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New fan.. need advice

28 November 2012 - 06:50 PM

Hey guys
This might be a little weird but here it goes.. hope I don't make myself look like a massive fool.

Anyway, the story is that I moved to the States couple of years ago and one of my close friends is a Wings fan. I got to know a bit about hockey and the Wings from him, but it was all a bit bits and pieces. I'm a soccer fan and I mainly follow soccer, but I watched an NHL game here and there. The Olympics 2010 was what really got me hooked though. So I was gonna watch the 11-12 season, but a lot of personal issues got in the way etc. So I figured 12-13 season will be the first season for me to start and, naturally, I'd become a Red Wings fan through the ties with my close friend.. but we all know what happened with that.

I am honestly a lot in the blue about hockey, the NHL etc. I know a little bit about the draft system because of the MLS, but not too much. But I figured anyway I want to make an effort and become a fan overtime and being swayed by my friend it was always going to be this team. So can the fans of this team help me out? What do I really have to know? What should I read? And any helpful links to learn fully the rules of the NHL? Help me get into this sport and this team!