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Has anyone noticed this trend? 3 years now

17 January 2014 - 06:25 PM

Now, I'm not saying this is intentional or that the wings brass is even aware of this but, for at least the past 3 seasons we've suffered terrible injuries all season long.  I'm not just talking about a game here and there, I'm talking about a good chunk of our lineup being absent for weeks at a time.  This brings up several questions to me.


1. Is there something in the training department that is amiss? Pre Lidstrom retirement, I don't remember this being such an issue.  Are we behind the times in training methods or something?  Or does this fall on coaching and management that we just haven't picked up players that aren't made of porcelain?


2. Do Babcock and Holland KNOW that our players are fragile and play it safe?  What I mean is, sometimes we'll get a player like Helm back for 2 games, then lose him for 10.  Just an example.  Are they afraid of having these players down in the final stretch/playoffs?  Do they sit them at every cough, sniffle, or sneeze or what?  It seems to me for the past few seasons, we've battled injury all season long.  Then towards the final stretch, guys start coming back healthy, and we have been able to turn it on.  Just look at the 7 game series Vs. Chicago last year.  If I remember correctly, we played with mostly and young and playoff inexperience roster during that series, but the core was healthy.


I'm starting to wonder if guys are staying out of the lineup for any and every injury earlier in the season for fear that if they play through little things like alot of guys do, they'll end up seriously hurt come playoffs?  Now, I know the issue here would be that we need all the points possible to make the playoffs, but we've somehow managed.


3.  What in your guys opinions could management, and/or the players, and training staff do differently?  SOMETHING has got to be a factor that wasn't there 4-5 years ago.  If it were just our older players getting hurt, I'd say it's that.  But, we have guys like abby, helm, howie, ericsson etc routinely getting hurt now.


Just some thought I had, and wanted to get your guys, and gals takes on it all.