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#2586618 3/29 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Islanders 5

Posted by WingsallTheway on 29 March 2015 - 05:08 PM

And jimmy haters go silent lol

Mrazek being bad doesnt stop Howard from sucking

#2586416 Positive feel good thread

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 29 March 2015 - 09:20 AM

Felt like as good a place as any to post this.
Two really nice goals by Holmström in the SHL playoffs tonight, he's second in the playoff points standings right now.

He's looking like hell be the next late round steal by Detroit.

Has Google translate been messing up for anyone else lately?

#2582095 3/15 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Penguins 1

Posted by GoalieManPat on 15 March 2015 - 12:45 PM

We have a Nyquist sighting.

#2581835 3/14 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flyers 7

Posted by chaps80 on 14 March 2015 - 06:07 PM


I do and I still think it's a good idea. Smith was our best D-man out there today, admittedly in a team effort where my grandmother probably would have been our best player (and she's dead). But using this game of all games to pick on Smith is strange to say the least. Same goes for the people who complain about Howard btw. This teams problems are certainly not named Jimmy Howard or Brendan Smith.


Howard had a .809 save% today. That's a problem when it's your starting goaltender.

#2581789 3/14 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flyers 7

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 14 March 2015 - 03:21 PM

Forget Helm.  When is Franzen coming back?

#2581781 3/14 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flyers 7

Posted by WingsAlways on 14 March 2015 - 03:05 PM

I heard that Howard was so devastated after the game that he jumped in front of a bus, he didn't get hurt though it went through his legs.

#2581731 3/14 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flyers 7

Posted by LeftWinger on 14 March 2015 - 02:34 PM

not fickle, never thought Howard was a good goalie, even back when he would get his callups, I always bitched about him and his rebound control. Listen, even Tim Cheveldae almost won 40 games playing here. Howard sucks, face it. It took you all a while to realize Hudler stunk, Franzen is garbage and soon you'll all realize Howard is junk. You'll all open your eyes soon. Some of you are opening them as we speak! :lol: Trade Howard on draft day.

#2581657 3/14 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flyers 7

Posted by LeftWinger on 14 March 2015 - 02:18 PM

Howard is horrible. He is every bit of below average. He has left a s*** stain from Dallas to Anaheim back to Detroit and into Pennsylvania...i cannot believe he still has supporters here. May as well put Franzen in net.

#2581629 3/14 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flyers 7

Posted by Tr!PoD#19 on 14 March 2015 - 02:08 PM

And Datsyuk doesnt score as much as Ovechkin so he must be s***

Howard is too inconsistent and will never be elite. Get over it.

#2580988 3/12 GDT : Blue Jackets 3 at Red Wings 1

Posted by cnot19 on 12 March 2015 - 07:54 PM

I wish dekeyser had some form of balls or jam in his game my god

#2574434 Is Jimmy Our Playoff Goalie?

Posted by wings_fanatic on 24 February 2015 - 05:37 PM

This is such a debatable issue and, for good reason. There are those who support Jimmy and simply cannot understand why fans hate on him so much and then, on the flip side, there seem to be those who want Jimmy gone. Me- I am kind of in between. In the 2013 playoffs there is no doubt that Jimmy was a big reason for the Wings success. I mean we nearly made it to the conference finals. Jimmy has the ability to steal us games, see Chicago for instance. There is no doubt he is a good goalie. But what separates him from guys like Lunquivst, like it or not, is that he doesn't win the games that matter. 


He has been our starter in the playoffs since 2010. Since then we have not made it past the 2nd round. Lets look at the playoffs since 2010:


2010: Lost in the 2nd round to the Sharks in 5 games. If memory serves me correctly, we were dominating game 3 of this series until Jimmy let it an awful goal by Heatly and we ended up losing that game and ultimately the series In that series, he let in quite a few soft goals.


2011: Lost in the 2nd round to the Sharks in 7 games. Jimmy was significantly better in these playoffs and cannot be faulted for losing this series We simply did not have enough guys going.


2012: 1st round loss to Nashville in 5 games. Embarssing series by the entire team. Unfortunate that this was Nick Lidstrom's last season. Jimmy was not very good as with the rest of the team.


