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In Topic: Datsyuk or Fedorov?

Yesterday, 02:43 PM

This isn't a knock on Pavs, but the Hockey Hall of Fame is the easiest HOF to get into, Dats will get in. He'll retire with 2 Cups (at least) and over 300 career goals.
I'll take Fedorov over Datsyuk. Feds won the Hart, 3 Cups, and had 30 or more goals in a season 10 times. Fedorov career's better then Datsyuk, Datsyuk is in, so no question Fedorov.

Dats also has 532 assists already. He could easily be over 600-650 when he retires and is just shy of Beijing a ppg player his entire career (804 points in 824 games) that's good enough for me, without even taking into consideration his two way play. That just puts him over the top.

In Topic: Pavel Datsyuk trolls Paul Bissonnette on Twitter

Yesterday, 12:58 PM

I say let Holland run it, it'll give him something to do in the offseason.

Nope. He would just post congratulations Cleary on taking us for fools, and never post again until next year.

In Topic: Leiweke Leaving Toronto after 1 year

Yesterday, 10:35 AM

Maybe that has been the problem them ? I never understood the signing, they've fired Burke and then hired another bigmouth, brash persona just to "fire" him again but I also think it must be very difficult dealing with this big group of CEOs, chairmans and what not.
I mean Dubas has to ask Nonis < Shanahan < Leiweke < Tannenbaum < George Gope that's a lot of steps to get get something done, approved.
They have enough money if MLSE is smart, they are going to bring in the great one and let him run the company. Also I still can't believe the BOG allowed the sale of the Leafs to two big companies who *hate* each other.

It's all about the Benjamin's. And it wouldn't be smart to bring gretzky in to manage the team.

In Topic: Candiens, P.K. Subban agree to 8 year contract

Yesterday, 10:31 AM

Part of Kovalev's comments reek of jealousy of not having made that much $ in his career. 

Sure. But also reeks of the truth. I don't think subban is worth that kind of money, not unless he learns to play his position better

In Topic: Sharks enter training no with no C or A's

Yesterday, 08:12 AM

Reports indicate that San Jose wanted to trade Thronton earlier this offseason, but Thornton said no (he has a no trade clause). I think this is SJ's way of getting him to back-down from that stance.
Kind of a d*** move if you ask me, Thornton loves SJ, and as a result took a hometown discount (6.75mil over next 3 years), then 5 months later they try to trade him??? 7 months later strip him of the C??? You didn't want him, don't sign him. As much as fans hate Holland for the Cleary signing, these are the types of things players remember. A team like Detroit has a reputation of taking care of its own, SJ now look like a team who don't give a crap.

From what I've heard (word of mouth) a deal was all but done for him to come to Detroit but he refused to waive his ntc