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In Topic: Is Jimmy Our Playoff Goalie?

25 February 2015 - 07:55 PM

Maybe not immediately but if Mrazek shows he can be a consistent NHL starter if he's given the chance next year I can see Holland trading Howard at the deadline


Its possible it expires (I can't check capgeek to check) but Jimmy has a NMC and can't be traded unless he agrees to waive it.


He's ours at least for a couple more years regardless of his performance.

In Topic: Franson to Preds

15 February 2015 - 10:19 PM

Yes, I'm eager to trade our prospects... Are you kidding me? You clearly haven't been around here much lately... I'm probably the one person that everyone thinks, "krsmith17, you can't hold on to every single prospect..."


Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you just advocate trading Ouellet, our top defensive prospect for a rental?


As for giveaways and takeaways, the fact that Toronto is terrible isn't an argument in Franson's favor it's actually the reason for the misleading stat totals.


A team with the puck more often will have decreased takeaway numbers and increased giveaways, it's also not a good sign when a defencemen you're counting on for offence is blocking so many shots. That Franson has so many giveaways on a team that ranks dead last in puck possession is a pretty telling stat.


If Franson were a piece that put us over the top for a cup run I'd be all for moving a prospect for him but I don't think we're that close, and I certainly don't think he's that guy.


I'd rather go with what we have and sign Petry in the off-season, then see what prospects make a big jump next season. I have a feeling both Ouellet and Marchenko will be ready, with Sproul and Backman getting looks when guys go down.

In Topic: Franson to Preds

15 February 2015 - 05:58 PM

Trading to a divisional opponent should not be an issue in this particular situation. The Wings and Leafs don't play each other any more this season, the Leafs have no chance in making the playoffs, and Franson is a UFA at the end of the season. The Leafs should and would have taken the best deal on the table, regardless of who they were helping out. Why shouldn't the prospect matter in this situation? The Leafs can't draft for s***, they should be after high end prospects before late first round draft picks. Ouellet should be worth more to a team like the Leafs than a 24ish overall pick from Nashville. And give it a rest with this Babcock speculation, it's bulls***, plain and simple. Yes, since the Wings didn't land Franson, they will get bounced earlier in the playoffs, and now Babcock will choose to go to the Leafs, who are in full rebuild mode, rather than stay with a team that has a tradition of winning, and is a year or two max away from contention once again... Give me a f***ing break...


How often do you watch the Leafs? living in Toronto I see them a few times a week and I wouldn't trade Ouellet for 2 months of Franson straight up.


His risky passes and tendency to turn pucks over around his own net would have him in Bab's doghouse in short order. 


He'd be on the 3rd pairing before the playoffs even begin.


The Leafs also wont make any deals that might help the Wings as they truly believe that if the Wings fizzle in the playoffs this year, Babcock will be their head coach next year. Helping us make a playoff run would only increase the chances he'd re-sign with the Wings.

Where is this "at any cost" coming from? Obviously I wouldn't have given up the farm for him, but we could have easily beaten out the Preds in that trade, without giving up too much. No, a first round pick isn't ideal but I think we could have given up a second and a better prospect and got the deal done. I just find it hilarious how people come on here saying, he isn't the player we needed. If he isn't the type of defenseman this team needs, then that player doesn't exist. Of all the players available (taking cost into account) he absolutely was the best fit for this team. But yeah, keep talking about Yandle... Not going to happen, nor should it...


We don't have a 2nd round pick, we traded it last season in an overpayment for a rental. This would be even worse since we don't really have an aching need for a 2nd pairing defenceman even if he does shoot right.


If we're going to get a minute eating top pairing defenceman its going to be one of those prospects you seem to eager to trade. They are not often available via free agency, and when they are they cost a fortune. The same goes for trying to acquire one via trade, the cost will out weigh the benefit.

Hey, didn't we trade a 1st for Kyle Quincey?


Holland does overpay.  Just for the wrong guys.   


Honestly right now I'd prefer Quincey to Franson simply because Franson would be gone at the end of the season without question.


He wants 6 million plus a season long term, and he just wouldn't get that in Detroit.


Franson would be a much better player offensively, and he'd improve the PP, but we're already #1 on the PP, and his offence comes at the expense of defence.

In Topic: Franson to Preds

15 February 2015 - 02:57 PM

Haha typical LGW. We didn't land him, so... we didn't even want him... Franson is garbage, not worth the asking price...


At no point have I ever in any way supported the idea of pursuing Franson at any cost.


Had we landed him for a first I would have been first in line to criticize the terrible trade.


We already made the overpaying for a rental mistake last season, this is the same thing but at a greater cost.

In Topic: Franson to Preds

15 February 2015 - 02:36 PM

Personally I think Toronto got the better of this deal.


Franson and Santorelli were leaving anyways at the end of the season and they got a 1st, a prospect and another player they are going to flip before the deadline.


I'm glad the Wings passed on Franson, having seen a lot of Leafs games here in Toronto, Franson turns the puck over more frequently than Ericsson.


I don't think its a bad trade for Nashville either though, they get 2 pieces they can definitely use as part of a run.