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#2300106 The new guys thoughts.....

Posted by FlashyG on 08 May 2012 - 02:08 PM

you still didn't answer my question.

Which championship teams in any sport have traded away the players that made them great, and improved without any years of mediocrity in between?

Who knows what Datsyuk will want salary wise in 2 years, and who knows what the roster will look like then. The Wings are still very much competitive and Datsyuk is the best player on their team, just because he's aging isn't a reason to trade him.

#2299901 The new guys thoughts.....

Posted by FlashyG on 07 May 2012 - 09:23 PM

Get Parise, then, trade for Shanny, er, uh, Nash!!!

What is it we are missing? A big, strong, nasty, scoring power forward. Get Nash, and then worry about the rest. Might even bring out the best in Mule. Who knows?

The only thing nasty about Rick Nash is his cap hit.

#2299701 The new guys thoughts.....

Posted by FlashyG on 06 May 2012 - 08:35 PM

Yzerman set the bar on hanging on for the last couple years. he played his last 4 or 5 years at less than 2 million. Add in a little inflation and the number is 3 million. The part every forgets is, to get someone good, you have to give someone good. There is also a salary cap. I know may are hot to trot over parise, but I am not one of them. he is another small forward, which we have a bunch of. the days of a team full of 5-11/180 players is over. yes a few are needed and can be successfull. But overall the average size is closer to 6-2/205. We have 3 forwards that are that size or bigger. 1 is old Burt, 1 disappears-Franzen, and 1 is very young Abelkater.
yes moving Zetterberg or datsyk will cause riots int he streets. I get that. But where will they be in 3 years? Old broken and with no trade value.

Steve Yzerman was the exception not the rule and he only took a discount for 1 year. He made 5.8 million in his 2nd last year and for his final year he took a salary of 1.25 million.

Neither Datsyuk or Zetterberg will ever be traded, regardless of trade value. They'll both retire as Red Wings. Its that dedication to our veterans that created the Wings reputation as a prime FA destination.

#2299224 Mike babcock taking questions on live stream

Posted by FlashyG on 04 May 2012 - 11:29 AM

Not sure if this is the whole interview but its the best I could find.


#2299219 What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

Posted by FlashyG on 04 May 2012 - 10:39 AM

Datsyuk and Zetterberg's games also transferred well to the NHL based on skill set alone.

Thats not what people said before Datsyuk came over to North America. His best season in his days back home was 26 pts and he was a long shot to make the team. Maybe Jarnkrok and Pulkkinen will take their game to another level next year. All I'm saying is wait until these guys move over to North America before you judge them.

I'll shy away from comparing those two to Jarnkrok and Pulkkinen. And by come out of nowhere I was referring to draft position. 6th and 7th rounders who surprised everyone. We don't have that now. We know what the majority of our prospects have to offer. Like I said, I'm not saying every prospect we have is bad or anything. But most of them are average with a ceiling that we have a pretty good idea of already because we've seen what they can do in the minors for years and knowing that numbers drop even lower once you get to the highest of the high in terms of leagues (the NHL), it's pretty plain to see that there aren't any Datsyuk's or Zetterbergs to be had. And it's not surprising.. Those are rare.. rare players to be had. We've been blessed to have guys like that but eventually they were going to get old and lose production.. That's the cycle of life in the NHL and in all pro sports.. Save maybe for MLB where it's a money based league IMO. It's just time I think. It will do us good to rebuild in a few years.

I agree superstars are rare, especially when you don't get to pick in the top 20 picks but how can you tell that none of those guys I mentioned wont turn into superstars? Unless you're talking about different prospects than me, none of them have played a single game in the minors. They are playing in Junior or in Europe and all of them are putting up better numbers than Datsyuk did in his development. I'm not saying these guys will become better than or even as good as Datsyuk but the potential is there.

Oh.. and I followed the link to the poll I saw Chicago and Detroit. Then I saw Montreal and Toronto and I laughed and clicked the red 'x' lol.

So you disregard the opinion of even NHLers when you don't agree with it? Its not like CBC made up the results, that's the opinion of the players