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#2608121 ECF : Tampa Bay Former Rangers vs. New York New Rangers

Posted by Playmaker on 16 May 2015 - 02:41 PM

Happy for Dominic Moore after all he's been through.  I'm sure it has to be bittersweet.

#2608072 Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

Posted by Playmaker on 15 May 2015 - 08:06 PM

Isn't Babcock still employed? Haven't his teams underwhelmed since 2010? Did Bylsma get this much attention the day after he was fired? Nope.

The hype is getting absurd. One way or another he needs to make a decision. Obviously I don't want the guy back. I make no pretenses otherwise. But more than that I'd like for the process to come to an end. I don't give a s*** whether he's taking his talents to Buffalo or otherwise. This is obnoxious.

Babcock is on an expiring contract and was given specific permission by his employer to seek other offers.  That's quite rare in the field of coaching.  Bylsma was fired.  Had he been a wanted commodity as Babcock is, he would have gotten this much attention.  Clearly he is not.  The biggest market in the NHL, Toronto, desperately wants him, hence the media attention in Canada.  I really haven't noticed that much media attention.  I guess I'm not looking for it.  I also think that Babcock knows he's setting the bar not only for himself but for his coaching peers for now and in the future and it seems he takes that responsibility very seriously.

#2607997 Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

Posted by Playmaker on 15 May 2015 - 02:14 PM

Many crappy players have their name on the Stanley Cup, as with coaches.  Don Cherry was a bit before my time as a coach, so I can't comment on his ability to coach. He's an entertainer now and plays to his audience.  I'm not going to judge him as a coach based on what he does now, not to mention he's like 182.  But I find his advice on this subject to be sound and based on personal experience. 

#2606905 Kronwall

Posted by Playmaker on 09 May 2015 - 01:56 PM

Like what topic on this board hasn't been beaten to death ad nauseum?  A topic that only comes up once a year?  That's almost an original subject matter.

#2606869 Kronwall

Posted by Playmaker on 09 May 2015 - 08:47 AM

He is the Wings number 1, like it or not.  As I've said in the past, the issue with Kronwall is that he does everything generally well, but doesn't excel at any one aspect of the game to set him apart.  He doesn't have the size, the speed, the strength, the shot.   Another thing that hurts the perception of Kronwall is that other Nik guy. 

#2605694 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by Playmaker on 03 May 2015 - 12:15 PM

Holland deserves blame for sticking with over the hill players (Weiss, Cleary, Samuelsson, Cole, Zidlicky etc.) WAY too long and not finding the players who are on the cusp of blossoming and acquiring them. Usually by the time a player becomes a UFA, they are over halfway done with their career and we pretty much know what they are going to be. Younger players aren't worried about self-preservation and "life after hockey" and they give you 100%. A player who is worried about his health long term and his investment portfolio might give you 95% but he is always subconsciously holding something back and being afraid of getting injured. Brendan Shanahan mentioned this in an interview I remembered and I thought it was an outstanding insight. And no, I don't have a link to it. It was in a thing called a newspaper.

Okay, so all he has to do is acquire young high level players on the cusp of greatness, pay them what they're worth, fit them all in under the salary cap and give them all the ice time they want.  SMH, why didn't Kenny  Holland think of this first!?!?!  I mean, get real.  Every team just can't wait to trade blossoming stars to the Red Wings.  No doubt, too, that they'd take Cleary, Zid or a 5th round pick for said players.


Not sure how he could have stuck with Cole and Zidlicky too long as he just acquired them at the trade deadline and Cole only played 7 games before being injured.  Weiss has had injury problems since he was signed as the #1 free agent available that year and hasn't been given ample opportunity by Babs to right the ship.  So I'm sure other teams are lining up and will give the Wings all those up and coming hungry young stars for him.  Cleary was kept around too long, but he rarely cracked the line up this year, and wasn't a horrible liability when he was in.  


When the Wings won the Cup in 2002, they weren't old, they were experienced, savvy veterans who knew how to win.  

#2605578 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by Playmaker on 02 May 2015 - 01:09 PM

You're overplaying your hand. Zetterberg was on the Swedish Olympic team as the only non-NHL player before he joined the Wings. Obviously someone thought he was pretty notable lol.

Jonathan Ericcson's brother was the only non NHL player on the last Swedish Olympic team.  So it isn't necessarily an indicator of greatness.  

If they ate that much, the cost to get him would price us out on him..

Phaneuf at $5m would probably still be pricey.

For me, taking Weiss is more than enough and eating salary isn't necessary.  Trading his 5 million dollar salary and adding 2 million for a top 4 defenseman seems like a win/win situation.  Not saying I'm totally high on Phaneuf, but they have to find a way to rid themselves of Weiss.  Kind of like the Tigers shedding Prince Fielder and taking a "bad" contract with Kinsler, who turned out to fill a big need at second base.  

#2605460 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by Playmaker on 01 May 2015 - 04:03 PM

I really love seeing all the "We need the kids to play. We need to be faster." 


Oh yeah?


Who do you think has played the last two years? How'd that work out for us?


"Youth and enthusiasm will only take you so far." - Brett Hull (Hockeytown 3)


We need to teach these guys to play.


Why is Datsyuk so much better? Oh, I don't know. Scotty. Shanahan. Yzerman. Federov. They were at the tail end of their careers...


No one probably remembers this but in 2002 Datsyuk missed an assignment against Colorado. They scored. He never saw the ice the rest of the game.


Now I know a lot of you are just begging to see the Detroit Griffins, but newsflash, the NHL isn't the AHL.