Note for these 3 seasons, JImmy had excellent Dmen and still never got past the second round, like it or not he didn't.


2013: 2nd round loss to the Hawks in 7 games. Great playoffs by Jimmy.


2014: 1st round loss to Boston in 5 games. Jimmy did not play much, but was good in game 1 but was not good in game 2.




Now it is hard to assess on Jimmy in last year's playoffs but I can say I felt much more confident with Gus in net. As I said, I don't dislike Jimmy. He is a good goalie- not great. He is a team player, he never complains and is not afraid to get rough. All good qualities. BUT, he has never gotten us past the 2nd round in 4 years like it or not. Now I am not saying we need to get rid of him. But what I am saying is that I think this is going to be an important playoffs for him. Not necessarily whether we win the Cup or not but if he gives up bad goals at bad times, then I think the team might look at changes down the road. I am not basing this off of his last couple games because he just came back from injury and we all know he is far better than that. Realistically, however, this is a very important playoffs for Jimmy Howard in my opinion. 

#2572533 Preferred Playoff Opponents?

Posted by F.Michael on 19 February 2015 - 07:05 PM

No thanks on the caps. Aside from having one guy who can win a game all by himself, Barry Trotz is Mike Babcocks kryptonite

Babs needs to punch Trotz in the throat.....Oh wait...

#2568595 2015 Draft

Posted by dirtydangles on 05 February 2015 - 06:04 PM

dirtydangles, despite not being as well established yet, they are still some of our top prospects. Between Sheahan, Larkin and Athanasiou, they will have no problem filling the top 2 center spots in the future. It doesn't matter how old these guys are or when they were drafted, the top prospects for any team are the ones that have the highest potential, not "biggest bust potential"... My "untouchable" list (may be different from yours) consists of 4 "can't miss" forwards (Larkin, Mantha, Athanasiou, Pulkkinen), a defenseman (Sproul) and a goaltender (Mrazek). Again, on top of that we already have, Sheahan, Nyquist, Tatar and Jurco up front, while we only have DeKeyser and Smith on the back end... That's eight potential top 6 forwards and only three top 4 defensemen...


Yeah I still think you are reaching on the AA prediction. I don't see him becoming a top 6 NHL C. He could be a 3C or MAYBE 2C but more likely pans out as a 2/3 winger in the NHL.


I really only see Larkin and Sheahan as future top 6 C's and neither likely becomes a legit top line C like a Z or Dats. How many teams have won the cup without a premier 1C recently? None - you could argue Boston doesn't have one but they are a different beast. The only way to get a 1C is through the draft and getting lucky. I truly think we need to add one more legit C prospect to the pool to feel comfortable going forward. This is the draft to do it with how deep it is at the C position.


Either way, I don't think I will convince you and you won't change my mind - and thats okay - because at the end of the day you and I aren't the ones making the pick on draft day lol.  

Of our 24 forward prospects at least half play or have played C in their careers. We are fine up the middle.
















I believe Nastasiuk and Campbell have played some C too, but I'm not positive.

I don't think any of those guys except for Larkin ends up a top 6 C at the NHL level. Its an impressive list nonetheless.

#2568620 So, Evander Kane...

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 05 February 2015 - 08:15 PM

I still think its awesome he knocked out matt Cooke.
I never wanted him on our team though
I still want byfuglien, he can throw tats clothes in the shower, for some reason I feel like tats would just walk out nekked though.

#2568491 Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Posted by kipwinger on 05 February 2015 - 12:42 PM

He reminds me of a james wizniewski ... I recall a lot of people wanted him and he ended up going to Columbus for around 5 per for 5 years? He's not worth the contract and neither will franson , and he will end up on a team that will overpay and a team that has a hard time attracting free agents



James Wisniewski isn't worth his contract?  He's a top four offensive defenseman and powerplay quarterback.  Since he's been with Columbus he's scored 115 points in 199 games.  He also averages over 20 minutes a night.  He's been top ten in defense scoring twice in the four years he's been there, and has contributed 14 powerplay goals and 47 powerplay points since then. 


What would he need to do to be worth his contract if he's not doing it already?  Learn to fly?  Do the team's taxes as well?