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In Topic: Lines Thread

Yesterday, 10:25 PM

It's not a question of keeping Jurco down for those guys, it's a philosophy of getting him used to being the go-to guy first in GR, being the main man, the one we count on day in and day out to bring the rain, to pick up the bar tab when the game is on the line-"Guys, I got it".

Once he's played that role , with that mentality, long enough in GR, it will be more possible to develop that mentality in the nhl.


wait... o one told me he was picking up the bar tab... why have I been paying for my own beer?

In Topic: Expansion draft - how many players can each team protect ?

Yesterday, 03:54 PM

What you pasted says a player had to have played 40 games the previous year or 70 the previous 2

Chances are mantha will have had a season within next few years and possibly ouellet/sproul

I must have read it wrong then. But I'm sure Kenny will be well aware of that rule and things will fall into place somehow. If there's one thing he's good at, it's keeping guys in the minors

In Topic: potential team names for las vegas!

Yesterday, 01:06 PM

They should probably pick the name based on the most likely Canadian market the team will move to after being a financial disaster for years. 

The las Vegas maple leafs

In Topic: Nice article on Mantha

Yesterday, 11:17 AM

He's not Gretzky for sure. He is not even young Zetterberg or Hossa in terms of impact on the ice. He succeeds basically because of his big frame and hockey instincts. All he did against well organized opponents is took the puck and tried to go through 2+ defenders. Obviously, it didn't work but he tried it again and again.  But yes, he got his 11pts. If he does not improve his hockey IQ, at best, he could be a version of Blake Wheeler which is not that bad after all. Those juniors were kind of dissapointing for me as a fan of the Red Wings.

Zetterberg wasn't even a young version of Zetterberg. He small undersized and got pushed around too much. Once mantha adds some weight to his big frame, defenders will move out of his way or get plowed. The fact that he is willing to take the route none of the current wings roster will take is very promising in itself.

In Topic: Expansion draft - how many players can each team protect ?

Yesterday, 11:06 AM

According to the article I quoted, only players who have been in the league for more than 2 seasons can be drafted, so if it happens in the next two years any of our grand rapids guys wouldn't need protection.