min penalty, and that is what he got. Nothing else to talk about. Stop all the b1tching and whinning. I guarantee you that if Perry was playing for us, everyone would be upset about him getting a penalty.