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In Topic: Curtis Glencross regrets taking hometown discount

30 August 2015 - 08:28 PM

Nothing I can't stand more than those "oh, poor little millionaire" type posts.  I sympathize with his plight, but players should be aware of how it comes off.


That said, I think there are likely just as many, maybe more, players who left a good situation and bolted for the big contract, and really regretted it.  Hindsight is 20/20.  I really don't know enough about his career to know how much he left on the table.  If he can still play, he'll get a shot somewhere and might be able to still cash in if he proves himself. 

In Topic: Franzen back on ice

26 August 2015 - 10:22 PM

I think it also should be noted that Franzen has (allegedly, but in his own words to a Swedish Newspaper) severe anxiety disorder and or depression.  He has, on several occasions, sat out games for unexplained reasons.  He doesn't want attention, he doesn't want to score goals and seems to shy away from physical play.  The research into CTE is still in it's infancy, yet the initial findings are alarming.  I can't imagine a guy with a pre existing mental illness is someone you want to give this another go. If you watch some of those reports on the NFL players with CTE or even watching Jim McMahon not being able to find his way home from a few blocks away, and you see the devastation of their families, it's hard to have the mindset it's only about what Johan wants. 


At this point in his career, I guess I'm just not seeing a return of anything close to a productive Johan Franzen. 

In Topic: Z and Emma expecting

22 August 2015 - 07:37 AM

It makes sense a little boy was named after a church lady?  ;)  It's Loooo-vay, not Love.


Dr. Frankenstein?"..."It's Frahnkensteen" ,Igor...That's "Eye-Gor" 

In Topic: Franzen back on ice

22 August 2015 - 07:15 AM

I always feel bipolar when it comes to Franzen.  One minute I want to defend him, and the next, I want to punch that stupid ass grin off his face because he's so damn frustrating to watch.   You see the stats and think damn, he's still good. Look at the points.  But then you watch the games and you see him get knocked down and then he looks around waiting for the call and then ever so slowly gets to one knee and then stops and then finally gets up and moseys on over to the bench while the play is going on in the other end.  Then you see him score 7 goals in 10 games or whatever and you think hot damn, the old Franzen is back!  Then he's hardly noticeable for the next 20 games and the Wings are losing games and not scoring worth a damn and there he is on tv like wuh??   Who me????  I'm not a goal scorer.  I'm a defensive specialist!  STFU. Did you tell Ken Holland you were just a defensive specialist when you signed the long term deal?  Then it's, well, his cap hit is a bargain for the points he scores, right?


On the health front, knowing what the medical community knows now about concussions and you have a guy who's already said he's had life altering symptoms trying to come back with a wife and kids, and you think what a selfish moron for putting himself at risk like that. Thank you for 2008, go back to Sweden and have a nice life. Then the next minute you think wow, he must really be dedicated to try and come back from this.  But will a guy at his advanced age and history of multiple concussions really contribute much?  Do we want him taking up a roster spot?  But what if can come back and chip in 20 goals?  Or would it just be better having that cap space if he goes on LTIR really be better for all involved?


I guess it all comes down to expectations and potential.  They guy has all the physical gifts.  Year after year, you hear the Wings need a big tough winger who can score.  That could and should be Franzen, but it isn't.  You wonder if its his health.  Then he and the team say no.  Next thing you know,  Franzen is out for multiple games with some "mystery" ailment.  


I'm decidedly undecided on the guy.

In Topic: Z and Emma expecting

20 August 2015 - 08:55 PM

I don't really care.  He can name him Marshmallow if he wants.  But for those of us who work with kids on a regular basis and have to deal with their pretentious parents who can't believe that you can't pronounce or spell the unique name of their special little flower, have a bit of a different perspective on it  ;)


I'm sure no one here would give Sidney Crosby s*** for giving his kid a "unique, special name"