How'd Pulk look when he came up? And is Mantha just lights out right now in the minors?


Give me a break. Think about what you're saying.


Someone else wrote on here, "No free agent is guaranteed." That logic applies to prospects, too. i.e. Everyone who was drafted before Datsyuk who is probably not as good.


We need to try and win a Cup every single year. That's the goal. If you're not about that, then move to Nashville. They make the playoffs a lot. Whoop-dy Freaking Doo.  

Well, the Wings played Datsyuk and Zetterberg from 2003 through 2007, didn't they?  How'd that work for us?  Oh yeah, they got experience, learned from losing and eventually lead the team to a Stanley Cup.  Yzerman and Fedorov were both criticized early in their careers for not "showing up".  It takes some players longer than others, especially Europeans due to longer season, smaller ice surface and more physical play.  I'm not ready to discard Nyquist, Tatar or Pulkkinen.  The team obviously doesn't have the depth that they once did because of the salary cap and lower draft picks.  The league is set up for parity and not dynasties.  


Another thing that seems to be overlooked is that the Wings used to be able to get those late round finds in Europe because of Hakan Andersson.  Unfortunately, his success also means he's not a secret anymore.   He can't anonymously scout some of the diamonds in the rough like he used to.  


It's also a must in the salary cap era to bring in young talent.  It's not possible to pay a team full of veterans. I find it ironic that two or three years ago, Holland and Babcock were highly criticized for bringing playing the old, slow, tired veterans.  Now they're playing the young players and are getting criticized for that, too.  


With the "home team" having the advantage with UFAs and the restrictions in becoming a UFA, there just isn't much quality out there, but the prices are going higher.  


There's no way to know if the prospects are more than that unless they are in the lineup.  I'd rather lose in the first round with Tatar, Nyquist and Marchenko and at least have them getting the experience than a bunch of old, slow washed up veterans.  


No team in any sport can compete for a championship every year in the modern era.  

#2605189 Who is the coach next season?

Posted by Playmaker on 30 April 2015 - 08:53 PM

Right, because franchise players just grow on trees and can be had in the 6th round or later.  Shame on Holland for not finding a HOF'er every single year.  All he can come up with are a couple of schmucks who can score 25+ goals in a low scoring league.

#2605135 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by Playmaker on 30 April 2015 - 04:44 PM

Thornton > Zetterberg at center. I'd take him. Let Z play winger and have a less stressful season from here on out so he can last the whole season + playoffs. 


Again, wishful thinking.. 

Joe Thornton?  Over 35, making 7.5 million, epic playoff no show, can't handle the pressure, stripped of his captaincy, Joe Thornton?  He'd be awesome.   :scared:


These threads are entertaining to say the least.  Let's get a number one defenseman.  Let's get a top 6 winger, oh, but he has to be big and tough and score a ton. Let's trade the prospects, well all of them except  the good ones.  Get a new coach who's better than Babcock, and a more successful GM than Holland. Oh, and throw in a hot 22 year old who likes to swallow twice a day while you're at it.

#2605111 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by Playmaker on 30 April 2015 - 03:22 PM


How do you define "competitive"?  Making the playoffs every year and losing in the early round?


If so, then I agree that we're competitive.


Since when do we need to measure team success against Edmonton and Buffalo?   

Who would you like to compare the Wings success to then?  Which team is it that makes the CF or SCF every single year for 10 years or more?  

#2605023 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by Playmaker on 30 April 2015 - 12:53 PM

New to this board but been following it for awhile now.


I just can't understand the amount of hyperbole from some people regarding Holland. We are in an age of absolute parity in the NHL, this isn't the 50's and 60's when Montreal won 5 straight Cups. Making the playoffs is the goal now, because as we have seen anything can happen once the playoffs start (just look at the Kings last year). The days of winning the president's trophy and rolling through the playoffs year after year are over. Holland has made mistakes but he has still done a remarkable job with what he has been given.

Go ahead and tell that to the 22 teams that didn't make the playoffs this year. I am thankful for our playoff streak, it gives me more Wings hockey into the spring/early summer while other fans are watching....baseball.

Great post, but small math correction.  30 NHL teams, 16 make playoffs which would make uh, 14 that didn't make it.  But that's okay, Michigan State Alumni are welcome here, too  :)  (I kid, I kid!)

#2604972 At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

Posted by Playmaker on 30 April 2015 - 11:02 AM

The losing out on free agents bit is getting old.  The number of viable free agents is limited and the prices are usually way too high.  Fans just want to throw out money at anyone, thinking they're better than what the Wings have.  If the Wings were losing out to trendy cities and organizations who win more, that could be used as an argument, but that isn't exactly the case.  Free agents now take other things into consideration, like family, team mates, friends, etc.  As you saw in Boston, when you're not mindful of the salary cap, it's easy to get burned.  It's a balancing act.  I think  Holland has done and admirable job transitioning this team from a blank check team to a team that has been successful in the salary cap era.

#2604926 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Playmaker on 30 April 2015 - 09:20 AM


What the hell was all that hugging and man love during the hand shake line ??!!

It's called respect, bro.  

#2604421 ECQF Game 7 GDT : at Lightning 2, Red Wings 0 (Tampa wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Playmaker on 29 April 2015 - 09:10 PM

They came to play tonight.  Didn't do their way.  Enjoyed the season.  It wouldn't shock me to hear Z and D are both battling injuries.  As always, an interesting off season.  More than anything, I'm just bummed no more Red Wings hockey until October  :(  I wanted it to last just a little longer.