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In Topic: Babcock says good-bye in full page ad. SIAP

Yesterday, 03:49 PM

My first criticism of blashill is he doesnt know what hes thinking bring Larkin into the line up. Fire him.


In Topic: Roster Moves by the Wings

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

Helene St. James ‏@HeleneStJames 1m1 minute ago
Red Wings not putting anyone on waivers today.


In Topic: Roster Moves by the Wings

Yesterday, 10:56 AM

It makes me so happy that Larkin made the team I could vomit

In Topic: 2015-16 Grand Rapids Griffins

04 October 2015 - 05:56 PM

Seen this on hfboards it made me laugh.
Since the leafs can't hang with their wings, leaf fans are sinking to trying to compare the marlies to them GriffinS. They get two decent prospects And they suddenly have talent and depth comparable to one of the best ahl
Teams. Leaf fans are pretty effin delusional.

It's time for the Calder cup parade planning to start Lmao

In Topic: Roster Moves by the Wings

04 October 2015 - 04:46 PM

So am I the only one that thought Cleary didn't look THAT bad in the few games he played? In my opinion he looked much better than Andersson. Not saying much I know, and I'm not saying we should necessarily keep him, but I'm okay with him sticking around as the 14th forward until we're fully healthy (if we ever are)...

Larkin has looked great but I still think he needs time in Grand Rapids. We just have way too many forwards right now. I know I'm in the minority here, much like I was this time last year with Jurco, but I'm hoping he gets sent down tomorrow...
Ferraro is not waiver exempt. He won't be sent down.

Ya I wasn't sure about ferraro. I kinda just guessed on that one